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Expert in organic products and insect control since 2002
The Cleaning Bathroom Pack Anticalcaire - 1 bottle + 1 tablet - Pure Pills

Anti-Limescale Bathroom Cleaner Pack - 1 bottle + 1 tablet

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With a double cleaning and anti-scale action, this bathroom product is remarkable for cleaning bathtubs, taps and even shower curtains thanks to its descaling power. A real Boss of the Bathroom... 100% natural and certified organic. Pack including 1 bottle 100% vegetable + 1 effervescent anti-scale bathroom tablet.

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Pure Pills Anti-Limescale Bathroom Cleaner Pack

A classic cleaning product is 80% water and a single-use plastic bottle that is thrown away as soon as it is empty ! Doesn't that shock you ?

Pure Pills is revolutionising natural cleaning products for our homes by offering a ready-to-use effervescent tablet in a 100% vegetable and reusable bottle. No more need to wander around the household products aisle, nor to carry around 3 kg of plastic containers... You choose your product, you receive it in your box... Everything happens at home ! 

Make your habits shine

The bathroom is exactly the place you want to be clean, cosy and healthy. But unfortunately, due to the heat and humidity, it is also the place where dirt and limescale are most easily deposited. And there's no question of using toxic products, so discover what we've found for you.

With a double cleaning and anti-limescale action, this bathroom product is remarkable for cleaning the shower, the bathtub, the taps and even the shower curtains thanks to its descaling power. A true Bathroom Boss... that will nevertheless spare your environment and your health. All the ingredients in this anti-limescale cleaner are of natural origin. With its sweet scent of rosemary, verbena and spearmint, you can be sure that your bathroom will smell clean!

In this pack you will find :

- a 75 cl bottle that is 100% vegetable and mineral-based, biodegradable, compostable, French, in short 100% great! + its spray

- 1 effervescent Bathroom Cleaner tablet certified by Ecocert.

As you will have understood, the principle is very simple and combines "do it yourself" with "I don't really have time"; I fill the bottle with water from my tap, I plunge the tablet into the water. I wait 6 minutes. It's ready !

Pure Pills are innovative, zero plastic, eco-certified, but also effective. Why is that ? Because the best way to change a habit is to find another one that is virtuous, just as effective and even more practical ! 

Advantages of the bathroom cleaner pack

+ Perfect for a perfect cleaning of your bathroom

+ Descales and cleans shower, bathtub, washbasin, taps, shower curtain, design surfaces

+ Can also be used in your toilet

+ Its scent is a subtle blend of rosemary, verbena and spearmint that perfumes your bathroom! (natural fragrance)

+ DIY cleaner ready in 6 minutes. 1 Pastille = 75cl of bathroom product

+ 1 bottle 100% vegetable and mineral, biodegradable, compostable, French, but especially ... REUSABLE!

+ 100% natural product certified by Ecocert and tested/approved by 2 independent laboratories

+ Free of controversial materials: endocrine disruptors, carcinogens, mutagens

+ No plastic microfilm on the tablet

+ Less impact on the planet: without transported water and without chemicals, we eliminate 94% of CO2

+ 0 single-use plastic: one bottle refilled with a tablet means one less plastic bottle in the ocean

+ 100% vegan and Cruelty-free - no animal testing

+ French manufacturing (near Perpignan) 

How does it work ?

This product is very easy to use and if you like to play at being a little chemist, you will find it really fun. It's really very simple. You have water and 6 minutes to spare ? Well, that's easy :

How does the Pure Pills Bathroom Cleaning Pack work?

In other words : no need to go to the household products department - no need to carry water - you receive your products at home - no need to put cans in the recycling bin... Everything happens at home !   

How to use

Pure Pills Bathroom Cleaner tablet

Use cold tap water. Don't use hot water to make your mixture: the tablets are effervescent and work with cold water (or room temperature, but not lukewarm either!). Hot water will cause your tablet to "over-foam", and may damage your Pure Pills bottle.

Spray the resulting product on the area to be cleaned, then sponge it on. For an anti-limescale action, leave for a few minutes before scrubbing (this should be done regularly to avoid heavy deposits). This natural anti-limescale cleaner is therefore perfect for shining up your shower or bathtub, washbasin, taps and designer surfaces.

However, if you have marble in your bathroom, you should know that this cleaner is not compatible with this material, because marble... It is a derivative of limestone!

Tip : This cleaner is also recommended for cleaning toilets. 

Composition of this tablet

<5% fragrance, anionic surfactants. Contains geranyl acetate, geraniol and citral.

Also contains : citric acid, carbonate salts, stabilisers and colours.

100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin. 

Physical and chemical characteristics

- Weight of the tablet : 5g 5%.
- Odour : Rosemary, Verbena & Spearmint
- Colour of the diluted solution : blue
- pH: 4 0.5 (1 tablet in 750 ml of water, 20°C)
- Biodegradable product: complies with EC regulation N 648/2004 on detergents.


This pack contains a 100% vegetable and reusable 75 cl bottle + 1 special bathroom effervescent tablet. 


Product controlled and certified by Ecocert greenlife F.32600. 

Frequently asked questions

Is natural efficiency as powerful as petrochemicals ? 
Let's be clear: going natural also means accepting to forget the miracle promises of petrochemicals... "no rubbing", "instant shine" etc. These so-called "magical" effects are in reality the result of particularly harmful "petrochemical" components... SO YES, TO HAVE THE SAME RESULT, it will sometimes be necessary to leave it on for 1 minute, or to wipe it dry (5 sec max!)... In exchange: no petrochemical surfactants, no devastating effect on our environment and our health. In the end, in exchange for an extra wipe, you quickly get used to not having any aggressive odours. We even take pleasure in rediscovering the right gesture... To clean healthily, without damaging your health !

What is the Pure Pills bottle made of ?  
The Pure Pills bottle is made without any traditional or conventional petrochemical plastics. It is made from sugar cane bagasse (the fibrous residue recovered at the end of the mill) and shellfish powder (broken oysters and scallops). It is therefore 100% vegetable and mineral, biodegradable, compostable, French, in short 100% brilliant! Yes, we dare to say it! (!) The gun of our sprays is still in plastic but reusable. It's still better than single-use plastic, but we're working on it !

Do I have to shake the bottle to melt the tablet ?  
No, that's not necessary. There is no need to shake the bottle, the tablet dilutes itself in cold water or at room temperature. Just wait 6 minutes and see what your super powers are: you have just created your own cleaning product !

Do I have to finish my bottle before refilling it ? 
No, that's better ! Why is that? Because each tablet is a concentrate designed to create 75cl of active product. It is therefore better to start with clear water and an intact concentrate. This way the dosage is perfectly respected. It's better for your budget and for the planet !

What is the lifespan of the Pure Pills Zero Plastic bottle ?  
To infinity and beyond ! Zero petrochemicals, multiple refills: Our bottle is designed to be used over and over again. Just use it with our products and keep it in your regular cupboard - IMPORTANT: This bottle is 100% vegetable and mineral, which makes it perfectly biodegradable: It must therefore be stored in a place that does not exceed 45° degrees with 80% humidity. Otherwise, its self-biodegradation process would start. But then again... unless you live in the jungle !

Why is the Pure Pills bottle sold empty ?  
Because saving CO2 is at the heart of the Pure Pills brand mission. It's one of the reasons for the existence of their Pastilles: By not transporting water, we save the planet a lot of CO2: Less weight transported = half the CO2 released... And since you already have water at the tap, you too, by filling your own bottle, are participating in this great gesture for the planet.

How many refills do I need ?  
It all depends on how often you use the bottle and how many people in your family. To start with, you can rely on our packs. Integral, Essential or Solo, they will allow you to start without buying refills during the first months. This way you can assess your needs.

About the brand PURE PILLS

Pure Pills

Pure Pills is aimed at all those who want to take another step in the ecological transition: all those who want to adopt an eco-responsible lifestyle, while protecting their health and their budget :-)

This is a young French company that offers eco-responsible cleaning products for the whole house. With a regional headquarters in Perpignan, and local suppliers (less than 200 km away!) it is proof that we can change our habits today and have a positive impact on our environment.

Pure Pills' commitments :
- To act against the use of single-use plastics.
- To design products without water, therefore less transport, less CO2.
- To offer refillable products, with Zero Plastic refills
- Ban all harmful or controversial products from their composition
- Offer reusable bottles and reduce plastic consumption
- Propose a bottle without any petrochemical plastic, 100% vegetable and mineral, biodegradable and compostable.

Labels / certifications
Labels / certifications
Cruelty free
Labels / certifications
Type of surface
Type of surface
Design surfaces
Type of surface
Type of surface
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Ideal for

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Safety Data Sheet

FDS for Pure Pills Bathroom Cleaner

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Anti-Limescale Bathroom Cleaner Pack - 1 bottle + 1 tablet

With a double cleaning and anti-scale action, this bathroom product is remarkable for cleaning bathtubs, taps and even shower curtains thanks to its descaling power. A real Boss of the Bathroom... 100% natural and certified organic. Pack including 1 bottle 100% vegetable + 1 effervescent anti-scale bathroom tablet.

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