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Larder beetle

Our products against larder beetle

The larder beetle frequently occurs in the barns, silos, warehouses and dwellings. It is also considered an important pest in the hens. It is commonly and increasingly infesting homes. Larvae are the most greedy and voracious, they are able to dig tunnels in our books, our woods, our tiles, our pipes, our materials, etc., thus weakening our dwellings.

Discover our natural products to fight larder beetle.

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Larder beetle

Insecticide 4J concentrated in vegetable...

4J insecticide concentrate to dilute. Effective against a large number of crawling and flying insects in our homes. Bottles of 125,...
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Insecticide 4J diluted 5% - All insects -...

Insecticide 4J diluted to 5% Ready to work. With this concentration, you will quickly destroy most flying or creeping insects....
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