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Cleaning product

Our organic maintenance products

STOP to harmful maintenance products for our health and environment. Discover all our organic maintenance products to be used daily in your home.

From floor to ceiling to linen and furniture, Penn'Ty Bio offers a wide range of more economical and environmentally friendly maintenance products. In keeping with the environment and the whole family, prefer a organic household product without chemicals to preserve the quality of indoor air and your skin.

Noxious ingredients are often too numerous and are unnecessarily useful in your traditional household products, not to mention their negative impact on our health and the planet. Without endocrine disruptors, carcinogens and mutagenics, the organic household product also comes from local production. Your house shines like a new smile and you make a gesture for the ecosystem!

For your soils, windows, workplans ... Formulated exclusively on plant bases, they are certified organic by Ecocert.

Cleaning product

The Glass and Mirror Cleaner pack - 1...

Specially formulated for streak-free window cleaning, this glass and mirror product combines effectiveness with safety. It is as effective on fingerprints as on pollen or toothpaste spills... The...
-15% €3.47 €4.08
Out of stock

Glass and Mirror Cleaner Refill - 1 tablet

Specially formulated for streak-free window cleaning , this glass and mirror product combines effectiveness with safety . It is as effective on fingerprints as on pollen or toothpaste...
-10% €2.25 €2.50

The Multi-Purpose Cleanser Pack - 1 bottle...

Versatile, non-aggressive, yet effective on all household surfaces (except textiles), this multi-purpose cleaner removes dust and dirt... Without harming the planet or your health... 100%...
-15% €3.47 €4.08

The Floor Cleaner pack - 1 bottle + 1 tablet

Suitable for all types of floor coverings (linoleum, terracotta, tiles, laminate, etc.), even fragile ones such as marble and parquet, this floor cleaner allows you to obtain a clean, shiny...
-15% €3.47 €4.08

Regular maintenance package

With the Penn'Ty Kit Regular Maintenance , find the essential products to ensure impeccable disinfection and cleaning of your home. Pack including 4 products.

Marseille Olive Soap Cube 72%

This real Marseille soap with olive oil is made in Marseille using the traditional manufacturing process of cooking in cauldrons. A real guarantee of quality for this soap many times copied, but...

Marseille Olive Soap Shavings - 750 grs

This Marseille soap, made using the traditional manufacturing process of cooking in cauldrons, is presented here in the form of shavings. They are designed from 100% vegetable oils, including...

Traditional black soap - 1 liter

Ecodoo traditional black soap cleans, renovates, shines, sanitizes and protects all types of floors and surfaces, sanitary facilities and plastic coverings. Made from Marseille soap, it is...

Powerful multi-purpose cleaner degreaser -...

This product is a multi-purpose cleaner , to clean everything from floor to ceiling. It allows a formula Powerful degreasing plastic floors, tiles, enamelled surfaces, faience, as well as any...

Ready-to-use hypoallergenic multi-purpose...

Here is the ultimate multi-surface cleaner. This hypoallergenic multi-purpose cleaner will allow you to clean everything from floor to ceiling while respecting sensitive skin. 500 ml spray or...

Multipurpose cleaning patatout + sponge -...

Ideal for detartrer, degreasing, deoxidizing. . This multi-purpose cleaning pate removes cooked and non-cooked fat, limestone and oxidation. She's slowing down any new dirt. Pot of 350g + sponge.

Pierre d'Argiletz - Ecological cleaner -...

This stone clay based is the ecological cleaner par excellence. 100% natural, chemical-free and fully biodegradable. Effective with cold water, do not scratch, it will be the ideal product for...
-10% €8.75 €9.73

Multi-purpose cleaner with mint and...

Quickly prepare 500 ml of organic multi-purpose cleaner yourself with this sachet containing a powder to be diluted with water. Clean your home without harming the planet or your health....

Pine scented bathroom scale remover -...

Quickly prepare 500 ml of organic limescale remover yourself with this sachet containing a powder to be diluted with water. No more limescale marks in the bathroom ! 20-gram sachet.

Soda crystals - 500 gr

Ecodoo soda crystals is a multi-function cleaner with powerful degreasing power that will make your daily household tasks easier. Box of 500 gr.

Technical baking soda

Known and used for hundreds of years, baking soda is an essential product that has proven its worth. It has a plethora of uses, advantageously replaces many products, is economical, natural and...

Exotic Verbena scouring cream – 500 ml

Lerutan scouring cream makes it possible to clean all dirty surfaces , without scratching or damaging. With essential oils of Exotic Verbena , it is very gentle on surfaces. 500ml...

Talc powder - 300 grs

Anaé Talc Powder is 100% natural, without perfume or adjuvant. It is particularly indicated for hygiene and daily care of babies and adults. Very soft texture and excellent absorbent qualities....

Meudon white - 500 gr

Meudon white is used to clean and shine, without scratching, surfaces such as: glass, stainless steel, copper, brass, silverware, earthenware, marble, plastic, ceramic hobs. .. But other uses...

White alcohol vinegar 12% - 1 liter

Ecodoo white alcohol vinegar removes traces of limescale and cleans windows. White spirit vinegar makes glasses and silverware shine. It replaces fabric softener. It disinfects (household...

White alcohol vinegar 12% - 5 liters

Ecodoo white alcohol vinegar removes traces of limescale and cleans windows. White spirit vinegar makes glasses and silverware shine. It replaces fabric softener. It disinfects (household...

Citric acid - anti-limestone and descaler...

Ecodoo citric acid will help you on a daily basis to effectively overcome limescale and tartar. it will naturally protect and descale washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines, kettles,...

Anti-limescale liquid spray 500 ml

This anti-scale Lerutan allows to descale without rubbing the taps, sink, stainless steel... It acts quickly, cleans, makes shine and leaves a fresh and pleasant smell. Bottle spray of 500 ml.

Ready-to-use spray disinfectant - 500 ml

This product was developed to eliminate bacteria on all surfaces. He owns one. bactericidal effect according to NF EN 1276. Wherever cleanliness and hygiene must be irreproachable, this product...

Disinfectant descaling cleaner with...

Pleasantly scented with Lemon Verbena , this multi-purpose product is ideal for cleaning your kitchen, bathroom and sanitaryware . It restores the shine and lustre of tiles, ceramics and chrome....

Lime water - 1 liter

Lime water is mainly used to cleanse and protect the infant's skin. It is a well-known traditional drugstore product for the manufacture of liniment (oleo-limestone) for babies or make-up...

Glass cleaner spray - 500 ml

This product allows you well on clean windows but also many cracked, vitrified, lacquered, stratified surfaces . It is perfumed with essential oils. Flacon spray of 500 ml.

Stain remover and whitener with...

Very effective on organic stains, this stain remover and whitener with sodium percarbonate will be ideal as a complement to your ecological detergent for whites, as a stain remover before...

La Pâte Verte organic soap - 500 grs

La Pâte Verte organic soap is essential for DIYers and trades where you get your hands dirty! It cleanses the skin perfectly and gently. A soft but active consistency that melts slowly by...

Powerful stain remover for carpets and...

The ecological waste for textiles and carpet Bionetal will come to ends stubborn spots on all types of textiles. Easy to use thanks to its spray, its action is double since it clean stains on...

Express Cleaner for green deposits,...

This is express Bionetal will be perfect for cleaning of roofs (tiles, slates, concrete,...) and facades (stone, brick, coated,...). It dries and destroys deposits and traces very quickly....

Jasmin express degreasing for cooking -...

The express degreasing eliminates quickly dirt and fat projections, even cooked in the kitchen: wall tiles, work plan, kitchen furniture, table.. It is suitable for food contact with rinsing and...

Organic smooth floors and surfaces -...

With soils and smooth surfaces , finishes the odors of chlorine, ammoniac or other synthetic fragrances. Clean the surfaces of your interior naturally, without chemicals. Five liters.

Carnauba wax milk - 1 liter

Carnauba Wax Milk will allow you to clean, protect and shine all types of floors but also to maintain furniture and worktops. Neutral and easy-to-use product, composed of organic ingredients...

Liquid wax with organic beeswax - 500 ml

This liquid wax with organic beeswax nourishes, cleans, protects and beautifies your furniture, trinkets, doors, paneling, etc. Thanks to its composition of natural and organic ingredients...

Beeswax nuggets - 400 grs

Beeswax nuggets are a traditional drugstore product. It is ideal for polishes, ointments, candles or for waxing furniture and floors. Bag of 400 grams.

Anti-moth protective oil - 250 ml

Double action with this Aries anti-moth oil : maintains your furniture and protects your textiles. An ecological and effective way to prevent and control the development of textile moths in...

Leather care lotion - 500 ml

The leather care lotion is ideal for regular leather care : shoes, clothing, leather goods, leather sofa or armchair. Its spray format is practical and also allows it to be applied without...

Organic oleo-calcareous liniment - 500 ml

Zélio organic oil-limestone liniment is a highly reputed cleansing milk that can be used for everything : baby's diaper, face and body. But it can also be used for older children as a face...

Ecological Degrip'All Spray - 200 ml - La...

The ecological Dégrip'Tout spray loosens, degreases, cleans and lubricates . Indispensable at home, in the workshop, in the garden and in the garage. The durable protective film left on the...

Colorless shoe polish balm – 75 ml

This colorless shoe polish balm composed of organic oils and waxes is ideal for cleaning, maintaining, nourishing, protecting and polishing all your leathers: shoes, bags, clothing, schoolbags,...

Black shoe polish balm – 75 ml

La Droguerie Ecologique black shoe polish balm is made of organic oils and waxes. It is ideal for cleaning, maintaining, nourishing, protecting and polishing all your leathers: shoes, bags,...