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Our various means of payment


We are committed to protecting the data concerning you. we are perfectly aware that our customers trust us for the protection of their personal information. and we pay particular attention to this task. to this end, we have put in place procedures and a physical and electronic security system guaranteeing the security of your personal data. For example, the secure payline payment tool uses the ssl protocol (secure socket layer) in such a way that the transmitted information is encrypted by a software and that no third party can read about it during the network transport. 

Payment by bank card

Very simple, very fast, securely set your purchases by credit card with our mutual credit partner.

In order to guarantee maximum security, the latest banking data encryption technologies are used, guaranteeing you a fully secured payment. your bank details do not circulate at any time in a non-crypted manner and only the bank is in possession of this data (we do not keep any bank information on our organic penn'ty store).

Paiement par carte bancaire

Payment by bank card is also the possibility of having an order shipped as soon as possible, compared to a by cheque payment for example. we take into account the validation of your payment almost instantly thanks to our access to the online management platform.

Information on new payment rules by cb

1 - Why new rules ?

New regulatory obligations have been established to secure online payments.

2 - what are the changes ?

Upon payment by card, an authentication step may be requested. this authentication can be done through your bank application or by sms.

3 - who will guarantee the reliability of this authentication ?

It is the European regulation that is at the origin of this strengthening of the security of online payment but it is your bank that must check your identity when you pay on all European e-commerce sites .

Each bank having its own method, you can contact it to benefit from more information.

Possible methods to validate your purchase

Depending on your bank, the method(s) may vary. among the most common methods:

1- validation by banking application on your smartphone

- download the application of your bank to your smartphone and connect with your bank IDs. Think to activate notifications !

- when buying on, you will receive a notification on your mobile. Then follow the instructions to validate the payment of your purchases.

- take care to wait until the validation process ends before returning to the store to finalize your order and be sure it has been taken into account.

If you encounter difficulties during validation with the bank application:

- you do not receive notifications: check that you have properly installed the application on your mobile, that you are identified and that you have properly authorized notifications. otherwise you can open the application directly to validate the payment.

- you have forgotten your credentials to connect to the bank application: contact your bank as soon as possible.

- you have opened the application but nothing is displayed: it is possible that your bank meets a computer problem: try the method of validation by sms, if it is available or try again later.

2 - validation by sms

- check that your phone number is registered with your bank and associated with your bank card.

- when buying on, you will receive a sms containing a code to be entered.

- follow the instructions on to finalize your order.

If you encounter difficulties during sms validation:

- you didn't receive the sms: check that you have your phone number on your bank card with your bank. otherwise it is possible that your bank has a computer problem. postpone your purchase later or use another bank account.

- if you've just changed your phone number, think of warning your bank to update your data.


Payment with your paypal account

Penn'ty bio accepts regulations with your paypal account. Once on your payment page, click on the paypal icon to connect to your paypal account and make the order rules.

Paiement avec votre compte Paypal

Paypal is a service that allows you to pay online, send and receive money without sharing your banking information.

It's secure ! As a banking institution within the European Union, Paypal offers you more than 10 years of experience in online secure payments. paypal encrypts and secures your banking information and never communicates it to the recipient of your payments.

It's simple and fast : more need to enter the 16 digits of your bank card every time you make an online purchase. simply use your paypal IDs: email and password. your transactions are instantaneous.

It's free: Paying online with paypal does not cost you more than with your credit card. If you make purchases in euros in the euro zone of the European Union, it is free.

Paiement avec votre compte Paypal

You can now easily pay your purchases between 30 and 2000€ in 4 payments over 3 months.* You can consult and manage your maturity from your paypal app. an advance refund is possible at any time and without an additional charge. no fees will be requested for this funding offer. More info, see here.

One more little thing...

The Pay in 4X facility is independent of Penn'Ty Bio and Penn'Ty Bio is in no way responsible if your request for Pay in 4x is refused. For any problem with the payment of your order, we invite you to contact PayPal customer service.


Payment by check

If you wish, it is possible for you to order by check (metropolitan france only). Print the summary of your order and send it along with your rules to order SARL DUFIL - PENNTYBIO to the following address :

17, the little noyan

Upon receipt of your payment, your parcel will be shipped to you as soon as possible.

N.B 1 : if you opt for a delivery by chronopost, while choosing a method of payment by cheque, your parcel will only be processed and shipped from the time we receive your cheque.

We also give you the possibility to perform your payment in 3 cheques when your order exceeds 120 euros.

The first cheque will be cashed upon receipt, then the 15 of the month for the next two months.
Note the order number at the back of each cheque.
Your order will be shipped upon receipt of your payment.

N.B 2: for a order placed by cheque on our shop and whose value is more than 200 euros, we reserve the right to request a bank check or payment of your order by bank transfer. in any case, a bank check may be requested, delaying the shipment of the goods until a favorable return has been made by the banking agency.

N.B 3: for a first order placed by cheque on our shop, whose value exceeds 70 euros, we reserve the right to make a request for bank control from the competent agency. a delay in sending the goods may therefore take place until a favourable return has been made by the banking agency.

N.B. 4:Attention: A pending order will be automatically cancelled after a month.


Payment by bank transfer

For customers who wish, it is possible to pay your order by bank transfer. the following procedure is sufficient:

  1. Add in your cart the desired products
  2. Choose as payment method "bank transfer"
  3. Follow the instructions in the summary of your order
  4. Notify us by email that the regulations were made

As soon as the amount of your order is transferred to the company account, the goods will be sent to you.

N.B 1 : if you opt for a delivery by chronopost, while choosing a payment method by bank transfer, your parcel will only be processed and shipped from the time we receive your payment.

N.B. 2:Attention: A pending order will be automatically cancelled after a month.


By administrative mandate

We offer public organisations and institutions (local authorities, municipalities, administrations, etc.) the possibility of making payments by administrative order to the Penn'Ty Bio account. Simply follow the procedure below :

  1. Add the products you want to your basket
  2. Create your account and fill in the billing and delivery address fields.
  3. Choose "Bank transfer" as your payment method
  4. Click on send (your order will be registered and the products reserved for you)
  5. Send the order form you have printed to Penn'Ty Bio (fax, email, post, etc.) with your approval + signature of the manager + administration stamp.

On receipt of your validated order form, the goods will be sent to you with an invoice and a bank details of our SARL so that you can pay for the order.