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Organic maintenance products for your home

Find all the products necessary for floor cleaning at the ceiling of your home. Quickly biodegradable products with remarkable efficiency, very soft and pleasant to use.
Be pleased to maintain your home using natural odours of essential oils, without harm to you and your environment.



With the Penn'Ty Kit , find the essential organic products for the daily washing of your home linen. Pack with 4 products.
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Dish pack

With the Penn'Ty Kit Vaisselle , find the essentials of the products to ensure an ecological washing of your dishes daily, by hand and...
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With the Penn'Ty toilet kit , find most of the products to ensure an irreproachable disinfection and cleaning of your toilet. Pack with...
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Soap cube olive marseille 72% - the corvette

This is genuine Marseille soap with olive oil is made in Marseille according to the traditional boiler cooking process. A true quality...
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