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Baby and child care

Organic care for babies and children

Many products for baby hygiene contain complex mixtures of chemicals to make foam, slide, ... , as well as different perfumes and preservatives. We all want what is best and healthier for our children.

The skin of infants is still immature and fragile. The baby care allows to take care of its skin from birth by avoiding dehydration and redness. With baby bio care, opt for safety with high tolerance formulas and natural ingredients. The epidermis of your toddler, very delicate, benefits from specific baby products to meet its needs. Our organic baby products respect and preserve the natural balance of its skin, smoothly. Baby care is hypoallergenic to soothe the skin of the infant and reduce the risk of allergy.

We have selected natural products for you that, in addition to clean and moisturize all smoothly, help strengthen the immune protection of the skin. Each baby care is tested under dermatological, ophthalmological and pediatric control. Certified organic, it does not contain fragrance and alcohol.

Baby and child care

Natural sponge from the Aegean Sea - Small...

Cleanse your skin naturally. This is what this sea sponge will allow you. Coming from sustainable fisheries in Greece that preserve the sponge beds, it can be used to cleanse the skin but also...

Baby body & hair solid dermo-cleanser - 85...

The solid dermo-cleanser for babies Cosmo Naturel has been specially formulated to respect the fragile skin of your baby and your children . The organic calendula and sweet almond vegetable oil...

Organic oleo-calcareous liniment - 500 ml

Zélio organic oil-limestone liniment is a highly reputed cleansing milk that can be used for everything : baby's diaper, face and body. But it can also be used for older children as a face...

Children's toothbrush made from bioplastic

Combining both design and ecology, this children's toothbrush offers all the features necessary for gentle brushing. Design validated by professionals: small head, flexible bristles and tilted...

Soft ecological and refillable children's...

Unique in Europe, exclusive innovation by Caliquo, here is the rechargeable children's toothbrush for the teeth of children from 2 to 6 years old! Equipped with a bioplastic handle whose color...

Lime water - 1 liter

Lime water is mainly used to cleanse and protect the infant's skin. It is a well-known traditional drugstore product for the manufacture of liniment (oleo-limestone) for babies or make-up...

Talc powder - 300 grs

Anaé Talc Powder is 100% natural, without perfume or adjuvant. It is particularly indicated for hygiene and daily care of babies and adults. Very soft texture and excellent absorbent qualities....

Baby package

With the Penn'Ty Kit Baby, find the essentials of organic products for daily baby care. Pack including 4 products.
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Organic hypoallergenic baby sunscreen...

The Alphanova SPF 50 high protection organic sunscreen spray is fluid, covering, effective and specially designed for babies and sensitive skin! Its formula of natural origin is hypoallergenic...

Organic vanilla apricot children's...

This SPF 50 organic sunscreen spray provides high effective protection of natural origin for your children. 100% non-nano mineral filters, without parabens, without chemical filters, without...

Zéropou complete anti-lice treatment kit

Discover the ZeroPou complete anti-lice treatment kit from Alphanova. This box contains everything you need to radically treat head lice and protect yourself against them in the future. And all...

Zéro louse strong treatment lotion - 100 ml

Radically eliminate lice and nits in a natural way and without chemical insecticide thanks to this strong Zéro louse treatment lotion. The coconut oil it contains will suffocate the insect in...

Toothpaste child 2-6 years strawberry...

The formula of this toothpaste for children combines organic aloe vera and a protective ingredient of natural origin to gently reduce the dental plaque responsible for cavities. Its irresistible...

Toothpaste Red fruits Kids without...

Children also have the right to their organic toothpaste. Specially designed for children from 3 to 10 years old with red fruit flavors and FLUORINE-FREE. 50ml tube.

Happy Kids Strawberry toothpaste – 50 ml

With Logodent for children, brushing your teeth becomes a pleasure. Logodent Kids is specially designed for the needs of children. ♪ natural strawberry aromas pleasantly perfume the gel and...

Fresh Kids Mint Dentistry – 50 ml

Dental gel specially designed for the care of the teeth and gums of children in full development. A dental gel that respects the balance of infant oral flora. 50ml tube.

Soft baby wipes in organic cotton with...

Biodegradable wipes in organic cotton for babies, with Aloe vera, organic calendula extract and organic chamomile floral water. These 100% organic cotton wipes are biodegradable. Soft and...
Out of stock

Baby safety sticks ends 100% organic...

These baby safety sticks are specially designed to safely clean your child's ear canal. The extremities are in organic cotton and the rod in rigid paper. Box of 60 sticks.
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Organic chamomile and sweet almond...

Douce Nature's micellar cleansing lotion perfectly cleans baby's fragile skin: seat, folds, face and hands. Organic chamomile and sweet almond extract refresh, tone and delicately perfume baby's...
Out of stock

Baby diaper cream Eryzinc organic sweet...

ERYZINC® is a dermo-pediatric ointment intended for the prevention and care of redness of the buttocks. Atopic skin, rough, damaged, attacked by the cold . Formula of natural origin* with lily...
Out of stock

Bulk Konjac Sponge

The konjac sponge is 100% natural and vegan, made from powdered konjac root and water, that's all! It gently exfoliates the face and rejuvenates the skin by giving it a glow. It calms acne...

Oriculi : ecological ear cleaner in...

Adopt your new zero waste accessory guaranteed for life! Here is our Oriculi in bioplastic 100% biosourced and made in France! You all know the cotton swab of course! Maybe not the Oriculi yet?...

Organic Camelina virgin oil - 100 ml

Anaé organic camelina oil is a quality organic vegetable oil. Recognized for its soothing properties, it is particularly suitable for making homemade cosmetics (day cream, night cream, hand...

Set of 2 soft refills for children's...

The 2 children's toothbrush refills are compatible with Caliquo brand children's brush models. The Caliquo toothbrush is a zero waste accessory. A know-how made in France, and an approach to...