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Spare parts for diffusers

Spare parts for diffusers

Because it is a pity to have to buy a diffuser as a whole when there is only broken glassware, we offer spare parts allowing you either to replace the glassware, the silencer or the faulty pump or even impeller. You can also imagine having another model of glassware to change from the one you currently have. The diameters of the bases of the glassware being identical at Penn'Ty Bio, they will fit on your pump base. So take your pick!

Spare parts for diffusers

White adapter for CERALIA, ELIA and...

Nothing more annoying to have an electric diffuser that still works but that you can no longer use because the transformer has been...
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Turbine only for diffuser

Turbine only for diffuser. Do not necessarily buy a complete diffuser. A few soldering points and your diffuser is back for several...
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Corolle model glass silencer - for...

Corolle model glass silencer for Spiral type glassware (or equivalent). Allows you to limit the noise during the broadcast. Orientation...
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