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Floral waters

Our organic floral waters

Hydrolat is a distillation water obtained during the manufacture of essential oils. A little less powerful than an essential oil, it still offers many benefits and is easier to use.

Used for a very long time, hydrolats or floral waters are really beneficial for our skin that suffers every day all kinds of external aggressions. Hydrolats can be used in many ways: in the bath, in compress, in the kitchen, in cosmetics... All possible applications of each of our hydrolats are indicated in the product sheets.

Discover our complete range of floral water from an artisanal distillation process.

Floral waters

Organic cornflower hydrolat – 200 ml

Cornflower floral water has almost the same cosmetic virtues as chamomile hydrosol (soothing, purifying, anti-inflammatory, calming and regenerating), with the additional feature of being able...

Organic Lavender Hydrolat – 200 ml

Lavender floral water is multi-use. It can be used for example as a hygiene and beauty product in cosmetics, as an eau de toilette or make-up remover. It is ideal for normal, oily or fragile...

Organic Linden hydrolat – 200 ml

The organic Linden hydrosol will be very suitable for situations of stress, sleep disorders, and chronic anxiety. Soothing and calming, Linden hydrosol is particularly useful for composing care...

Glass spray tube - 30 ml

Transparent glass tube equipped with a spray and a natural beech cap to make and store liquid cosmetic products: floral waters, perfumes, deodorants. 30ml spray tube.

Glass spray tube - 50 ml

Transparent glass tube equipped with a spray and natural beech cap to produce and conserve liquid cosmetic products: floral waters, fragrances, deodorants. Spray tube 50 ml.

Glass spray bottle - 100 ml

Transparent glass bottle with spray to make and store liquid cosmetic products: floral waters, perfumes, deodorants... 100 ml bottle.

Roll On stick glass ball deodorant format...

This Roll-on glass bottle with a capacity of 50 ml is ideal for storing the manufacture of homemade liquid deodorants. The ball is easily removed to pour its preparation and makes it easy to...