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Make your own cleaning products (DIY)

Make maintenance products (DIY)

Have you thought about making your natural maintenance products yourself?

Dish liquid, degreasing, laundry, detachment ... Ideas don't miss! To do so, it's to make sure you know the composition, to ban conventional chemicals, to reduce the cost but it's also much more respectful for the planet and your health.

Adopting a 100% natural routine for its interior is therefore an excellent solution.

We offer a wide range to launch you in this adventure, and in organic of course! Soda bicarbonate, alcohol vinegar, citric acid, lime water, soda crystals, beeswax, etc. So many products to be used alone or combined with our recipes.

Make your own cleaning products (DIY)

Drugstore recipe book "I make my cleaning...

Start making homemade cleaning products with this 56-page drugstore recipe guide. Enriched with recipes and tips, you will find detailed descriptions of the main ingredients to become unbeatable...

Booklet 468 Eco-friendly tips, tricks and...

68 pages both light and serious, methodical and simple to maintain your home without worrying . Let yourself be guided by this new edition enriched with recipes and tips. To browse without...

Pine scented bathroom scale remover -...

Quickly prepare 500 ml of organic limescale remover yourself with this sachet containing a powder to be diluted with water. No more limescale marks in the bathroom ! 20-gram sachet.

Multi-purpose cleaner with mint and...

Quickly prepare 500 ml of organic multi-purpose cleaner yourself with this sachet containing a powder to be diluted with water. Clean your home without harming the planet or your health....

The Multi-Purpose Cleanser Pack - 1 bottle...

Versatile, non-aggressive, yet effective on all household surfaces (except textiles), this multi-purpose cleaner removes dust and dirt... Without harming the planet or your health... 100%...
-15% €3.47 €4.08

The Floor Cleaner pack - 1 bottle + 1 tablet

Suitable for all types of floor coverings (linoleum, terracotta, tiles, laminate, etc.), even fragile ones such as marble and parquet, this floor cleaner allows you to obtain a clean, shiny...
-15% €3.47 €4.08

Soap shavings detergent kit - natural and...

Make your own homemade washing powder with this DIY kit . 100% natural, ecological and economical , packaged in a kraft bag, this homemade detergent is gentle on the planet and unbeatable on...

Marseille Olive Soap Shavings - 750 grs

This Marseille soap, made using the traditional manufacturing process of cooking in cauldrons, is presented here in the form of shavings. They are designed from 100% vegetable oils, including...

Marseille Olive Soap Cube 72%

This real Marseille soap with olive oil is made in Marseille using the traditional manufacturing process of cooking in cauldrons. A real guarantee of quality for this soap many times copied, but...

100% organic oil soap flakes - 1 kg

These concentrated soap flakes (72% soap) are particularly effective, ecological, hypoallergenic and economical for multiple household tasks (doing laundry, soap, etc.). Only made from coconut...

Beeswax nuggets - 400 grs

Beeswax nuggets are a traditional drugstore product. It is ideal for polishes, ointments, candles or for waxing furniture and floors. Bag of 400 grams.

Meudon white - 500 gr

Meudon white is used to clean and shine, without scratching, surfaces such as: glass, stainless steel, copper, brass, silverware, earthenware, marble, plastic, ceramic hobs. .. But other uses...

Xanthan gum - Multi-product household...

Xanthan gum is a natural gelling agent that allows you to prepare DIY household products. Easily make your white vinegar gel, citric acid gel, soda crystal gel, etc. 100% biodegradable. Kraft...

Stain remover and whitener with...

Very effective on organic stains, this stain remover and whitener with sodium percarbonate will be ideal as a complement to your ecological detergent for whites, as a stain remover before...

Soda crystals - 500 gr

Ecodoo soda crystals is a multi-function cleaner with powerful degreasing power that will make your daily household tasks easier. Box of 500 gr.

Technical baking soda

Known and used for hundreds of years, baking soda is an essential product that has proven its worth. It has a plethora of uses, advantageously replaces many products, is economical, natural and...

Citric acid - anti-limestone and descaler...

Ecodoo citric acid will help you on a daily basis to effectively overcome limescale and tartar. it will naturally protect and descale washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines, kettles,...

Talc powder - 300 grs

Anaé Talc Powder is 100% natural, without perfume or adjuvant. It is particularly indicated for hygiene and daily care of babies and adults. Very soft texture and excellent absorbent qualities....

Activated carbon - 30 grs

Vegetable activated carbon has an excellent adsorption capacity, which in particular gives it very interesting purifying and detoxifying properties. In cosmetics, it is used as an active...

Traditional black soap - 1 liter

Ecodoo traditional black soap cleans, renovates, shines, sanitizes and protects all types of floors and surfaces, sanitary facilities and plastic coverings. Made from Marseille soap, it is...

Lime water - 1 liter

Lime water is mainly used to cleanse and protect the infant's skin. It is a well-known traditional drugstore product for the manufacture of liniment (oleo-limestone) for babies or make-up...

Carnauba wax milk - 1 liter

Carnauba Wax Milk will allow you to clean, protect and shine all types of floors but also to maintain furniture and worktops. Neutral and easy-to-use product, composed of organic ingredients...

White alcohol vinegar 12% - 1 liter

Ecodoo white alcohol vinegar removes traces of limescale and cleans windows. White spirit vinegar makes glasses and silverware shine. It replaces fabric softener. It disinfects (household...

White alcohol vinegar 12% - 5 liters

Ecodoo white alcohol vinegar removes traces of limescale and cleans windows. White spirit vinegar makes glasses and silverware shine. It replaces fabric softener. It disinfects (household...

Graduated spray vaporizer - 510 ml

This graduated sprayer , made from sugar cane and 100% recyclable, will be perfect for making your own cleaning products. It is resistant to acids, bases and essential oils. Enough to cover a...

Recycled glass soap dispenser - 450 ml

Make your own liquid soap and use this elegant dispenser for everyday use. The pump allows for the right dosage of the distribution, without making a mess. 250 ml glass bottle.

Pump bottle 300 ml

Make your own liquid soap, body milk, moisturizer, shower gel or shampoo and use this bottle with a pump for daily use. The pump allows for the right dosage of the distribution, without making a...