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Make your own cleaning products (DIY)

Make your own cleaning products (DIY)

Have you thought about making your own natural cleaning products? Dishwashing liquid, degreaser, detergent, stain remover... There is no shortage of ideas! Doing it yourself means making sure you know the composition well, avoiding conventional chemicals, reducing the cost, but it's also much more respectful for the planet and your health. Adopting a 100% natural routine for your interior is therefore an excellent solution. We offer a wide range to get you started on this adventure, and organic of course! Baking soda, alcohol vinegar, citric acid, lime water, soda crystals, beeswax, etc. So many products to use alone or combined thanks to our recipes.

Make your own cleaning products (DIY)

Technical baking soda - Ecodoo

Known and used for hundreds of years, baking soda is an essential product that has proven its worth. It has a plethora of uses,...
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