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Foot care

Organic care for your feet

Your whole body deserves your attention. Don't delay your feet!

A foot care allows you to thoroughly moisturize and exfoliate your feet to regain comfort and softness.

Discover our selection of products to favorably reduce bad odors, callosities, regulate sweating, properly moisturize your skin, repair it in case of dry feet and of course bring it a feeling of well-being and relaxation.

They mainly contain vegetable oils such as soft almond oil or coconut oil. Other natural ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, beeswax or green clay help to nourish and moisturize sensitive and fragile feet.

Foot care formulated with natural ingredients and derived from organic farming. Chouch your dry and damaged feet with products that respect your skin.

Foot care

Basis Sensitiv Foot Cream - 75 ml

Lavera Basis sensitiv organic foot cream is an intensive treatment for dry skin. Made with organic macadamia , it penetrates quickly and provides long-lasting skin care. It also provides a real...

Pumice from Kalymnos (Greece)

Anaé® Greece pumice stone is a natural volcanic rock. It has been used for a very long time as an exfoliant to scrape calluses on the feet and elbows. The stone has a cotton cord for easy hanging.

Ultra-ventilated illite raw green clay –...

The ultra ventilated Green Argile Laboratory Argiletz is used as a beauty mask to revitalize skin tired by pollution, stress, bad eating habits ... Its richness in mineral salts and trace...
-10% €5.00 €5.56

Green clay tube ready to use - 400 grs

Green Argile ready for employment : Exceptionally rich in rare minerals useful to your body and rigorously selected, this paste adapts to all your applications and brings you incredible comfort....
-10% €9.08 €10.09

Bulk Konjac Sponge

The konjac sponge is 100% natural and vegan, made from powdered konjac root and water, that's all! It gently exfoliates the face and rejuvenates the skin by giving it a glow. It calms acne...

Natural sponge from the Aegean Sea - Small...

Cleanse your skin naturally. This is what this sea sponge will allow you. Coming from sustainable fisheries in Greece that preserve the sponge beds, it can be used to cleanse the skin but also...

Aloe Vera gel 98% fragrance free - 500 ml

This 98% Aloe Vera gel is cold-processed to preserve its richness in mucilages, vitamins and nutrients. It will allow intense hydration of the skin and will soothe many daily ailments. A real...

Aloe Vera gel 98% fragrance free - 200 ml

Enriched with 98% Aloe Vera, this Aloe Vera Ce'Bio gel offers, with each application, the feeling of hydrated and soothed skin. The secret lies in its formulation developed with fresh Aloe Vera...

Epsom salt - 1 kg

Epsom salt is the perfect ally to bring muscle relaxation, relaxation and vitality to your skin. Its high concentration of salt and minerals will give your body the best moment of relaxation for...

Talc powder - 300 grs

Anaé Talc Powder is 100% natural, without perfume or adjuvant. It is particularly indicated for hygiene and daily care of babies and adults. Very soft texture and excellent absorbent qualities....

Rhassoul powder - 500 grs

Rhassoul is a natural mineral clay harvested in the Middle Atlas region of Morocco. It is used in cosmetics for skin and hair care. Its cleansing, absorbing and degreasing properties are...

Organic Camelina virgin oil - 100 ml

Anaé organic camelina oil is a quality organic vegetable oil. Recognized for its soothing properties, it is particularly suitable for making homemade cosmetics (day cream, night cream, hand...

Baking soda cosmetic - 500 grs

Cosmetic grade baking soda is ideal for making your own cosmetics and offers multiple uses for hygiene and care for the whole family: relaxing bath, toothpaste substitute, deodorant. Box of 500...

Pure organic shea butter - 100 ml

Pure Organic Shea Butter from Direct Nature will provide your skin with nutrition, softness and comfort. It will also protect against external aggressions and help repair dry and/or damaged...

Natural exfoliating tablet - 120 gr

Discover the natural exfoliating tablet for face and body. Made from 100% natural French clays, this pebble can be kept for life! The ideal solution for exfoliating the skin before waxing,...

Organic vegetable coconut oil - 150 ml

Made from coconut pulp, Ladrôme Organic Coconut Oil cares for your hair and skin and gives them a soft, exotic fragrance . A 100% pure, virgin, cosmetic-quality vegetable oil with...