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How to choose your essential oil diffuser in 2024 ?

To fully benefit from the benefits of essential oils, we advise you to invest in a diffuser that diffuses without significant heat (which causes oxidation of essential oils) and without water (water prevents the ionization of essential oils).

All the diffusers that we offer will allow you a true “aromatic diffusion”.

Our essential oil diffusers are divided into 6 categories. They each have their advantages and disadvantages. A word of advice: don't just focus on the aesthetic aspect. Remember to carefully look at the broadcast technology used and the criteria that seem important to you for your daily use.

Our advice

- If you diffuse essential oils for their therapeutic effectiveness, and therefore want a diffusion of excellent “technical” quality, diffusion by nebulization or ultra-nebulization (dry propulsion) is essential.

- If you want to both benefit from the virtues of essential oils, but also give a beautiful diffusion atmosphere to your interior, it is better to turn to misting, the only technology allowing you to see the diffusion mist. Very pretty and effective. We are talking about misting diffusers or ultrasonic diffusers.

- You will also come across diffusers using gentle heat, ventilation or operating without electricity, which have the main advantage of being more accessible to purchase and portable for some.

To help you choose the diffuser best suited to your needs and your budget, we will explain the different existing models as well as their performances. Click on the desired category below :

NEBULIZATION DIFFUSERS (or microdiffusion)

Diffuseur par nébulisation Tsylia

Whatever its shape, its color or even its age, nebulization diffusers are all based on the same principle:

A pump which compresses air and glassware which is used to “burst” the essential oil particles from which a light “mist” will emerge from the neck of the glass. This “smoke” is the micro-diffuse essential oil. The flow of essential oils and air are both greatly accelerated by what is called the venturi effect. This effect is produced by the shape of the two nozzles. The high speed of these two flows, as well as the angle with which they intersect, creates a very strong dispersion of essential oil particles which are therefore propelled into the atmosphere with high kinetics and very low weight. The ideal combination for perfect diffusion.

Note : The shape of the glassware has no influence on the quality of the diffusion, your choice depends only on your taste.

The nebulization essential oil diffuser is generally more expensive to purchase but has good longevity and excellent diffusion.


Your choice may be towards these diffuser models if
- You want to diffuse essential oils for therapeutic purposes (disinfection of ambient air, Zen atmosphere, prevention of winter illnesses, etc.)

- You want to give someone a nice gift: these are beautiful objects, often designed in noble materials and beautiful finishes.

- You want to diffuse over a large area: a nebulizer can easily "treat" 50m², and leave a background of odor over 100m².


Advantages of a nebulization diffuser
+ In our opinion, the most efficient in terms of technology and broadcast quality,

+ These diffusers are powerful and can quickly cover large volumes (up to 120 m² for a standard ceiling of 2.50m height)

+ Diffusion is done cold. 2 advantages to this: There is no degradation of essential oils by heat and their particles are particularly well dispersed when projected. They are therefore lighter and remain suspended in the air longer than with other technologies.

+ Micronization allows essential oils to be split on the glass wall and thus release a maximum of active ingredients and scents.

+ In addition to being essential oil diffusers, they are very beautiful decorative objects designed with noble materials such as wood and glass.


Disadvantages of a nebulization diffuser
- This technology involves the operation of a pump which can generate a little noise. The air expelled under pressure creates the Venturi effect and emits a vibration. And who says vibration, says noise. A nebulizer will therefore always emit a small hissing sound, not disturbing in a living room, but this makes its use more restrictive in a bedroom or during a meditation session. But like smells, sensitivities to noise are unique to each person.

- Glassware gets dirty and therefore requires maintenance. This should be done from time to time (1 to 2 times per month depending on the frequency of use and the type of essential oils).

- Another obstacle to purchasing these nebulization models: the price. It is clearly the top of the range in terms of diffusion technology, the glassware is fine, and the manufacturers often use noble materials: wood, glass, bamboo, etc.


Pump technology for nebulizationDiffuseur sans verrerie Neolia
These are models which are intended to diffuse maximum in rooms of 100 to 150 m².

The principle is identical except that the air is compressed by an electric micro-motor. These models are reliable over time and they are more powerful and quieter than membrane models.

Examples : Wooden base diffuser such as Green Apple, Pumpkin, Elixia diffuserNovea diffuser, Bo Black diffuser, etc.


Diffusion by nebulization... without glassware
In recent years, nebulization diffusers have appeared on the market, models without glassware. No more need for glassware, connect the essential oil bottle of your choice, program the device and fully enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. You can therefore benefit from all the advantages of a micro-diffusion diffuser (those mentioned above) without the disadvantages (cleaning). A real revolution in the field of broadcasting.

Example : Our diffusers Movisia V2, Nebuzen, Mobysens, PRO Nomade S80.


Our "favorite" nebulization diffusers - See all our nebulization diffusers

Nalia diffuser - 100 m²

Made of wood and recyclable glass, the Nalia eco-designed diffuser has everything to please. Discreet and timeless in design, very...
Last available

BO Black diffuser - 100 m²

The BO BLACK electric essential oil diffuser by nebulization. Thanks to this innovative technology, the preservation of the aromas and...
Unavailable, sorry !
Out of stock

Movisia V2 - 80 m² diffuser

A real concentrate of technology, the Movisia V2 offers a host of benefits for an essential oil diffuser: Wireless nomadic use and...
In stock

Accédez au dossier sur


In order to differentiate our nebulization models more easily, we have created a special folder allowing you to put them face to face. Power, price, use, light, etc.: this file will help you in your choice.

MIST DIFFUSERS (or ultrasonic)

These models have been very popular for several years. They are also called ultrasonic devices, ultrasonic or hybrid devices because they allow both essential oils and water vapor to be diffused (which will humidify your atmosphere if it is a little too dry).


Principle of ultrasonic diffusersBrumisateur Fontaine Ovale
Ultrasound is a sound whose frequency is greater than 20khz and which cannot be heard by the human ear (too high).

A membrane vibrates in the frequency range between 20 kHz and 80 kHz. Droplets are torn off the surface of the liquid, so the water (and any essential oils you add to it) is "atomized" into droplets so fine that they evaporate into mist.

The size of the droplets will depend on the frequency of the device. The higher the frequency, the finer the droplets will be as well as the characteristics of the fluid (density, viscosity, surface tension).


Your choice may be towards these diffuser models if - You want to diffuse essential oils effectively without having a powerful device.

- You absolutely want to “see” the broadcast: the mist that emerges is very visual, almost hypnotizing !


Advantages of a misting diffuser
+ Diffuses in addition to the essential oils of water vapor,

+ Little noisy,

+ Allows diffusion for large rooms (up to 80 m² for certain models),

+ Easy maintenance,

+ Aesthetic models, which make them real decorative objects. In addition, the mist that emerges creates a beautiful visual effect.

+ All essential oils can be used in this type of device.

diffuseur brumisateur Zenea


Disadvantages of a misting diffuser
- Slower diffusion than a nebulization model,

- Often designed with less noble materials than nebulization devices. This allows them to lower their selling price!

- You do not easily control the quantity of essential oil diffused (these being added to water).

- Essential oils are generally diffused quickly (in less than 10 minutes). You will therefore need to add essential oils regularly if you want the atmosphere to last.

- These diffusers diffuse, in addition to essential oils, water. This can be an advantage if the ambient air is very dry but a disadvantage if your house is already humid. But if you are looking for an air humidifier, and which can occasionally diffuse essential oils, this device will suit you perfectly.


Purists will say that you cannot perfectly diffuse essential oils and humidify with a single device (this type of diffuser is nevertheless a good compromise, even if it is a little less effective than nebulizers (micro-diffusers) for the aromatherapy part).


Our "favorite" misters - See all our misters

Volupsia Diffuser - 60 m²

Design, original and elegant, the Volupsia ultrasonic diffuser is perfect for a cold diffusion of your essential oils. With its remote...
In stock

Olaki Diffuser - 40 m²

The Olaki ultrasonic essential oil diffuser exudes zenitude. Handcrafted in woven bamboo, it will revive your interior decoration with...
Unavailable, sorry !
Out of stock

Milano lantern diffuser - 40 m²

Discover the Milano lantern diffuser. A true concentration of technology! Modern, practical and elegant , it is battery operated with...
In stock

Fountain Mister Tulip - 30 sqm

The Tulip Fountain Mister is a decorative object with an innovative design. This fountain is very aesthetic and the built-in light...
In stock

O'Zen Diffuser - 60 m²

No, this ball does not predict the future! However, it offers other advantages and will brighten up your daily life. The O'Zen...
Unavailable, sorry !
Out of stock

VENTILATION DIFFUSERS (or cold forced air)

Diffuseur Aroma Wind

The principle is very simple : a fan “propels” the air through a pad that you have previously soaked in essential oils. This pulsating air current instantly spreads essential oils throughout the room.

As it is very quiet, you can use it in a bedroom or in an office, its power does not allow it to cover an entire home.

Ventilation diffusers are reserved for smaller surfaces than nebulization diffusers (up to 60 m² depending on the model).


Your choice may be towards these diffuser models if
- You want a small, portable diffuser to accompany you everywhere.

- You are looking to do small distribution, simple and without complications

- You cannot afford to buy a dry ultrasonic propulsion diffuser.


Advantages of a ventilation diffuser
+ Very simple : No glassware to maintain and basic technology

+ No heat, so the oils are not denatured,

+ Very discreet. Not as much as those with gentle heat but the noise emitted by the ventilation is almost inaudible.


Disadvantages of a ventilation diffuser
- Due to their power, the volumes covered remain low. However, they are still perfect if you want to use them in small spaces like a car or an office.

- Requires changing the blotting pad from time to time. It is therefore a consumable. But don’t worry, you won’t have to change it every 4 mornings either!

- Some “slightly heavy” essential oils are poorly diffused (the largest molecules remaining on the pad)


Our "favorite" ventilation diffusers - See all our ventilation diffusers

Ventilia diffuser - 60 m²

The Ventilia room diffuser, in addition to being an essential oil diffuser, is also a real decorative object for the home. Its...
In stock

Turle Aroma Clip + 5 blotters

Made from stainless steel, the Tortue car diffuser is stylish, elegant and practical to use. It fits over your vehicle's air vent...
In stock



The heat diffuser remains the simplest of diffusers. This ranges from the simple dish of essential oils placed on the radiator, to models with a thermostat, including the classic perfume candle burner.

Be careful, however : to avoid degrading the essential oils, the temperature must not exceed 45° C. The perfume candle burner in particular is not recommended. The temperature obtained may be higher than 100°C. This temperature accelerates oxidation and alters the properties of essential oils.

We strongly advise you to opt for models equipped with low temperature thermoregulated resistance. You will thus be able to benefit from good diffusion without altering the essential oils. Pure or mixed with a little water, essential oils evaporate naturally. Evaporation and diffusion are facilitated and accelerated by the gentle heat provided by the device.

Producing no noise, you can place these models on a bedside table, on your desk or in any room with a surface area of less than 20 m².


Your choice may be towards these diffuser models ifDiffuseur Lightlia
- You are looking for small, light and non-disturbing diffusion to create an atmosphere

- You don't want any noise

- You want a small, inexpensive essential oil diffuser to start.


Advantages of a gentle heat diffuser
+ Gentle heat does not degrade the properties of essential oils (thermoregulated resistance),

+ No maintenance (a little cloth and alcohol is enough),

+ No noise,

+ Aesthetic models, which make them real decorative objects,

+ Suitable for small rooms such as a bedroom or office.


Disadvantages of a gentle heat diffuser
- Not very powerful, this type of diffuser will only be able to cover small areas (maximum 20 m²),

- Diffusion is slower. Be patient, it may take 10 to 15 minutes for the particles to smell

- Does not split essential oil molecules to extract maximum properties and scents,

- Certain “a little heavy” essential oils like citrus have difficulty being diffused, on the other hand, light essential oils like eucalyptus are very well diffused.


Our "favorite" gentle heat diffusers - See all our soft heat diffusers

DRY PROPULSION DIFFUSERS (or ultra nebulization)

This technology is very recent. The principle remains simple : the essential oils are placed in direct contact with a small metal plate, which vibrates at a very high frequency under the effect of ultrasound. 2 technologies exist in this same category: models with essential oil which are soaked in a wick and the very latest generation which will replace the first shortly without this wick. This vibration projects very fine particles of essential oils and creates a good quality aerosol.

Although they also work by ultrasound, do not confuse them with misters which work with water and project a mist.

And don't confuse them with those called nebulization diffusion either. In the case of ultra nebulization, pure essential oils are diffused using high frequency vibrations generated by magnets, rather than breaking up the essential oils with a powerful jet of air.


Your choice may be towards these diffuser models if
- You are looking for a very small device that can be carried anywhere

- You wish to broadcast in small volumes (office, car, toilet, etc.)

- You want to be at the forefront of technology in the field of essential oil diffusion


Advantages of dry ultrasonic diffusion
+ Portable device. They work either through a USB port or on battery

+ Extremely quiet

+ Easy maintenance,

+ Good diffusion quality with coverage up to 60 m² with the latest models like the Lilia

+ New generation of broadcasting which will become widespread shortly


Disadvantages of dry ultrasonic diffusion
For those who like to "See" the broadcast, you will only perceive with this type of device a jet from time to time. Nothing to do with a classic mister or nebulizer where the jet can be continuous. Seeing the mist coming out reassures people most of the time.


Our "favorite" dry propulsion diffusers

Keylia USB diffuser - 10 m²

Finally a diffuser that fits on all USB ports and that does not heat up. Practical and silent to use, the Keylia diffuser releases...
Unavailable, sorry !
Out of stock


This type of natural diffusion does not need electricity to operate. Autonomous or portable diffusers are ideal for small rooms such as bathrooms or toilets or even cars. You can choose between a sponge diffuser (the sponge contained inside the pot brings the oils to the surface by capillary action) or a diffuser with porous stone (the pebble contained inside the aluminum pot serves as a diffuser. Simply pour essential oils on top, let it soak in and open the lid when you want to diffuse).


Your choice may be towards independent broadcasters if
- You want to take your diffuser with you everywhere.

- You want to diffuse your essential oils in very small rooms


Advantages of autonomous diffusers
+ Ideal for (very) small rooms

+ Very easy to use,

+ Very affordable price,

+ Light and practical, to take anywhere,

+ Cold diffusion prevents essential oils from degrading


Disadvantages of autonomous diffusers
- Slow diffusion

- Only of interest for small parts

- Does not allow you to extract the maximum properties and scents from essential oils


Our "favorite" autonomous diffusers See all our autonomous diffusers



Gentle HeatVentilationNebulizationMistingDry propulsionAutonomous
Broadcast power















Ease of maintenance





Air humidification



Diffusion of large rooms





Diffusion of small parts