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The nebulizer diffuser

The micro-diffusion diffuser, also known as a nebuliser, is still the best way to make the most of the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

The principle is simple and effective. A pump sends air into a glass jar containing your essential oils. The air expels and bursts the micro-particles of oil inside the glassware via the giffard system. A smoke will then form (like a fog), charged with millions of fine particles of essential oils. So fine that they remain suspended in the air for a very long time. For products that are less sensitive than essential oils, the easiest way to create an aerosol is often to heat the liquid.

But how do you create a fine dispersion of essential oils without heating them ? Nebulisation diffusers all use 2 nozzles positioned at right angles to each other. One conveys the essential oil from the reservoir vertically, the other a very rapid flow of air horizontally. At the point where these 2 nozzles meet, the impact is very strong and generates the famous aerosol of essential oils. Not all the essential oil in the flow is nebulised, and the remainder falls back naturally into the reservoir.

There are 2 types of nebuliser : with glass or plastic nozzles

- Modern but less common, some nebulisers dispense with glass in favour of a polymer nozzle that plugs directly into your bottle of essential oils. They are generally a little cheaper, easier to maintain and more robust.

- The most common, with a blown glass system. They have the advantage of being beautiful, made of noble materials, and letting us admire the live nebulisation process. They are, however, susceptible to breakage. Glass is often preferred to plastic for a beautiful room in the house.

Micro-diffusion diffusers work by cold diffusion, so the essential oils remain unaltered and retain all their benefits.

Movisia V2 - 80 m² diffuser

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A real concentrate of technology, the Movisia V2 offers a host of benefits for an essential oil diffuser: Wireless nomadic use and direct diffusion from a 5 & 10ml bottle of essential oils. 3 timers and 3 diffusion intensities for 9 different settings. An illuminated LED base with changing lights.

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plus-produit.pngKEY POINTS TO REMEMBER

case-a-cocher.jpgDiffuse by directly connecting your bottle
case-a-cocher.jpg3 timers and 3 diffusion intensities for 9 different settings
case-a-cocher.jpgTouch buttons
case-a-cocher.jpgDiffusion up to 80 m²

Presentation of the Movisia V2 diffuser

Movisia V2 essential oil diffuser

The Movisia V2 diffuser has lots of features to help you enjoy your aromatherapy sessions. There's no need to handle essential oils when filling it, as it diffuses directly from the bottle (5 or 10 ml).

Made from sturdy materials, this essential oil diffuser has a restrained design that will blend in with any interior décor.

At just 12 cm high, it's quiet, discreet, stylish and powerful enough to cover surfaces of up to 80 m².

The base of the diffuser features a set of adjustable LED lights to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Another key feature is the touch-sensitive buttons. Movisia V2 has 3 timers and 3 diffusion intensities for 9 different settings.

This diffuser works autonomously with its built-in battery. This makes it a truly nomadic, wireless diffusion system that combines autonomy, compactness and efficiency.

A full charge (approx. 5 hours) provides 9 hours of diffusion by cold nebulisation, a process that is still the most effective in terms of releasing essential oil molecules.

Screw on your bottle and diffuse !

This device diffuses directly from the bottle and charges via a USB port, so it can travel with you wherever you go to enjoy your favourite essential oils. Connect your own bottle of essential oils to the Movisa V2 diffuser (5 or 10 ml) and spray into the air. Want to change your oil? No need to wait. Simply remove the current bottle and insert a new one.

After a full charge, it can diffuse for up to 9 hours at a time.

Its major advantage ? Movisa V2 offers 3 timers and 3 diffusion intensities for 9 different programmes.

The On button offers 3 broadcast levels :
Level I, 15-second broadcast duration, 165-second stop duration.
Level II, 30-second play duration, 150-second pause duration.
Level III, plays for 60 seconds, stops for 120 seconds.

Timer button offers 3 broadcast times : 1h, 4h and 8h.

Advantages of Movisia V2

+ Diffusion up to 80 m².
+ Direct use of the 5 & 10 ml essential oil bottle
+ Cordless with built-in battery
+ Easy to use
+ Suitable for use in any room of the house, on a desk or in a car
+ Atmospheric nightlight: adjustable LED light to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Technical specifications

- Diameter : 7.25 cm.
- Height : 12 cm.
- Weight : 0.40 kg.
- Diffusion area : up to 80 m².
- Noise level measured at 30cm : 40 db
- Noise level measured at 2 m : 33 db
- Materials : P.P. and POM.
- Packaging : attractive, with photo and multilingual description.
- Packaging : 8 pcs per box (sold individually).
- User manual : multilingual.
- Contents : diffuser, USB power supply with adapter.

What does Movisia V2 consist of ?

How to use the Movisia V2 essential oil diffuser

Getting started

We recommend that you place the appliance in the room for half an hour before switching it on, to allow it to reach room temperature.

Step 1 : Press down on the diffuser head to release it.
Step 2 : Unscrew the bottle supplied and replace it with your essential oil bottle by removing the dropper using the tool supplied (5ml and 10ml bottles only) or fill the bottle supplied with your fragrance solution.
Step 3 : Once the essential oil bottle has been screwed securely onto the diffuser head, place it back in its slot, making sure that the alignment marks are facing each other.

Note : If the diffuser head does not fit over your essential oil bottle, or if your bottle does not fit into the diffuser, the essential oil can be transferred into the empty bottle supplied using a suitable funnel or pipette (not included). Always take care not to spill the essential oil, as it may cause damage to the appliance, furniture or other surfaces.

How are the broadcast settings made ?

- Press and hold the ON button for 1.5 seconds to start diffusion. The appliance will launch the following predefined programme: diffusion time of 60 seconds, off time of 120 seconds, and the mood lighting will be activated with colour variation for 1 hour.
- Press this button again to change the lighting colour in the following order: white, red, yellow, green, warm white, violet and pink.
- Press and hold the ON button for 1.5 seconds to switch the device off.

- Press once: 30-second diffusion time, 150-second switch-off time, indicator light comes on.
- Press a second time: diffusion time 15 seconds, off time 165 seconds, indicator light comes on.
- Press a third time: diffusion time 60 seconds, off time 125 seconds, indicator light comes on.
Note that the Diffusion button can only be used when the appliance is switched on.

- Press once to start a 4-hour diffusion time, indicator lights up on 4h.
- Press a second time to start an 8-hour diffusion time, the indicator lights up at 8h.
- Press a third time to start a 1-hour broadcast, the indicator lights up on 1 hour.

Flashing white light: low battery level, less than 20%.
Flashing white light: device charging.
Steady white light: charging complete.

N.B. 1: The Timer button can only work when the device is switched on.

N.B. 2: Operating time varies according to the concentration and viscosity of the essential oil, the level of humidity and other external factors.
It is normal for the diffusion to be invisible due to light or environmental factors. We recommend using pure plant essential oil or volatile, non-sticky essential oil.

What's the difference with Movisia Version 1 (V1) ?

For those of you who have been using the Movisia V1 diffuser up until now, here's what version 2 (V2) has to offer :
- LED light at the base of the device
- The adapter supplied
- 1 tool for removing the dropper from the essential oil bottle
- Quieter operation
- Accepts all standard 10ml bottles (unlike version 1, which only accepted the bottle supplied --> non-standard)
- Other modifications: buttons, more sober front panel, matt-coloured exterior, etc.

Cleaning and maintenance

If the diffuser is used in accordance with the instructions in the manual, the only thing that needs to be maintained is the diffuser head. To do this, follow the steps below:
- Remove the essential oil bottle.
- Use an empty bottle and fill it with white vinegar or diffuser cleaner.
- Place it in the diffuser and let it diffuse for a few minutes to expel any remaining essential oils from the hose and diffuser head. Please stand far enough away from the diffuser to avoid direct contact with your face.
- As soon as you start to smell the vinegar, diffuse for a further 10 minutes before switching off the unit. Rinse and dry the appliance.
For further maintenance, please follow the procedure below:
- Take the diffuser head out of the diffuser and remove the essential oil bottle.
- Pull the hose away from the diffuser head to clean it. If there are any residues of essential oils on the tube, place it in a pan of water at room temperature and bring to the boil. Leave the pan of water to cool before removing the hose.
- Then check the diffuser head to see if there are any traces of essential oil residue that could prevent diffusion. If necessary, you can clean it with a cotton bud soaked in white vinegar.

The box contains

- Movisia V2 diffuser with nozzle
- 1 empty 10 ml bottle
- A tool to make it easier to remove the dropper
- USB cable
- Instructions for use in 8 languages

Movisia V2 diffuser guarantee

In the event of a fault during the warranty period (2 years on the electrical part), you must contact us so that we can carry out a diagnosis together. A start-up video may be requested so that we can identify the fault. If a fault is confirmed, your diffuser must be returned to us complete.

Find out more about the Zen Arôme brand

Logo Zen Arôme

Zen Arôme, a French company founded in 2007 on the sunny Côte d'Azur, is the result of a combination of expertise and a passion for aromatherapy. We design our own models inspired by nature, everyday life and our surroundings, while combining innovative technologies. We use our skills to turn a simple idea into something original, functional and a source of well-being.

Power supply
Rechargeable battery
Lighting effects
Changing colours
Automatic stop
Area covered
80 m²
Noise level
Between 35 and 40 db
Type of broadcast

Specific references


Fiche de Données et de Sécurité

FDS Crème à récurer Arcyvert

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Magali G

Beau produit

Points positifs : très bonne diffusion, utilisation simple et pratique, bonne tenue de la batterie, belles lumières
Le seul inconvénient pour ma part c’est le bruit lors de la diffusion
Produit recommandé très design et fonctionne parfaitement bien



Diffuseur excellent ! Discret, esthétique, efficace et nomade. Tout ce qui ma plaît ! Livraison très rapide. Merci

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Movisia V2 - 80 m² diffuser

A real concentrate of technology, the Movisia V2 offers a host of benefits for an essential oil diffuser: Wireless nomadic use and direct diffusion from a 5 & 10ml bottle of essential oils. 3 timers and 3 diffusion intensities for 9 different settings. An illuminated LED base with changing lights.

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