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Female intimate hygiene

Intimate feminine hygiene

The organic intimate wash gel participates in the preservation of your vaginal flora because shower gels and other body care are not suitable for this area and can even irritate it. The shower gel may create an imbalance in your intimate area as it is far too aggressive for mucous membranes.

Your intimate area is fragile and delicate, and it is therefore important to have for your hygiene a soothing and protective intimate care during your shower or bath. Intimate toilet gels take care of your mucous membranes. The pH of the organic washed intimate gel respects the natural pH of your vaginal flora and requires special attention. They have been specially formulated to respect intimate flora, mucous membranes and sensitive or irritated skins. If your intimate area suffers from drought or menopause, intimate washable gels are available to gently moisturize it.

Our organic intimate gels have a respectful composition and ingredients for your body and health. You will find in the composition of certain products plant washbasins such as aloe vera or rose water. Aloe vera is known for its soothing properties and rose water for its natural antibacterial side. Organic and soap-free ingredients allow daily use.

Discover our range of products dedicated to hygiene and intimate daily toilet, for a real feeling of well being.

Female intimate hygiene

Feminine cup with organic cotton pouch

The Lamazuna Women's Cup replaces tampons and sanitary napkins for a period of 10 years. Free of latex, phthalates and bleaches. 100% hypoallergenic. Guaranteed medical platinum silicone. Made in...

Calendula Aloe vera ultra-soft intimate...

Cosmo Naturel's ultra-soft intimate hygiene gel has been specially formulated to respect the intimate flora, mucous membranes and sensitive or irritated skin. Composed of Calendula and Aloe...

Organic gentle toilet gel Natur'Intim Rose...

This organic intimate gel, enriched with Moroccan rose, Mallow flower and aloe vera, gently cleanses and soothes all skin types. It preserves the balance of your intimate area prone to feelings of...

Solid moisturizing intimate hygiene...

Cosmo Naturel moisturizing solid intimate hygiene has been specially formulated to respect the intimate flora, mucous membranes and sensitive or irritated skin. Composed of organic rose floral...