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Our organic dishes

With the dishes we offer at Penn'Tybio, it's no longer a chore.

The proposed products are ecocert certified. They're not tested on animals. The packaging is recyclable. They are easily and quickly biodegradable and without synthetic dye.

Our dishes are distinguished by their very concentrated formulas, using rigorously selected assets, which have the most efficient maintenance eco-products.

Our selection of maintenance products for ecological dishes eliminates all chemicals to keep only natural scents and a pleasant sensation of freshness in your home.

The soap used is an essential element to make the dishes shine: by using the right rinsing liquid and a organic dishes liquid, you guarantee the shine and sharpness of your glasses, plates and cutlery. No more stains or limestone! An ecological maintenance allows you both to preserve the beauty of your table and kitchen utensils while increasing the longevity of your dishwasher. Without chemicals, the latter does not clash as much over cycles. Not to mention that a lemon or lavender dish gently scents your kitchen for the happiness of your whole family! Hypoallergenic soap is a must-see of every house, such as black soap and Marseille soap.


Crockery package

With the Penn'Ty Kit Dishwashing , you'll find all the essential products to ensure that your dishes are washed ecologically every day, both by hand and in the machine. Pack including 4 products.

Hand washing up liquid – 5 liters

This product ultra-concentrate is intended for use manual washing of the dishes. The washing agents selected for its formula are ultra degreasing. Five liters.

Hand dishwashing liquid - 1 liter

Harmonie verte dishwashing liquid is a highly concentrated product for hand dishwashing. It is designed for frequent use without damaging the hands. Bottle of 1000 ml with "push pull" cap for an...
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Solid citrus dishes molded in a dish

This concentrated dishwashing detergent is designed for regular manual dishwashing. The washing agents selected for its formula are highly degreasing . It is molded in a reusable dish. The...

Citrus washing-up solid - 110 grs

This concentrated washing-up solid is designed for regular manual dishwashing. The washing agents selected for its formula are highly degreasing . It contains no synthetic surfactants. Its...

Solid ultra concentrated hand dishwashing...

This is solid hand dishes ultra-centered  is intended for regular manual washing of the dishes. The washing agents selected for its formula  ultra degreasing . The formula is very soft and does...

Concentrated dishwasher powder - 1 kg

Easy to dose, this concentrated dishwashing powder cleans and degreases dishes perfectly. This alternative to dishwasher tablets can be used for up to 65 washes . 1 kg kraft bag.

Eco-friendly 3-in-1 dishwasher tablets -...

Ecodoo ecological dishwasher tablets wash , degrease and shine the dishes without leaving traces. Composed of active oxygen, they effectively eliminate traces of food residue. Box of 30 tablets...

Anti-limescale disc for dishwasher

This powerful anti-limescale disc , equipped with 4 magnets, will reduce the deposit of limescale and tartar on the dishes and in your machine. Saves regenerating salt and rinse aid.

Agave fibre dishwashing brush refill

Change the head of your washing-up brush quickly with this refill from La Droguerie Ecologique. This brush is perfect for washing glasses, plates and saucepans. Made from untreated beechwood and...

Booklet 468 Eco-friendly tips, tricks and...

68 pages both light and serious, methodical and simple to maintain your home without worrying . Let yourself be guided by this new edition enriched with recipes and tips. To browse without...

Drugstore recipe book "I make my cleaning...

Start making homemade cleaning products with this 56-page drugstore recipe guide. Enriched with recipes and tips, you will find detailed descriptions of the main ingredients to become unbeatable...

Stain remover and whitener with...

Very effective on organic stains, this stain remover and whitener with sodium percarbonate will be ideal as a complement to your ecological detergent for whites, as a stain remover before...