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Silvaé perfume necklace - autonomous diffuser of essential oils

Silvaé perfume necklace - Autonomous diffuser of essential oils

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The Silvaé perfume necklace is a jewel allowing you to diffuse the essential oils of your choice, completely independently, according to your desires, according to your mood. A dual function that offers serious advantages for enjoying essential oils on a daily basis.

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plus-produit.pngKEY POINTS TO REMEMBER

case-a-cocher.jpgSimply breathe in your essential oils
case-a-cocher.jpgA diffuser that never breaks down
case-a-cocher.jpgPolished finish : Laser-cut motif
case-a-cocher.jpgChange your felt according to your mood or your desires

Presentation of the Silvaé necklace

Silvaé perfume necklace

Discover a simple and original way to diffuse an essential oil or a perfume that you like : the olfactory jewel.

Just by inhaling an essential oil, it directly touches the limbic part of the brain responsible for smells, which is right next to the part linked to emotions and memories... It is for this reason that certain smells take us back to our past, we make us “instinctively” happy or unhappy, soothe us, etc.

The Silvaé perfume necklace is the ideal gift to offer or to treat yourself to discover another way of wearing perfume or enjoying the benefits of essential oils.

Its advantage ? The medallion is made of stainless steel, ideal for sensitive skin. This brings serious advantages: Hypoallergenic, does not change colors, does not tarnish and is very easy to maintain. Real pluses for a jewel that we like to wear regularly.

The medallion opens to accommodate a felt disc. Then, depending on your desire or your mood, all you have to do is put a few drops of essential oils or perfume on the felt. Close the medallion and put the jewel around your head. It's as simple as that.

A few drops of essential oils placed on the felt allow you to enjoy a delicate diffusion throughout the day. Depending on the essential oil chosen (some are lighter and more volatile than others), put between 4 to 8 drops, to be renewed if necessary throughout the day. The idea is that the smell accompanies you, without being stubborn.

Advantages of the Silvaé perfume necklace

+ Take advantage of a new way to diffuse essential oils or a perfume,
+ Guaranteed without contact with perfume for sensitive skin,
+ In stainless steel, the jewel is pleasant to wear (anti-allergenic),
+ A diffuser that never breaks down,
+ Perfect for beginners in aromatherapy (discovery of the world of essential oils and their benefits),
+ Change felt according to your mood or your desires,
+ A new innovative and nomadic distribution mode

A beneficial fragrance in an original jewel

The idea is to enjoy the smell of essential oils and their benefits throughout the day, discreetly, without thinking about it, like a catchphrase, a melody that is distilled at any time of the day to contribute to our well-being. A few drops of Ravintsara essential oils to protect against prowling microbes, Ylang-Ylang to stay zen in the face of stress, or Mandarin to fight against cravings... The possibilities are endless! So many ways to gently take advantage of the exceptional properties of essential oils. You can take your favorite synergies and essential oils everywhere with you, in an elegant, discreet, extroverted way, according to your own character or your emotional state of the moment!

In addition to making you enjoy the incomparable scents of essential oils, the Silvaé necklace is a real gem in itself. It must please you and enhance you. You can also wear it very well without putting essential oils, just for fun.

The Silvaé necklace comes with

- A stainless steel pink gold medallion

- A 70 cm golden chain

- 3 felt discs

- A black velvet bag to slip the whole thing in

Other information

Dimensions of the medallion : 30 mm

Chain length : 70cm

Total weight of the medallion : 18 grams

We answer your questions

▼ How many blotting pads are supplied with this Silvae perfume necklace and can I easily buy more when my stock runs out ?
The Silvae perfume necklace comes with 3 blotting pads (felt). As soon as this stock is exhausted or if you wish to have several in advance, you can easily buy new ones in our shop in packs of 5 by following this link.

Learn more about the Innobiz brand

Logo Innobiz

Innobiz is more than 10 years of research and expertise serving the diffusion of essential oils for the biggest aromatherapy brands. In addition to their efficiency and resistance, Innobiz essential oil diffusers are born in the hands of designers sensitive to nature: they are designed with pure lines and designed with noble materials (glass, ceramic, wood, porcelain) .

Detecting the markets of the future is also the heart of their activity. An expertise that allows them to create and design unique objects.

Innobiz manages the entire chain, from design to production, from regulatory controls to delivery to points of sale. And because they are sensitive to the fact that the products are durable, Innobiz designs each of its products in this philosophy and offers spare parts to extend the life of the essential oil diffusers.

Power supply
Without energy
Stainless steel
Type of broadcast
Autonomous, without electricity
Passive diffuser

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Très beau

Reçu en cadeau, je suis charmée du concept ! C'est discret à porter mais on sent bien les huiles quand-même. Avec les différents ronds de feutrine, je peux mettre les huiles en fonction de mon humeur du moment ! Je recommande pour soi ou pour offrir car c'est très original !

Olivia D


Reçu en cadeau d'anniversaire, très beau pendentif "arbre a vie". Les ronds de feutrine permettent une diffusion personnelle et discrète, j'adore !

  • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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Silvaé perfume necklace - Autonomous diffuser of essential oils

The Silvaé perfume necklace is a jewel allowing you to diffuse the essential oils of your choice, completely independently, according to your desires, according to your mood. A dual function that offers serious advantages for enjoying essential oils on a daily basis.

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