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Hygiene accessories

Beauty accessories for hygiene

Finding good quality body accessories can sometimes be a real headache. Fortunately, Penn'Ty Bio has done the work for you, and has unearthed the best eco-friendly, practical and intelligent beauty accessories to take care of your body and allow you to use organic body care properly.

Reusable make-up remover wipes, ecological ear cleaner, bioplastic toothbrushes, magnetic soap holder, exfoliating roller, anti-waste net for soap spills, storage boxes for solid cosmetics, razor blades... Practical accessories, sometimes playful, which will soon no longer leave the shelves of your bathroom.

These different hygiene accessories will take care of the whole family on a daily basis. Selected for their qualities and for some their organic certification, these 100% natural products will take pride of place in your bathroom.

Soon you won't be able to do without it !

Hygiene accessories

6 Washable tissues and their clever case

Grandad's tissues are putting up a fight! These 6 INGA washable tissues come in a soft case with 2 separate compartments : one for clean tissues, the other for dirty ones. So it's right in your...

Wooden pocket mirror in beech 7 x 7

Extra-flat and very sturdy, this wooden pocket mirror combines 2 mirrors: 1 normal and 1 magnifying 2.5 times. It slips easily into your handbag, travel bag, etc. With a flap that protects the...

Suction cup hook for the bathroom - wall...

This hook suction cup for the bathroom can also be used as a toothbrush holder, as a washcloth holder or even as a hook for a konjac sponge. Ideal for storing and organizing your bathroom, your...

100% French stainless steel transport box

100% made in France and silicone-free , this transport box is the responsible alternative to plastic, glass or even cork containers and their indispensable chemical glue. Lightweight and...

Solid cosmetic transport box La Voyageuse

Ultra practical, the Traveler allows many to travel solid cosmetics without asking questions. It can contain many solid cosmetics from the market, including rectangular classic formats ....

Solid cosmetic transport box La Baroudeuse

Light, practical and handmade, La Baroudeuse will replace shampoo and soap bottles without a head socket! It can contain many solid cosmetics in particular palet formats such as savons or...

Bulk Konjac Sponge

The konjac sponge is 100% natural and vegan, made from powdered konjac root and water, that's all! It gently exfoliates the face and rejuvenates the skin by giving it a glow. It calms acne...

Oriculi : ecological ear cleaner in...

Adopt your new zero waste accessory guaranteed for life! Here is our Oriculi in bioplastic 100% biosourced and made in France! You all know the cotton swab of course! Maybe not the Oriculi yet?...

Mini glove to remove bulk Ø10 cm -...

Mini-glove for 2 fingers in GOTS certified organic cotton, designed for gentle cleansing of the face. Ideal for removing makeup or washing your baby. Sold by the piece. Size: 10cm.

Magnetic soap dish with suction cup -...

This magnetic soap dish is the favorite accessory for your solid soaps! Practical, durable and adaptable with its discreet little suction cup, it will help you maximize the life of your solid...

Soap saver and exfoliating / exfoliating...

This soap saver allows you to recover all the remains of your solid soaps and shampoos to use them until the end! Slip them into this linen net and then use it on your body like an exfoliating...

Anti-waste net for solid cosmetics

The anti-waste net, a practical accessory to put an end to the pile of bits of soap or solid shampoo! Giving a second life to the little bits, such is its mission! To make them foam, such is his...

Pumice from Kalymnos (Greece)

Anaé® Greece pumice stone is a natural volcanic rock. It has been used for a very long time as an exfoliant to scrape calluses on the feet and elbows. The stone has a cotton cord for easy hanging.

Natural exfoliating tablet - 120 gr

Discover the natural exfoliating tablet for face and body. Made from 100% natural French clays, this pebble can be kept for life! The ideal solution for exfoliating the skin before waxing,...

Safety razor oak handle for rechargeable...

The Caliquo safety razor with rechargeable blade is ideal for an easy, fast and close shave . Water resistant thanks to its oak handle , its Zamak head prevents the formation of rust. It will...

Box of 5 safety razor blades

These 5 stainless steel blades with a platinum finish ensure a quality shave . Compatible with safety razors. Box containing 5 blades.

Natural sponge from the Aegean Sea - Small...

Cleanse your skin naturally. This is what this sea sponge will allow you. Coming from sustainable fisheries in Greece that preserve the sponge beds, it can be used to cleanse the skin but also...

Toothbrush holder

This toothbrush cover will perfectly protect the head of your ecological toothbrush. Handcrafted in France, this organic cotton case will also be the ideal zero-waste accessory for carrying your...

Eco-Friendly Refillable Bioplastic Soft...

Equipped with a bioplastic handle whose color you choose, this ecological toothbrush with soft bristles has a rechargeable head that allows you to keep its handle and replace only the worn part,...

Medium ecological and refillable...

Equipped with a bioplastic handle whose color you choose, this ecological toothbrush with medium bristles has a rechargeable head that allows you to keep its handle and replace only the worn...

Soft ecological and refillable children's...

Unique in Europe, exclusive innovation by Caliquo, here is the rechargeable children's toothbrush for the teeth of children from 2 to 6 years old! Equipped with a bioplastic handle whose color...

Set of 2 adult toothbrush refills - Soft...

The Caliquo toothbrush is a zero waste accessory. A know-how made in France, and an approach to replace only the essentials. For maximum life of your ecological toothbrush, only the head needs to...

Set of 2 soft refills for children's...

The 2 children's toothbrush refills are compatible with Caliquo brand children's brush models. The Caliquo toothbrush is a zero waste accessory. A know-how made in France, and an approach to...

Adult toothbrush made from bioplastic

Behind these colorful toothbrushes , there is an overall concept of sustainable oral care products that conserve resources. The bioplastic used is made from wood residues. 4 colors to choose from.

Children's toothbrush made from bioplastic

Combining both design and ecology, this children's toothbrush offers all the features necessary for gentle brushing. Design validated by professionals: small head, flexible bristles and tilted...

Solid shaving bar - 55 gr

Enriched with shea butter , this solid shaving bar is ideal for an ecological shave of the beard, legs or armpits. Wet the soap under tap water, pass over the skin, shave then rinse with clear...

Make-up remover wipes, washable and...

If you are in a process of reducing your daily waste , then these washable make-up remover wipes are made for you. Reusable over 300 times. Hand or machine washable. Wooden box of 10 wipes.

Refill of 10 washable make-up remover wipes

A white side for foundation and a pink side for lipstick and mascara. Opt now for washable and reusable make-up remover wipes. A simple daily gesture. Simply use with water. Ideal for sensitive...

Glass Storage Jar for Solid Cosmetics

Solid cosmetics are becoming more and more common. To make it easier for you to store them after use or to help you simply carry them wherever you want, this little glass jar will be of great...

Roll On ball holder tube -10 ml

This small bottle called a roll-on tube or roll-on is intended to receive your oily cosmetic preparations or homemade aromatherapy. It is an essential container when you make your own beauty or...

Roll On stick glass ball deodorant format...

This Roll-on glass bottle with a capacity of 50 ml is ideal for storing the manufacture of homemade liquid deodorants. The ball is easily removed to pour its preparation and makes it easy to...

Glass dropper tube - 15 ml

This dropper tube allows you to precisely dose your liquid raw materials when making your homemade cosmetics. Equipped with a glass pipette and a waterproof cap covered with beech wood. 15ml tube.

Glass spray tube - 30 ml

Transparent glass tube equipped with a spray and a natural beech cap to make and store liquid cosmetic products: floral waters, perfumes, deodorants. 30ml spray tube.

Glass spray tube - 50 ml

Transparent glass tube equipped with a spray and natural beech cap to produce and conserve liquid cosmetic products: floral waters, fragrances, deodorants. Spray tube 50 ml.

Cream pump bottle - 100 ml

Transparent glass bottle with pump and natural beechwood stopper to make and store your fluid cosmetic preparations: milks, lotions, creams... 100 ml bottle.

Recycled glass soap dispenser - 450 ml

Make your own liquid soap and use this elegant dispenser for everyday use. The pump allows for the right dosage of the distribution, without making a mess. 250 ml glass bottle.

Glass spray bottle - 100 ml

Transparent glass bottle with spray to make and store liquid cosmetic products: floral waters, perfumes, deodorants... 100 ml bottle.

Pump bottle 300 ml

Make your own liquid soap, body milk, moisturizer, shower gel or shampoo and use this bottle with a pump for daily use. The pump allows for the right dosage of the distribution, without making a...