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Our organic products for men

From moisturisers to healthy glow products, from cleansing gels to anti-ageing creams, men's skin care products today are almost as varied as women's organic cosmetics. For every skin type, there's a suitable facial care product that can not only moisturise, but also combat minor imperfections, the first wrinkles, a dull complexion, etc. Taking care of your beard, applying an anti-ageing cream, putting on perfume, using a moisturising shower gel: these are all good habits that men who take care of themselves adopt.

Discover our selection of organic cosmetics specially designed for men. Versions adapted to the needs and desires of men, including invigorating and energising shower gels, deodorants with fresh or woody scents, cleansing gels that purify and moisturise, etc.

Putting out the razor burn or protecting your skin from damage is not just for women.

Cosmos Organic or BDIH-labelled products.


Anti-ageing cream for men - 30 ml

Florame's anti-ageing cream for men is light and non-greasy. It offers genuine active care for tired skin. It helps to restore skin's youthful radiance by combating the signs of ageing and...
En cours de réapprovisionnement

Healthy glow moisturizer for men – 50ml

Florame's healthy glow moisturiser is a real boost for tired, stressed skin . It minimises signs of fatigue and restores radiance. Enriched with Argan Oil , Aloe Vera and Organic Carrot Oil...
Last available

Baroudeur 5 in 1 organic soap - 100 gr

Florame Baroudeur soap is a 5-in-1 cosmetic made in Provence. It cleanses the skin, beard and hair and can be used for both beard maintenance and shaving. Its formula is based on organic...
In stock

Shaving foam with organic essential oils -...

Florame shaving foam is light and creamy. It provides a close, comfortable shave. Enriched with plant glycerine and organic peppermint floral water, it helps keep skin soft and supple. 150 ml...
In stock

Men's deodorant spray with organic...

Florame men's organic deodorant spray is formulated without aluminum salts and Cosmos Organic certified. It respects the natural process of perspiration while providing a sensation of freshness...
In stock

Safety razor oak handle for rechargeable...

The Caliquo safety razor with rechargeable blade is ideal for an easy, fast and close shave . Water resistant thanks to its oak handle , its Zamak head prevents the formation of rust. It will...
In stock

Box of 5 safety razor blades

These 5 stainless steel blades with a platinum finish ensure a quality shave . Compatible with safety razors. Box containing 5 blades.
In stock

Organic Ayurvedic Kajal Colorless 101 – 3 gr

A 100% natural kajal, BDIH certified and made in the purest Ayurvedic tradition. Kajal Colorless Soultree is intended to take care of your eyes on a daily basis thanks to the natural ingredients...
In stock

Solid shaving bar - 55 gr

Enriched with shea butter , this solid shaving bar is ideal for an ecological shave of the beard, legs or armpits. Wet the soap under tap water, pass over the skin, shave then rinse with clear...
In stock

Men's Body Deodorant - Organic Vetiver...

Douce Nature body deodorant with comfrey extrac t (softener) and vetiver essential oil helps block the action of bacteria responsible for bad odors without modifying the natural process of...
In stock