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Household accessories

Home accessories

For an eco-friendly home, you have to pay attention to the choice of cleaning products, laundry, dishwasher, etc., but also household accessories. Designed more ecologically or even reusable, they make it possible to limit your environmental impact and reach zero waste. And that, without really having to change your habits, or even by facilitating your life! Sponges that last 1 year. Washable and compostable wipe ...

Discover our accessories selection. Here you will find everything you need for the maintenance of your home with less plastic and less waste!

Household accessories

30 80% bio-sourced bin liners with ties -...

La Droguerie Ecologique bin liners are 80% plant-based polyethylene , a recent innovation made from ethanol produced from sugar cane grown in Brazil. Highly resistant and 100% recyclable . Roll...

Double-sided scrubbing sponge - washable...

With the  INGA double-sided scrubbing sponge , say goodbye to disposable sponges full of germs. Just pop it in the washing machine (or dishwasher) and you've got a clean sponge. And as well as...

Double-absorbent sponge - washable and...

Twice as absorbent, twice as colourful... A surface specialist, INGA's washable double-absorbent sponge is perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, libraries... In short : EVERYWHERE ! And...

Double-sided flat sponge - washable and...

The INGA flat sponge is a sponge that goes everywhere, even in the most inaccessible corners for the average sponge ! Ultra-flexible , it slips behind the sink tap, into wine glasses or...

Zero waste washable and compostable paper...

The washable paper towel is ideal in a zero waste approach, to replace the disposable paper towel. Resistant and absorbent, it is reusable many times. Practical, it can be used to clean and wash...

Agave fibre dishwashing brush refill

Change the head of your washing-up brush quickly with this refill from La Droguerie Ecologique. This brush is perfect for washing glasses, plates and saucepans. Made from untreated beechwood and...

Anti-limescale disc for dishwasher

This powerful anti-limescale disc , equipped with 4 magnets, will reduce the deposit of limescale and tartar on the dishes and in your machine. Saves regenerating salt and rinse aid.

Anti-limescale washing balls for washing...

Washing balls  reduce the consumption of water, energy, detergent and fabric softener. Each ball is equipped with a magnetic steel core to prevent crystallization and the deposit of limescale...

Anti-limescale ring for toilet tank

This ring to place in the water tank of the toilet bowl will enable therefore limit the accumulation of limestone on the walls . All this thanks to the' magnetic action cleared by the ring. No...

Graduated spray vaporizer - 510 ml

This graduated sprayer , made from sugar cane and 100% recyclable, will be perfect for making your own cleaning products. It is resistant to acids, bases and essential oils. Enough to cover a...

Recycled glass soap dispenser - 450 ml

Make your own liquid soap and use this elegant dispenser for everyday use. The pump allows for the right dosage of the distribution, without making a mess. 250 ml glass bottle.

Pump bottle 300 ml

Make your own liquid soap, body milk, moisturizer, shower gel or shampoo and use this bottle with a pump for daily use. The pump allows for the right dosage of the distribution, without making a...

Drugstore recipe book "I make my cleaning...

Start making homemade cleaning products with this 56-page drugstore recipe guide. Enriched with recipes and tips, you will find detailed descriptions of the main ingredients to become unbeatable...

Booklet 468 Eco-friendly tips, tricks and...

68 pages both light and serious, methodical and simple to maintain your home without worrying . Let yourself be guided by this new edition enriched with recipes and tips. To browse without...