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Activated carbon - 30 gr

Activated carbon - 30 grs

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Vegetable activated carbon has an excellent adsorption capacity, which in particular gives it very interesting purifying and detoxifying properties. In cosmetics, it is used as an active ingredient in masks, soaps, cleansing or exfoliating products to eliminate impurities and pollutants. Jar of 30 grams.

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case-a-cocher.jpgPowerful adsorbent and detoxifier
case-a-cocher.jpgDetoxifying and purifying
case-a-cocher.jpgPerfect for neutralising unpleasant odours
case-a-cocher.jpgCertified by Ecocert

Vegetable charcoal, an excellent detoxifier

Use activated carbon

Known since Antiquity for its multiple uses as a detoxifier, decontaminating and purifying, activated charcoal has many natural cosmetic and pharmaceutical uses. Vegetable charcoal is the most powerful of the known natural detoxifiers.

Its detoxifying and purifying properties are widely used in cosmetics. It can be used as an active ingredient in masks, soaps, cleansing or exfoliating products to eliminate pollutants and impurities.

Its intense black color and 100% of plant origin also allows you to make pretty marbles in your "homemade" soaps, and can also be used in the manufacture of your make-up products.

Considered as a grandmother's remedy, this activated charcoal has its place in our daily lives thanks to its varied applications: teeth whitener, purifying face mask, cosmetic colourant, home deodorizer or to neutralize toxins in our body. It derives its great absorption capacity through its porous and light structure. Vegetable charcoal is also a very effective remedy for intestinal disorders, stomach aches and gastroenteritis. A small cure and you will quickly find intestinal comfort, better digestion, good breath,... Enough to take care of your body thanks to its powerful natural detoxification capacities.

A 100% vegetable activated carbon

Anaé charcoal is obtained by calcining coconut shells, then thermally activated in the presence of water vapour, without the use of chemicals unlike many activated charcoals. Coconut shell produces a very fine pore carbon, which allows it to be the most effective in adsorbing gases as well as liquids, but also heavy metals, hydrocarbons, chlorides,... Coconut charcoal also has a higher density than charcoal obtained from softwoods, cellulose residues or petroleum residues. Its absorbent power is 25 times greater than that of ash. It is possible to obtain activated carbon from all kinds of carbon-rich organic materials, but coconut shells are the one that gives the highest quality of carbon, especially in terms of its adsorption capacity but also at the level of the various parameter indices measuring the quality of the coal and its efficiency.

A simple process that guarantees the preservation of the properties and a healthy use of charcoal: absorption of impurities, cosmetic dye, digestive discomfort, care of the mouth and teeth... but also deodorant in the house.

Perfect adsorption capacity

Anaé Activated Charcoal owes its properties to its incredible adsorption capacity due to its extremely porous surface (much like a sponge) on a microscopic scale. By a physical phenomenon, the negative ions of the contaminants attach themselves firmly to the surface of the carbon. This adsorption capacity makes it possible to trap pollutants, contaminants, etc. Activated carbon is particularly renowned for adsorbing chemicals, drugs, narcotics, heavy metals, synthetic hormones, pesticides, but also the toxins produced by certain plants, the venoms of insects or snakes, or certain bacteria, such as staphylococci and salmonella, and even certain viruses. Since carbon is hydrophobic, it will not adsorb water. On the other hand, it is also capable of adsorbing gases, which in particular gives it its effectiveness internally against flatulence.

Benefits and properties of Anaé activated charcoal

Activated charcoal for teeth whitening

- Powerful adsorbent and detoxifier, it helps capture pollutants and toxins that accumulate in the skin: environmental pollutants, chemical residues from cosmetic products, but also toxins excreted by the skin

- Purifying, it purifies the skin and adsorbs the bacteria responsible for certain infections (known action on staphylococci)

- Intense black vegetable dye, effective at low doses

- Detoxifying and purifying, cleanses the mouth

- Neutralizes bad breath

- Help capture certain toxins, pollutants, chemical residues of drugs, narcotics, pesticides, heavy metals, poisons,...

- Reduce intestinal gas, bloating and flatulence

- Adsorbent and purifying: purifies water and air

- Neutralizes bad smells, especially in the fridge

- Adsorbs gases, in particular those produced by certain fruits which accelerate ripening: thus slows down the ripening and rotting of fruits.

- Certified COSMOS Natural by ECOCERT GREENLIFE, according to the COSMOS standard

Examples of uses of activated carbon

Detoxifying mask : Mix 3 tablespoons of green clay, 1/4 teaspoon of activated charcoal, 1 teaspoon of organic honey with water to obtain a homogeneous paste. Apply immediately and leave on for 5 to 10 minutes depending on the sensations. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. If necessary, apply a hydrosol in addition.

Teeth whitening : Put a little activated charcoal on your toothbrush and rub like a classic brushing. Rinse your mouth well. To be repeated 3 to 4 times a week.

Purify tap water : Just dip 2 teaspoons of activated carbon into a bottle or pitcher that you have filled with tap water (prefer glass more neutral than plastic) and leave it at the bottom between 6 and 8 o'clock.

Against the bad smells : Activated carbon has an excellent adsorption capacity. It will perfectly capture and neutralize odors from trash, litter or even shoes.

Fertilize plants : You can also place the charcoal in the pots of the plants in your home, underground in your garden: it is an excellent fertilizer, or even in compost.


COSMOS ORGANIC certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to COSMOS standards.

Its composition

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100% vegetable activated carbon - INCI designation: 100% charcoal powder.


Pot in recyclable PP of 30 grs. Dimensions: 208mm x 120mm

Precautions for use

Do not inhale. Do not ingest. Do not get in eyes. Keep out of reach of children. Charcoal is light and volatile: open the jar gently. Close well after use. Store at room temperature, away from moisture and light.

Learn more about the Anaé brand

Anaé brand logo

Anaé® is the range of products dedicated to the toilet and hygiene of the whole family, in an ecological and economical version. Anaé ressources® is the line of basic ingredients allowing you to make a certain number of hygiene products yourself.

– the products are simple, adaptable to multiple uses and customizable according to the desires of the moment (essential oils, glycerin, etc.).

– Anaé ressources® products are composed of natural minerals and vegetable ingredients totally from French organic farming. The cosmetic products are Cosmos Organic certified.

– Anaé® textile products in organic cotton (discs to remove make-up, massage gloves, terry towels) are GOTS certified, for the respect of the environment and people.

The “most”: part of the loofah from the Anaé® range comes from Benin where Ecodis has initiated a solidarity agrobiology project to cultivate the plant at the origin of this vegetable sponge.

Labels / certifications
Cosmos Organic
Labels / certifications
30 g
What you need for :
Teeth whitening
What you need for :
Detoxifying mask
Key assets
Activated carbon

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Activated carbon - 30 grs

Vegetable activated carbon has an excellent adsorption capacity, which in particular gives it very interesting purifying and detoxifying properties. In cosmetics, it is used as an active ingredient in masks, soaps, cleansing or exfoliating products to eliminate impurities and pollutants. Jar of 30 grams.

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