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Expert in organic products and insect control since 2002
Drugstore recipe book "I do my maintenance products" - La Droguerie Ecologique

Drugstore recipe book "I make my cleaning products"

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Start making homemade cleaning products with this 56-page drugstore recipe guide. Enriched with recipes and tips, you will find detailed descriptions of the main ingredients to become unbeatable in this area.

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case-a-cocher.jpgMore than 150 recipes
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Make your own cleaning products

Droguerie recipe booklet

Very simple and well illustrated, this 56-page booklet written by the Droguerie Écologique will become your indispensable logbook for making your home cleaning products.

To make everything in the house shine, from the floor to the ceiling, from the cellar to the attic, via the workshop, the car ... with do-it-yourself household products. A whole cocktail of good, ingenious, effective and economical recipes based on basic products made with a minimum of energy and raw materials.

11 basic ingredients are described in detail to enable you to intervene in any household maintenance action. Easy, quick and effective, the recipes in the booklet allow you to make all the products you need for your daily life: make an air freshener, soften your laundry, clean your carpet, descale a coffee maker, create your own laundry detergent, make a stain-removing soap, clean your garden tools, waterproof your lime coatings, clean your oven, maintain your terrace, etc. The list is long!

Each recipe has been tested and approved for a guaranteed result.

A little elbow grease ... and good housework !

Advantages of this recipe booklet

+ 11 very detailed basic ingredients (history of the material, technical characteristics, 10 recipes associated)
+ Few ingredients per recipe so as not to complicate the process
+ Very well illustrated and full of "Tips and Tricks
+ Recipes tested and approved by the team that produced this booklet
+ Economical: More than 150 recipes for only €2.70.
+ Made in France

Basic ingredients covered in this booklet

Make your own cleaning products with this DIY booklet

- Bicarbonate of soda
- Spirit vinegar
- Meudon white
- Terre de Sommières
- Black soaps
- Soap flakes
- Beeswax
- Sodium perbarbonate
- Soda crystals
- Citric acid
- Diatomaceous earth


210 mm x 150 mm. 

Precautions for use

This set of recipes reflects the current state of our knowledge. They do not guarantee the application of the solution used. We advise you to systematically carry out a test prior to your work.

Learn more about the brand La Droguerie Écologique

Find out more about the La Droguerie Ecologique brandMade in France or Western Europe, the products of the ecological drugstore are designed from natural, mineral or vegetable raw materials and with a maximum of organic ingredients. La droguerie écologique® is a brand of ecodis, a French company that is a pioneer in the design and distribution of ecoproducts to specialist shops.

By offering around 2000 products to its French and European customers, ecodis pursues one of its main objectives: to innovate in order to make ecological products accessible to as many people as possible. 

Specialising in the manufacture of everyday products with simplified use, the brand is distinguished by the cultivation of a spirit of creativity to enable its consumers to personalise accessories and cleaning products.

Since the early 2000s, the motto of Droguerie Écologique products has been "Make your own cleaning products". Clever, useful and economical, these products are manufactured in France or Western Europe with a minimum of energy and from natural or organic raw materials to respect our environment.




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Très bien

On trouve de bonnes recettes de produits ménagers faciles à faire

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Drugstore recipe book "I make my cleaning products"

Start making homemade cleaning products with this 56-page drugstore recipe guide. Enriched with recipes and tips, you will find detailed descriptions of the main ingredients to become unbeatable in this area.

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