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Expert in organic products and insect control since 2002
Citric acid - antical and detartrant - 350 gr - Ecodoo

Citric acid - anti-limestone and descaler - 350 gr

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Ecodoo citric acid will help you on a daily basis to effectively overcome limescale and tartar. it will naturally protect and descale washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines, kettles, taps. It will also be effective on stubborn rust, burnt and tea stains. An essential product! Box of 350 g.

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plus-produit.pngKEY POINTS TO REMEMBER

case-a-cocher.jpgPowerful limescale remover and descaler
case-a-cocher.jpgEffective against stubborn stains
case-a-cocher.jpgExcellent ecological and economical alternative to toxic chemicals
case-a-cocher.jpgCertified by Ecocert

Citric acid, the magic product !

Acide citrique

ust like baking soda, citric acid is a "magic" product that you can't do without. It will remove limescale and scale from your household appliances and taps. It is a biodegradable product that is an ecological alternative for cleaning the house.

Origin of citric acid: It is vegetable: obtained from vegetable raw materials, 95% of the acidity of the lemon.

Properties of citric acid: Descaling and anti-limescale agent, cleaner and degreaser, stain remover, acidifier, disinfectant (antifungal and antibacterial).

Citric acid is recommended for people who are sensitive to the smell of vinegar, as it has a neutral smell and is easily diluted in water. And of course, a very good ecological and economical alternative to environmentally toxic chemicals.

Advantages of this citric acid 

+ Protects and descales washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines, kettles and taps

+ Also effective on stubborn rust, burnt and tea stains

+ Dissolves moss on terraces

+ Anti-scale and descaler

+ Naturally effective, 100% natural product

+ Packed in powder form = easy to dose for your preparations

+ Metal spout, cardboard case without plastic bag inside

+ Ecocert certified

+ Made in France 

Advice for use

To descale your coffee makers and kettles : mix 2 tablespoons in a litre of water. Turn on the machine so that the mixture is well distributed in the machine.

To descale your washing machines and dishwashers : pour 6 to 8 tablespoons directly into the machine and then run a cycle without using any water.

Against rust : use a teaspoon of citric acid on your sponge. Rub the rusty area, leave to work and then rinse.

For burnt pots and pans and tea stains : pour 1 to 2 tablespoons into the pot, cover with boiling water and leave for a few minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.

For cleaning chrome, stainless steel, ceramic or plastic surfaces : mix 4 tablespoons of citric acid in 1 litre of hot water, scrub the surfaces with this solution and rinse well.

To reduce the environmental impact, respect the recommended doses of use.

CAUTION : Never use citric acid on enamel, aluminium and marble. Never use with bleach. 

Did you know that ?

In bath balls, the effervescent effect is obtained by mixing citric acid with sodium bicarbonate. In its "dry" state, nothing happens, but when it comes into contact with water, an acid-base reaction occurs between the two ingredients. The reaction of an acid with sodium bicarbonate produces carbon dioxide, which is a gas and will therefore escape in the form of small bubbles, this is effervescence! The other products of this reaction are water molecules and sodium citrate.



Ecodetergent certified by ECOCERT Greenlife according to the ECOCERT standard, available on https://detergents.ecocert.com. 

Its composition

EC n°: 201-069-1 citric acid monohydrate. 


350g cardboard box with a metal spout. 

Precautions for use

Causes severe eye irritation. If a doctor is consulted, keep the container or label available. Keep out of reach of children. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. IF IN EYES: rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if present and easily removable. Continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists: consult a physician.

Ecodoo, the best friend of the house

Logo de la marque Ecodoo

Since 1985, Ecodoo has been offering ecological cleaning products for all daily household tasks. A historic brand on the market, Ecodoo now offers a complete range of ecological household products, most of which are made in France.

The brand is committed to offering ecological laundry and cleaning products that are both effective and safe for the environment.

What makes Ecodoo an ecological brand ? The use of active ingredients of plant origin and natural ingredients with little or no colouring. Its packaging is recyclable, reduced to a minimum and its manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly. In addition, it is an economical brand with its 5L eco formats and its multi-use products.

Ecodoo is committed to designing packaging that has the least possible impact on the environment.

Labels / certifications
Labels / certifications
eco-design, economic and efficient
350 gr
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Les toilettes sont impeccables et brillantes.


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Ma machine a laver respire

Depuis que j'utilise ce produit lors de mes lavages (1 fois par mois en très petite quantité), je n'ai plus de dépôts calcaire et plus d'odeurs de lavages qui s’additionnent dans le tambour. Il faut dire qu'habituellement mon seul produit de rinçage est le vinaigre blanc, efficace pour détendre les fibres du linge, efficace avec la laine maintien les couleurs a leur optimum. Que demander de plus.... la propreté du tambour ? aussitôt fait .


Acide citrique

Très efficace

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Citric acid - anti-limestone and descaler - 350 gr

Ecodoo citric acid will help you on a daily basis to effectively overcome limescale and tartar. it will naturally protect and descale washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines, kettles, taps. It will also be effective on stubborn rust, burnt and tea stains. An essential product! Box of 350 g.

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