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Misting (or ultrasonic)

The principle : a membrane vibrates in the frequency range between 20 kHz and 80 kHz. Droplets are torn to the surface of the liquid, so that the water (and the essential oils you will add) is "atomized" in droplets so thin that they evaporate in fog.

Our ultrasonic diffusers perfectly combine diffusion efficiency and ease of use. This process does not alter the virtues of essential oils and is ideal for aromatherapy. Our models do not require complex installation or installation and can be used in seconds. They have an automatic shutdown when the tank is empty, and do not require complicated maintenance and chronophage.


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Linalia diffuser - 50 m²

Designed to create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere in your home, the Linalia ultrasonic diffuser gently releases the natural aromas of your essential oils , giving you a feeling of well-being...
-10% €22.43 €24.92

Vanelia diffuser - 50 m²

The Vanelia ultrasonic essential oil diffuser exudes zenitude. Handcrafted from woven rattan, it will brighten up your interior decor with its natural look. Its ultrasonic diffusion system...
-20% €36.60 €45.75

Oval Fountain Mister - 30 sqm

The Oval Fountain Mister is a decorative object with an innovative design. This misting diffuser looks great and the built-in light system will make your home warm and colourful. The mist is...

Fountain Mister Tulip - 30 sqm

The Tulip Fountain Mister is a decorative object with an innovative design. This fountain is very aesthetic and the built-in light system will make your interior warm and colourful. The fog is...

Diffuser Seville - 40 m²

The Seville essential oil diffuser will perfume your home while decorating it in a modern and elegant way. It has 4 diffusion programs and 2 light programs. It is designed to cover areas of up...

Milano lantern diffuser - 40 m²

Discover the Milano lantern diffuser. A true concentration of technology! Modern, practical and elegant , it is battery operated with a range of 6 hours of streaming at full power. Very...

Ultrasonic diffuser LISALIA - Wave pattern...

Are you looking for a solution to help you fall asleep ? The Lisalia diffuser has been specially designed for this purpose. Aromatherapy and the diffusion of essential oils are precious allies...

Audelia misting diffuser - 50 m²

The AUDELIA essential oil diffuser is based on mist diffusion technology. It can cover an area up to 50 m². With an attractive design, this diffuser is equipped with changing LED lights that you...
-10% €41.18 €45.75

Volupsia Diffuser - 60 m²

Design, original and elegant, the Volupsia ultrasonic diffuser is perfect for a cold diffusion of your essential oils. With its remote control, you can control it remotely, without moving from...

Veralia ultrasonic diffuser - 100 m²

The Véralia ultrasonic diffuser is a technological jewel that will delight essential oil enthusiasts. It is indeed the very first ultrasonic diffuser to be equipped with a glass tank, the only...
-20% €55.93 €69.92

Mistilia diffuser - Pocket ultrasonic - 15 m²

Mistilia is the first portable ultrasonic diffuser adapted to floral waters and essential oils. Nomadic, it works on rechargeable battery. This makes it very practical for use in the car, at the...
-20% €16.60 €20.75

OMELIA ultrasonic diffuser - 60 m²

The Omelia ultrasonic diffuser combines aromatherapy with air humidification and allows you to create a pleasant olfactory atmosphere. The coloured illumination of the glass bell, which can be...
-20% €39.93 €49.92

ELIA ultrasonic diffuser - 50 m²

The ELIA ultrasonic diffuser stands out for its original design and high quality materials. It attracts attention when it diffuses essential oils in a soft mist, delicately illuminated by light...
-10% €41.18 €45.75

Ceralia misting diffuser - 30 m²

The association of design with well-being. This is what the Ceralia ultrasonic diffuser offers. Based on the technology of diffusion by ultra sounds, this fogger will allow you to create a...
-10% €33.68 €37.42