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Masked hunter bug

Our products against masked hunter bug

The masked hunter bug is carnivorous. Sometimes black, brown or green, they type, immobile and camouflaged, waiting for a prey to pass nearby. Others move to hunt and surprise their victims. They eliminate a large quantity of insects, mainly flies, aphids and cicadelles.

Discover our natural products to fight the masked hunter bug.

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Masked hunter bug

Diatomaceous earth – Kieselguhr Celatom -...

Diatomaceous earth (also called Kieselguhr Celatom) is a completely ecological and natural insecticide that helps fight against...
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4J Plant Pyrethrum Insecticide Concentrate...

4J insecticide concentrate to dilute. Effective against a large number of crawling and flying insects in our homes. Bottles of 125,...
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4J insecticide diluted 10% - Resistant...

Insecticide 4J diluted to 10% ready to use. With this concentration, you will destroy very quickly all the insects some are their sizes...
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