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Meudon white - 500 gr - ecological drugstore

Meudon white - 500 gr

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Meudon white is used to clean and shine, without scratching, surfaces such as: glass, stainless steel, copper, brass, silverware, earthenware, marble, plastic, ceramic hobs. .. But other uses are still possible ... Tube of 500 grs.

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plus-produit.pngKEY POINTS TO REMEMBER

case-a-cocher.jpgA great ally for household maintenance
case-a-cocher.jpgCan be used pure, treated and/or mixed with different materials
case-a-cocher.jpgLow alkaline and slightly abrasive
case-a-cocher.jpgMade in France

A natural multi-purpose product !

Utilisation du Blanc de Meudon

Blanc de Meudon has many names: Blanc d'Espagne, or sometimes Blanc de Champagne, de Troyes, de Toulouse or more rarely "white stone". It is made up of particles of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) which is the main component of limestone and chalk.

It is weakly alkaline, very slightly abrasive and traditionally used in paint making, household and hobby work. It is also used for polishing silverware, earthenware, ceramic plates and plastics. It is suitable for gilding and polishing mirrors.

Blanc de Meudon is used in the composition of putty, certain sparkling waters and as a glowing powder for fireworks. In the past, it was used for tanning hides, when this was still done by hand.

In addition to its environmental benefits, Blanc de Meudon is safe to handle (unlike products from the petrochemical industry) and inexpensive.

Blanc de Meudon can be used pure, treated and/or mixed with different materials.

Advantages of Blanc de Meudon

+ Slightly abrasive

+ Non-flammable

+ Low alkaline

+ Common mineral resource (chalk) without treatment or refining and from natural quarries

+ Wide range of uses

+ Non-toxic to humans and the environment

+ Produced and packaged in Western Europe

+ Recycled cardboard packaging

+ Low carbon footprint (40g CO2)

+ Long used in paediatrics against infant colic

Possible uses of Blanc de Meudon

1 - Household maintenance

Blanc de Meudon is similar to the famous German Wiener Kalk and has very interesting cleaning and abrasive properties, without scratching glass, ceramics and metals.

Cleaning stainless steel in the kitchen : sprinkle Blanc de Meudon directly on your wet sponge and rub vigorously

Make a scouring cream : For stainless steel, enamel and ceramics: in a bowl filled with Blanc de Meudon, incorporate liquid black soap, mixing it until you reach the desired consistency. You can preserve your preparation by adding a few drops of essential lemon oil.

Make your own scouring stone : Choose a jar with a lid (opaque jar). Put in 2 measures of Blanc de Meudon, 15 drops of essential oil, 1 measure of bicarbonate of soda, 1 measure of soft black soap. Add a little water if necessary to the preparation, mix gently and fill your jar. Leave to dry outside for at least 24 hours. Your paste is ready.

Clean and brighten up your metals : For silver, brass, stainless steel, pewter and other surfaces such as glass, earthenware, marble, plastic, glass-ceramic plates, etc. You can also use it for metal joinery. Simply mix Blanc de Meudon with water to make a paste and rub in.

2 - Mirrors, windows

Vitrine décorée avec du Blanc de Meudon

Clean and polish windows and mirrors : Mix Blanc de Meudon in water (1 unit of Blanc de Meudon to 1/2 unit of water). Apply to the entire window. Allow to dry. Then clean with newspaper and elbow grease like our grandparents! Blanc de Meudon is slightly abrasive and does not scratch the glass.

To decorate glass, windows and mirrors : Mix Blanc de Meudon (1 unit of Blanc de Meudon to 1/2 unit of water) with pigments if necessary. Spread the "milk" preparation with a brush or a sponge. Slightly transparent when applied, it becomes opaque as it dries. You can also buy or make stencils and apply this preparation to them. A significant advantage is that it can be easily removed with a newspaper and a damp cloth at the end of the festivities and will clean your windows at the same time.

Window dressing : Use the above solution to whiten windows when working in a shop, for example. A damp cloth or newspaper will remove the whitish coating after the work is completed.

Keeping garden birds away from your windows : Birds sometimes injure or kill themselves by crashing into windows, especially during the mating season. Mix your Blanc de Meudon with water and a dark pigment if possible (preferably black). On your window, apply a stencil cut out in the shape of a hovering bird of prey.

3 - In the garden

Marinating lawns : To raise the pH of your lawn's soil and fortify it (150 gr per m²) with calcium.

Aligning with a string : Pass the string through the blanc de Meudon, tighten, lift and release. The marking is done immediately.

Utilisation du Blanc de Meudon en peinture

4 - DIY and painting

Meudon White is used as a filler pigment. It is used, for example, to increase the thickening and covering power of paints, coatings and whitewashes.

To degrease paint : Apply pure Blanc de Meudon directly to the paint with a cloth or sponge, without any binder. Leave it on for one night and then wash. Rinse and the surface will be degreased. For those who are in a hurry: you can rub energetically with a spalter (a hard bristle brush), for a quicker result. This method is frequently used by decorators of "faux-finishes".

Gloss effect : 1 tablespoon of Blanc de Meudon in the paint wash bucket will make the paint more sparkling.

Making a secondary paint (small white) : For interiors: chicken house, cellar, attic. Mix 65% Meudon white and 35% wallpaper paste (metilcellulose) diluted with water.

Window putty : A traditional recipe. Mix approximately 4 parts of Blanc de Meudon with 1 part of dried linseed oil until you obtain a paste with a homogeneous consistency. To prevent the window putty from sticking to the skin during application, cover your hands with Blanc de Meudon.

Repairing marble, alabaster, etc. : Mix Blanc de Meudon with resins or varnish.

The short history of Blanc de Meudon

Its use is very old. It was notably used during the Renaissance. Its name comes from the chalk quarries of Meudon, in the Paris basin, which were first exploited in the 18th century. Subsequently, its production developed and was organised industrially (end of the 19th century). In 1925, following the ban on soil exploitation in the Meudon region, the chalk quarries found a second life with the cultivation of button mushrooms! Since 1986, the quarries have been classified as a site and are no longer exploited. Nowadays, many other deposits are exploited in Western Europe.

Its composition

100% Blanc de Meudon.


500g kraft bag with PLA interior (bioplastic made from corn starch). 

Precautions for use 

Keep out of reach of children, may be toxic if swallowed. Store in a dry place.

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Meudon white - 500 gr

Meudon white is used to clean and shine, without scratching, surfaces such as: glass, stainless steel, copper, brass, silverware, earthenware, marble, plastic, ceramic hobs. .. But other uses are still possible ... Tube of 500 grs.

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