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Facial care

Organic care for your face

Our skin is daily exposed to the aggressions of life, we must pay particular attention. Bio products, in addition to being healthy, are just as effective as conventional care.

Bioface cosmetics are respectful of your skin and allow you to reveal your natural beauty. Made from 100% natural ingredients, they do not contain chemical or synthetic components. Without harmful and sulphate-free products, organic face care does not affect the skin and the risks of irritation and allergy are less.

Active agents of organic face care are natural antioxidants. They preserve the youth of the skin and fight against skin aging.

Your skin needs to be nourished, protected, strengthened.Your face deserves the best care! Find our selection of organic products for the face; solid or liquid, organic day or night cream, moisturizing cream, exfoliant, green clay masks, yellow, white, red depending on your skin type.

Discover products designed to take care of your face according to your skin profile and your ideal skin desires. Products labeled Cosmos Organic or BDIH ... to take care of your skin, but also of the environment.

Facial care

Propolis nose stick – 1 gr

The Ladrôme Nose Stick is a pocket inhaler based on 100% organic essential oils. It helps clear blocked airways. It is an entirely natural product of well-being and comfort without...

Organic cornflower hydrolat – 200 ml

Cornflower floral water has almost the same cosmetic virtues as chamomile hydrosol (soothing, purifying, anti-inflammatory, calming and regenerating), with the additional feature of being able...

Organic Lavender Hydrolat – 200 ml

Lavender floral water is multi-use. It can be used for example as a hygiene and beauty product in cosmetics, as an eau de toilette or make-up remover. It is ideal for normal, oily or fragile...

Organic Linden hydrolat – 200 ml

The organic Linden hydrosol will be very suitable for situations of stress, sleep disorders, and chronic anxiety. Soothing and calming, Linden hydrosol is particularly useful for composing care...

Gentle Scrub - Cherry Stone Powder from...

This gentle scrub is used to remove dead cells from the skin's surface. It refines the skin's texture for a smooth skin, stimulates cell renewal and allows a better efficiency of the care...

Charcoal Tea tree surgras soap cup special...

Add a chic and original note to your bathroom with this handmade soap poured into a pretty mottled and reused cup by Totem Savon. Thanks to the mini-glove provided, it will be very easy for...

Cup of Eglantine ultra-gentle superfatted...

Add a chic and original touch to your bathroom with this hand-crafted soap poured into a pretty mug that Totem Savon has found and reused. The mini glove provided makes it easy to use every...

Face Wash - Dry and Sensitive Skin -...

Try Cocoon soothing , which gently cleanses your skin and protects it from tightness and dryness. Organic sweet almond oil protects your skin from drying out. White clay softens and repairs dry,...

Solid facial cleanser for combination to...

This solid face cleanser with grapefruit essential oil deeply and gently cleanses your skin every day! Thanks to its cleansing, purifying, astringent and exfoliating formula, it removes...

Soap surgras Charcoal Tea tree special...

Charbon Tea tree surgras soap has been specially designed for a deep purifying action on your skin. It is suitable for all skin types, including those with problems. It is formulated from...

Tea tree essential oil soap - 100 gr

Known for its powerful antiseptic properties , tea tree oil will give this organic soap all the benefits of a cosmetic combining both daily cleansing with excellent purifying properties for...
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Organic Damask Rose Rich Cleansing Milk -...

Logona's rich cleansing milk cleanses deeply yet is very gentle on the skin. The precious formula with organic Damask rose and kalpariane (brown seaweed extract) protects the skin's hydrolipid...

Organic solid micellar jelly for sensitive...

Formulated without preservatives or fragrance, Organic Solid Micellar Gel gently cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes. Its unique texture allows for non-drying cleansing, suitable...

Solid make-up remover for face and eyes -...

Lamazuna organic solid make-up remover is a true zero-waste make-up remover for the face and eyes! Its vegetable oils and shea butter eliminate the most stubborn make-up while taking care of...

Gentle eye make-up remover with organic...

This logona gentle eye make-up remover contains active ingredients such as Aloe vera, sweet almond oil or rosehip oil to gently remove eye make-up and take care of their contour but also your...

Micellar water with native Aloe vera juice...

Ce'Bio micellar water, enriched with aloe vera juice , removes make-up and purifies the skin in a single gesture. This beauty ally offers each use a feeling of freshness and comfort, the promise...

Micellar Water Soothing Cleansing Cleanser...

Optimal Tolerance Micellar Water has been specifically developed for sensitive skin. It contains a complex of marine algae with anti-redness and soothing properties. In addition, the micelles it...

Cleansing Purifying Cleansing Micellar...

This Purifying Micellar Water is composed of micelles that effectively capture impurities to clean and remove make-up from the face and eyes. Its high tolerance formula is enriched with organic...

Purifying cleansing gel – 150 ml

This purifying cleansing gel , rich in zinc, purifies and eliminates excess sebum. It is formulated without preservatives. Its fine and generous foam cleanses the skin without drying it out. The...

3 face masks - Rosemary and white clay -...

These  masks with Breton white clay  and  French rosemary powder  will change your skin ! With their  purifying  and  sebum-regulating action , no more shiny skin or small imperfections ! Bag...

Berlingot green clay mask – 15 ml

A true source of well-being and beauty for fatty skins , this green clay mask in berlingot cleans and brings infinite softness to your skin in one gesture. 15 ml Berlingot.
-10% €2.92 €3.24

Green clay mask oily skin 100 gr

The green clay mask will allow you to purify your skin and fight small disgrace buttons thanks to its purifying properties. 100 gr tube.
-10% €4.75 €5.28

Ultra-ventilated illite raw green clay –...

The ultra ventilated Green Argile Laboratory Argiletz is used as a beauty mask to revitalize skin tired by pollution, stress, bad eating habits ... Its richness in mineral salts and trace...
-10% €5.00 €5.56

Berlingot white clay mask – 15 ml

A true source of well-being for your face, this berlingot white clay mask envelops your skin with a sublime softness and a relaxing leash, naturally sparkling of life. 15 ml Berlingot.
-10% €2.92 €3.24

Raw white clay Kaolinite ultra-ventilated...

This kaolinite white clay neutral respects your epidermis, even sensitive, while bringing it an infinite softness. And thanks to its incredible anti-crisis power, it instantly reveals the shine...
-10% €5.75 €6.39

Berlingot pink clay mask – 15 ml

As a true color revealer, this delicious pink clay mask has fabulous decongesting properties and takes care of all skins, even the most delicate, with infinite softness. 15 ml Berlingot.
-10% €2.92 €3.24

Pink clay mask - Sensitive and reactive...

In a true color revealer, this delicious pink clay mask has fabulous decongestive properties and takes care of all skins, even the most delicate, with infinite softness. 100 gr tube.
-10% €4.75 €5.28

Ultra-ventilated pink clay - sensitive...

The Argile rose ultra ventilated  Argiletz is recommended for sensitive skin. It can be used both for the face, hair or even bath. The kaolinite pink clay is ultra soft, neutral, used for its...
-10% €5.75 €6.39

Berlingot yellow clay mask – 15 ml

At the same time exfoliating and purifying, the yellow clay is wonderful on all epidermis and offers your skin a grain as soft as a caress. Recommended for mixed skin.
-10% €2.92 €3.24

Berlingot red clay mask – 15 ml

As effective to bring your skin a new balance as to offer it an incredible brightness, this red clay mask in berlingot cleans and purifies your face with infinite softness to reveal pleasantly...
-10% €2.92 €3.24

Red clay mask - Dry skin - 100 gr

As effective to bring your skin a new balance as to offer it an incredible brightness, this red clay mask cleans and purifies your face with infinite softness to reveal pleasantly all natural...
-40% €3.17 €5.28

Roll On Teenage – 10 ml

The Teenage Roll'On will be very appreciated by teenagers to fight against skin imperfections. Its effectiveness allows the skin to be purified in a few days and to regain its radiance. The skin...

SOS Pimples Organic Mint and Salicylic...

SOS buttons is an effective antibacterial to treat emerging or already installed buttons. It fights in a targeted way the bacteria responsible for small pimples without irritating the epidermis....

"Healthy glow" solid face balm - 30 ml

This face balm is specially formulated to gently balance the skin and give it a healthy glow while combating imperfections. A balm in the form of a solid stick that can be taken anywhere. 30 ml...

Solid cocoa butter with frangipani - 54 ml

If cocoa butter is the ingredient that makes chocolate so caloric, it is also good for our beauty because it has many cosmetic properties. This cocoa butter is very nourishing. It will therefore...

Aloe Vera gel 98% fragrance free - 200 ml

Enriched with 98% Aloe Vera, this Aloe Vera Ce'Bio gel offers, with each application, the feeling of hydrated and soothed skin. The secret lies in its formulation developed with fresh Aloe Vera...

Aloe Vera gel 98% fragrance free - 500 ml

This 98% Aloe Vera gel is cold-processed to preserve its richness in mucilages, vitamins and nutrients. It will allow intense hydration of the skin and will soothe many daily ailments. A real...

Healthy glow moisturiser for men -...

Florame's healthy glow moisturiser is a real boost for tired, stressed skin . It minimises signs of fatigue and restores radiance. Enriched with Argan Oil , Aloe Vera and Organic Carrot Oil...