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Our organic indoor air fresheners

We all use air fresheners around the house, either to scent or to mask unwanted odors. And no... the deodorizing spray is not only intended to sit on the toilet! It can also be used to deodorize all the rooms of the house, for example if you have animals, if you eliminate the smell of tobacco or to make the smell of cheese disappear after a good raclette. In the ambient air or on your textiles, they destroy odors while depositing their fragrance.

And even when no smell bothers you in the house, the spray is ideal for getting away or relaxing with the scent of your choice.

Are you looking for an organic or natural air freshener to diffuse a pleasant smell in your interior ? Penn'Ty Bio has what you need, with a range of air freshener sprays free of harmful substances and with a maximum of natural ingredients.

Their secret ? The multiple essential oils, which give you the choice among a wide variety of different scents.

There are 2 types of air fresheners on the market : those based on synthetic fragrances and those based on natural fragrances such as essential oils.

All the air fresheners you will find at Penn'Ty Bio are exclusively made from 100% natural essential oils and alcohol of vegetable origin.

Try them and you will see the difference !


Citrus Air Freshener - Vapo 200 ml

Citrus Air Freshener has a subtle, fruity fragrance that's incredibly pleasant to breathe in! A clever cocktail of orange, lemon and grapefruit essential oils. 200 ml spray bottle.

Neutral base room spray - 200 ml

Make your own air freshener with this alcohol and glycerine base. Simply add the essential oils of your choice and you're done! 200 ml glass spray bottle.
Out of stock

Odor absorbers for vacuum cleaner clay and...

Slip these small clay cushions impregnated with sweet orange essential oil into your vacuum cleaner bag and considerably reduce the bad odors that emerge. An effective and 100% natural way...
-10% €3.54 €3.93

Odor absorbers for clay and lavender...

Slip these small clay cushions impregnated with essential oil of lavender into your vacuum cleaner bag and considerably reduce the bad odors that emerge. An effective and 100% natural way to...
-10% €3.54 €3.93

Natural Refrigerator Odor Absorber

For you dispose of tenacious odors in your refrigerator , you can trust the absorbent properties of the green clay, which neutralizes them in a 100% natural way. Pot of 115 gr.
-10% €3.75 €4.17

Citrus Homemade Natural Odor Absorber

Green clay contained in this pot will absorb bad odors like cigarette and neutralize unwanted ones from your home. The impregnation of essential citrus oils such as Orange will bring a joyous...
-10% €3.75 €4.17

Homemade natural odor absorber Lavender

This odor absorber compound green clay illiterate will work as a real odor neutralizer . Just place it on a place surface and let it act for several days. The impregnation of essential...
-10% €3.75 €4.17

ALT'O Z'ODOURS - Natural odor destroyer...

This spray, composed of a complex of natural essential oils, destroys, among other things, the odours of urine, excrements, wet dog ... while leaving a pleasant perfumed smell in and around your...

Odour Absorbing Deodorising Gel - 250g

This new generation gel deodorises your interior, effectively eliminates bad odours and diffuses a soft, natural freshness. Ideal for bathrooms, damp rooms, cars, kitchens, homes, etc. 250 g...

Anti dust mite deodorant granules for...

The hoover granules are impregnated with active ingredients that mask the odours of dust when vacuuming, to release air that is delicately scented (mint - eucalyptus) and sanitised, but also to...

Ultra concentrated Mint-eucalyptus...

This is special sanitary deodoriser Lerutan has been designed destroy the bad smells and pleasantly perfume the whole house. Composed of essential oils of Mint and Eucalyptus. 250 ml bottle.

Home fragrance Citrus Softness - 100 ml

The citrus sweetness room fragrance will naturally perfume and purify your interior with an incredibly fruity scent. With this air freshener, the sweet and tangy scent of citrus fruits will help...

Home fragrance Healthy Home - 100 ml

The Healthy Home fragrance will naturally perfume and purify your interior with a fresh, woody smell. Composed of essential oils of cinnamon, lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus, its formula is...

Home fragrance Island Flowers - 100 ml

Who does not dream of spending a few moments alone in the middle of the islands throughout the year ! Thanks to the flowers of the Islands room fragrance , you can get away from it all whenever...

Home fragrance Yunnan Verbena - 100 ml

The Yunnan Verbena air freshener will create a sweet, lemony and tangy olfactory atmosphere thanks to the Verbena, Lemongrass and lemon contained in the formula. Very effective against odors...

Home fragrance Indian Spices - 100 ml

The Indian Spices home fragrance will naturally perfume and purify your interior with a sweet and spicy scent. The very soft orange background quickly gives way to the stronger smell of...

Home fragrance Walk in Provence - 100 ml

The Promenade en Provence home fragrance will naturally perfume and purify your interior with an incredibly Mediterranean scent. Composed of essential oils of lavender, rosemary and basil, its...

Home fragrance Woody Freshness - 100 ml

The Woody Freshness home fragrance will naturally perfume and purify your home with an incredibly fresh and clean scent. The Peppermint backed into this air freshener blend will take over any...

White alcohol vinegar 12% - 1 liter

Ecodoo white alcohol vinegar removes traces of limescale and cleans windows. White spirit vinegar makes glasses and silverware shine. It replaces fabric softener. It disinfects (household...

Soda crystals - 500 gr

Ecodoo soda crystals is a multi-function cleaner with powerful degreasing power that will make your daily household tasks easier. Box of 500 gr.

Citronella summer candle - 100 grs

This candle made from vegetable wax of rapeseed, lemongrass, orange and geraniol has been designed to ward off mosquitoes during all the hours it burns. A discreet, fragrant and anti-mosquito...

6 cedar wood tokens (moth repellent)

The cedar wood tokens will allow both to perfume but also to help protect the laundry against moths. This cedar wood is a 100% natural product without additional impregnation. You can add Atlas...

Hanging shelf in aromatic cedar wood...

Familiar from our grandparents' linen cupboards, cedar wood is a 100% natural product with no additional impregnation. It has been used traditionally since ancient times to perfume and help...

Activated carbon - 30 grs

Vegetable activated carbon has an excellent adsorption capacity, which in particular gives it very interesting purifying and detoxifying properties. In cosmetics, it is used as an active...

Drugstore recipe book "I make my cleaning...

Start making homemade cleaning products with this 56-page drugstore recipe guide. Enriched with recipes and tips, you will find detailed descriptions of the main ingredients to become unbeatable...

Booklet 468 Eco-friendly tips, tricks and...

68 pages both light and serious, methodical and simple to maintain your home without worrying . Let yourself be guided by this new edition enriched with recipes and tips. To browse without...