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Body care

Organic care for your body

A organic body care is more than just a product of beauty: it is synonymous with pleasure and well-being. Body damage, milk or butter, moisturizing balms, protective balms, nourishing cream discover our range of organic cosmetics for the body to take care of you and your skin. Made from natural and certified organic ingredients, our products are suitable for all skin types, even dry and sensitive skin. Relaxing, toning or nourishing organic body care, you have the embarrassment of choice at Penn'Ty Bio.

With or without perfume, you will find a bio body treatment that is suitable for your needs, certified organic and Ecocert and made in France.

Our body care also helps to eliminate orange skin and tone your epidermis, mainly in hips and thighs. They help you find a smoother and firmer skin. And against premature aging and the appearance of brown spots, one opts for a moisturizing treatment of the organic body.

Discover products repairers, toning and nourishing care for the body. To you hydration and protection!

Body care

Baroudeur 5 in 1 organic soap - 100 gr

Florame Baroudeur soap is a 5-in-1 cosmetic made in Provence. It cleanses the skin, beard and hair and can be used for both beard maintenance and shaving. Its formula is based on organic...

Organic camelina and organic menthol...

This sports balm made of organic camelina oil and organic menthol has been designed to both intensely nourish your skin and relax your body after muscular effort . Its rich and creamy...

Organic bergamot and lemon camelina...

This balm contains active ingredients that will intensely nourish and relax your skin on a daily basis . Its rich and unctuous texture offers, in contact with the skin, a very economic use as...

Exfoliating surgras soap Hammam rhassoul,...

Hammam soap is a surgras toilet soap , specially designed for a powerful exfoliating action on the body. Sensitive skin refrain... Formulated from organic ingredients: sunflower oil from Vendée,...

Chamane balm, heals, soothes and...

This Chamane balm has a composition particularly suitable for healing skin conditions, soothing and healing the skin (hazelnut, beeswax, essential oils...). It will be particularly ideal against...

Orange Clay Exfoliating Body Scrub - 200...

This is damage gourmet orange clay, white sugar, sesame oil and shea butter  exfoliates your skin gently and reveals its brilliance. The skin grain is refined, your skin regains flexibility and...
-10% €11.17 €12.41

Gentle Scrub - Cherry Stone Powder from...

This gentle scrub is used to remove dead cells from the skin's surface. It refines the skin's texture for a smooth skin, stimulates cell renewal and allows a better efficiency of the care...

Aloe Vera gel 98% fragrance free - 500 ml

This 98% Aloe Vera gel is cold-processed to preserve its richness in mucilages, vitamins and nutrients. It will allow intense hydration of the skin and will soothe many daily ailments. A real...

Aloe Vera gel 98% fragrance free - 200 ml

Enriched with 98% Aloe Vera, this Aloe Vera Ce'Bio gel offers, with each application, the feeling of hydrated and soothed skin. The secret lies in its formulation developed with fresh Aloe Vera...

Natural sponge from the Aegean Sea - Small...

Cleanse your skin naturally. This is what this sea sponge will allow you. Coming from sustainable fisheries in Greece that preserve the sponge beds, it can be used to cleanse the skin but also...

Bulk Konjac Sponge

The konjac sponge is 100% natural and vegan, made from powdered konjac root and water, that's all! It gently exfoliates the face and rejuvenates the skin by giving it a glow. It calms acne...

Cup of Eglantine ultra-gentle superfatted...

Add a chic and original touch to your bathroom with this hand-crafted soap poured into a pretty mug that Totem Savon has found and reused. The mini glove provided makes it easy to use every...

Solid cocoa butter with frangipani - 54 ml

If cocoa butter is the ingredient that makes chocolate so caloric, it is also good for our beauty because it has many cosmetic properties. This cocoa butter is very nourishing. It will therefore...

Pure organic shea butter - 100 ml

Pure Organic Shea Butter from Direct Nature will provide your skin with nutrition, softness and comfort. It will also protect against external aggressions and help repair dry and/or damaged...

Crushed illite raw green clay - 3 kg

Crushed clay is a rough clay with irregular pieces of 2 cm. As a poultice or plaster , the pieces of crushed green clay offer you real comfort and effectively relieve your body.
-10% €9.00 €10.00

Ultra-ventilated illite raw green clay –...

The ultra ventilated Green Argile Laboratory Argiletz is used as a beauty mask to revitalize skin tired by pollution, stress, bad eating habits ... Its richness in mineral salts and trace...
-10% €5.00 €5.56

Ultra-ventilated pink clay - sensitive...

The Argile rose ultra ventilated  Argiletz is recommended for sensitive skin. It can be used both for the face, hair or even bath. The kaolinite pink clay is ultra soft, neutral, used for its...
-10% €5.75 €6.39

Raw white clay Kaolinite ultra-ventilated...

This kaolinite white clay neutral respects your epidermis, even sensitive, while bringing it an infinite softness. And thanks to its incredible anti-crisis power, it instantly reveals the shine...
-10% €5.75 €6.39

Green clay tube ready to use - 400 grs

Green Argile ready for employment : Exceptionally rich in rare minerals useful to your body and rigorously selected, this paste adapts to all your applications and brings you incredible comfort....
-10% €9.08 €10.09

Green clay strip ready to use

Fast to pose, very effective, this band contains all the authentic qualities of clays Argiletz® sustainable relief tired or hardened muscles.
-10% €14.92 €16.58

Green clay and brown algae exfoliating...

The soap exfoliant with green clay and brown algae stimulates and tones the skin, eliminates dead cells, activates circulation and helps refine the silhouette. 100 grs soap.
-10% €4.91 €5.46

Propolis nose stick – 1 gr

The Ladrôme Nose Stick is a pocket inhaler based on 100% organic essential oils. It helps clear blocked airways. It is an entirely natural product of well-being and comfort without...

Nourishing Body Milk Shea Sweet Almond –...

Cosmo Naturel shea body milk is very nourishing and effective even for very dry skin . It penetrates quickly and leaves your skin soft and satiny. Delicately scented, it will make your treatments...

Nourishing body milk Shea sweet almond –...

Cosmo Naturel shea body milk is very nourishing and effective even for very dry skin. It penetrates quickly and leaves your skin soft and satiny. Delicately scented, it will make your treatments a...

Shaving foam - essential oils and organic...

Florame shaving foam is light and creamy. It provides a close, comfortable shave. Enriched with plant glycerine and organic peppermint floral water, it helps keep skin soft and supple. 150 ml...

Soothing Hot Roll'On – 10 ml

The Soothe'Hot Roll'On will be very effective against the damage caused after strong exposure to the sun or heat. Its effectiveness will prevent your skin from becoming red and will allow you to...

Bites Roll'On – 10 ml

The Bites Roll'On will be very effective against itching on the skin. Its effectiveness will leave your skin soft and free of plaque. 10 ml Roll On.
Out of stock

Roll on soothing – 10 ml

Lavender Soothing Roll-On to enjoy the summer in peace! To relieve insect bites and minor burns. 100% organic, rich in essential oils. Guaranteed without preservatives or additives. Roll-on of...

Roll on summer lemongrass – 10 ml

Lemongrass Summer Roll-On to enjoy the summer in peace! Mosquito repellent stick. 100% organic, rich in essential oils. Guaranteed without preservatives or additives. Roll-on of 10 ml.

Skin insect repellent lotion spray

Penntybio insect repellent body lotion , thanks to its active ingredient, Eucalyptus citriodora extract , is effective against European and tropical mosquitoes. Certain species of mosquitoes and...

Roll On soothing after bites - 10 ml

The roll on Aries naturally calms the itching and irritation caused by bites (mosquitoes, horseflies, etc.) and/or certain contacts (nettles, jellyfish, etc.). In addition, it pleasantly...

Essential powder base for face and body cream

Discover this highly innovative, patented powder base for making face and body care products for the whole family . Anaé's essential base is made from natural clay, which stabilises and enhances...

Body milk with native aloe vera juice -...

Enriched with Aloe vera, Ce'Bio body milk combines all the benefits of this famous ingredient in order to offer the skin protection and hydration*, leaving after each application a veil of...

Lime water - 1 liter

Lime water is mainly used to cleanse and protect the infant's skin. It is a well-known traditional drugstore product for the manufacture of liniment (oleo-limestone) for babies or make-up...

Epsom salt - 1 kg

Epsom salt is the perfect ally to bring muscle relaxation, relaxation and vitality to your skin. Its high concentration of salt and minerals will give your body the best moment of relaxation for...

Rhassoul powder - 500 grs

Rhassoul is a natural mineral clay harvested in the Middle Atlas region of Morocco. It is used in cosmetics for skin and hair care. Its cleansing, absorbing and degreasing properties are...

Activated carbon - 30 grs

Vegetable activated carbon has an excellent adsorption capacity, which in particular gives it very interesting purifying and detoxifying properties. In cosmetics, it is used as an active...

Organic oleo-calcareous liniment - 500 ml

Anaé organic oil-limestone liniment is a highly reputed cleansing milk that can be used for everything: baby's diaper, face and body. But it can also be used for older children as a face make-up...

Organic Camelina virgin oil - 100 ml

Anaé organic camelina oil is a quality organic vegetable oil. Recognized for its soothing properties, it is particularly suitable for making homemade cosmetics (day cream, night cream, hand...

Organic beeswax nuggets for cosmetics -...

At Penn'Ty Bio, we don't like waste ! So rather than throwing away our stock, we've lowered the price of this product because the Best Before Date (BBD) has passed. But don't panic, it's a...
-20% €6.60 €8.25

Baking soda cosmetic - 500 grs

Cosmetic grade baking soda is ideal for making your own cosmetics and offers multiple uses for hygiene and care for the whole family: relaxing bath, toothpaste substitute, deodorant. Box of 500...

Organic vegetable glycerin - 200 ml

At Penn'Ty Bio, we don't like waste! Instead of throwing our stock, we lowered the price of this product because the Minimal Durability Date (DDM, formerly DLUO) is exceeded. But no panic, this...
-20% €5.07 €6.33

Organic body milk base - 200 ml

This organic body milk base has been formulated to be used as is or personalized with other active ingredients according to your needs. Enriched with Shea butter, vegetable oil of sweet almond...
Out of stock