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Carnauba wax milk - 1 liter - La Droguerie Écologique

Carnauba wax milk - 1 liter

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Carnauba Wax Milk will allow you to clean, protect and shine all types of floors but also to maintain furniture and worktops. Neutral and easy-to-use product, composed of organic ingredients certified by Ecocert. 1 liter bottle.

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plus-produit.pngKEY POINTS TO REMEMBER

case-a-cocher.jpgCleans, shines and protects surfaces
case-a-cocher.jpgEnhances the protection and shine of oiled and waxed floors
case-a-cocher.jpgSuitable for porous tiles
case-a-cocher.jpgCertified by Ecocert

Gives a shine and a waxed look

Carnauba wax is extracted from the Carnauba tree

Carnauba wax milk for floors from La Droguerie Écologique® allows you to clean and protect most surfaces: oiled or waxed wood floors, cork, linoleum, terracotta, slate, marble, waxed concrete, natural stone... This Wax Milk from La Droguerie Écologique is a Carnauba wax emulsion.

After drying, the milk repels water and dirt, protects against friction and prevents static electricity thanks to the carnauba film deposited. The addition of wax to the product regenerates the surface and allows it to breathe.

Finally, Carnauba wax milk shines, gives a shiny appearance and is used as a surface treatment for wood and cork already treated (hard oil, hard wax), terracotta, worktops and furniture.

It is a neutral and easy-to-use product, which gives a shiny finish after rapid drying, without the need for polishing, and leaves a pleasant scent. It also has other uses in painting and decoration (glazing).

Where does Carnauba wax come from ?

Carnauba wax is produced by the Brazilian tree of life, a palm tree, Copernicia prunifera, to protect its leaves. The wax offers protection against the sun, which hits hard and creates a stifling atmosphere. To prevent water from falling to the ground, it is retained and absorbed by the tree's roots. The wax is obtained by beating the leaves, followed by refining. They are collected several times a year between September and March.

Benefits of Carnauba wax milk


+ It is the hardest and strongest of the natural waxes and gives a beautiful shine
+ Repels water and dirt
+ Protects against rubbing and repeated use, especially on wooden floors
+ Reinforces the protection and shine of oiled and waxed floors
+ Ideal for all types of floors
+ Antistatic properties
+ Economical, 4 tablespoons in 6 litres of water are sufficient for routine maintenance
+ 100% natural and organic products with Ecocert certification
+ Suitable for porous tiles
+ Made in France

Fast and durable protection with Carnauba wax milk

For a first application on newly stripped and oiled wood, apply the Carnauba wax milk pure or diluted (half water, half wax milk) with a cloth or a flat spalter-type brush in a thin layer. Leave to dry. Shine gently with an old wool sock.

For regular maintenance of waxed wood, apply a wax milk solution (1 glass of wax milk in a litre of warm water). Allow to dry and polish.

Carnauba wax milk can be used on

- All types of floors
- Stairs
- Oiled or waxed wood floors
- Worktops
- Wooden furniture
- Cork
- Linoleum
- Tiles
- Tiles
- Slate
- Marble
- Waxed concrete
- Natural stone floors

Comment utiliser ce lait de cire ?

Using Carnauba wax milk to care for furniture

Shake the Organic Carnauba Wax Milk before use.

With dilution : for routine maintenance, dilute 4 tablespoons in a 6 to 8 litre bucket. Wash the surface with a mop and leave to dry. To reduce the impact on the environment, follow the recommended dosage for use.

Undiluted : To apply a top coat that will give a beautiful waxed appearance, apply undiluted in a thin layer with a lint-free cloth, then buff. The operation can be repeated several times until the desired look is achieved.

Caution : For very smooth floors, add very little carnauba wax to the wash water: it would make the floor too slippery!

Its composition

More than 30%: water. Between 5 and 15%: carnauba wax*. Less than 5%: amphoteric surfactants and ethanol*, denaturant.

*11% of the total ingredients are from Organic Agriculture and 99% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.


1 litre bottle. 

Precautions for use 

Floor milk is generally well tolerated by allergy sufferers, but please note that allergies to natural materials are also possible. Keep out of reach of children. Shake before use. Keep tightly closed and away from excessive heat (below 30°C).

Learn more about the brand La Droguerie Écologique

Find out more about the La Droguerie Ecologique brandMade in France or Western Europe, the products of the ecological drugstore are designed from natural, mineral or vegetable raw materials and with a maximum of organic ingredients. La droguerie écologique® is a brand of ecodis, a French company that is a pioneer in the design and distribution of ecoproducts to specialist shops.

By offering around 2000 products to its French and European customers, ecodis pursues one of its main objectives: to innovate in order to make ecological products accessible to as many people as possible. 

Specialising in the manufacture of easy-to-use everyday products, the brand stands out for its cultivation of a spirit of creativity to enable its consumers to personalise accessories and cleaning products.

ECOCERT, FSC and AB certified, each product has been designed to have a minimum impact on the environment and nature.

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Specific references


Elisabeth L

Parfait !

Ce lait de cire contient parfaitement à mes attentes



Vraiment efficace. Testé sur plancher bois, béton ciré et vieilles tomettes

Stéphane P

Parfait pour tous les sols intérieurs

Mon appartement a 3 types de sols : du parquet massif vitrifié, du linoléum et du carrelage. Appliqué pur sur le parquet vitrifié, avec un balai micro-fibre, le lait de cire a bien nettoyé la surface et déposé un couche protectrice antidérapante. Il faut bien frotter pour enlever les tâches. Sur le linoléum et le carrelage, je l'ai appliqué dilué comme indiqué dans la notice. Pour l'instant j'en suis très content


Indispensable !

Deuxième achat, le lait de cire au Carnauba est parfait pour tous les sols , plus particulièrement pour les parquets vitrifiés et pour raviver des endroits di tente utilisation.


Très bien

Mon parquet vitrifié est lavé avec ce produit. Il a rendu excellent tout en enlevant les tâches et le fait briller. De plus, on ne glisse pas. Il faut bien l'agiter avant utilisation.

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Carnauba wax milk - 1 liter

Carnauba Wax Milk will allow you to clean, protect and shine all types of floors but also to maintain furniture and worktops. Neutral and easy-to-use product, composed of organic ingredients certified by Ecocert. 1 liter bottle.

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