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Let's compare our different nebulization diffuser models

Before investing in purchasing a diffuser, it is important to compare the different models offered and choose the one that suits you best.

Price, power and use are the first criteria to take into account in order to make the right choice. There is no point in buying a model designed for 120 m² if you use it in a 10 m² room. The opposite is also true. A small diffuser will disappoint you if you use it in a large room.

It is obvious that it is better to oversize the diffuser than the other way around. It is always possible to either adjust it or reduce the broadcast time.

If you have chosen a microcast model, which we approve of, we will try to help you finalize your choice. 

Criteria for choosing a nebulization diffuser

Apart from aesthetics which can only be your choice, you should know that the light in glassware is not functional. It is only there to provide aesthetics. Continuous power adjustment is rarely used since, in most cases, this setting is always at maximum. The automatic shutdown can be interesting for the forgetful but annoying if you want to install it on a timer.

When you choose a diffuser, the noise emitted by it can be one of the important parameters of your choice.

This noise may not be significant if you use it in an already "noisy" environment, but very annoying in a quiet environment such as a room where you are reading or relaxing.

All diffusers with a pump make noise, but the level can be very different from one model to another, and even within the same model there can be differences.

Noise is measured in decibels (db) with a noise scale that goes from 0db (audibility threshold) to 130 dB (pain threshold). Most everyday sounds are between 30 and 90 decibels.
15 dB = rustling leaves
30 dB = whispers
40 dB = refrigerator, waiting room
50 dB = rain
70 db = vacuum cleaner

For each diffuser model, we measured the noise of 5 diffusers and averaged them. For diffusers with 2 speeds, we measured the noise at maximum power. For some diffusers, the noise level was so low that we had to take all our measurements 20 cm from the diffusers. These measurements not having been carried out in a laboratory, they are not official but they allow the different diffusers to be compared with each other.

Of all the diffusers measured, the Novea and Elixia diffusers come out on top as the least noisy with 32.5 db.

  • The price : from €54.50 to €82.90
  • Surface areas covered: between 40 m² to 100 m²
  • With timer and automatic shutdown
  • With light
  • With continuous power adjustment or 2 speeds
  • Without adjustment

Now it's up to you to choose from our different microdiffusion models

Mobysens noir Elixia Movisia V2 Nalia Bo Black
Price 65.90 € 62.90 € 65.90 € 54.50 € 69.80 €
Area 80 m² 100 m² 80 m² 100 m² 100 m²
Noise (db) 45.5 32.5 40 42.00 37
Stop yes no yes yes no
Light no yes yes yes no
Setting programmable variable variable 2 speeds variable

PRO nomade S80 Nebuzen Galea Pebble wooden base *
Price 82.90 € 65.90 € 54.90 € 56.90 € 64.9 €
Area 35 m² 80 m² 80 m² 100 m² 80 m²
Noise (db) 45 37.1 41.3 40.4 32.5
Stop yes yes no yes no
Light no no no yes yes
Setting programmable programmable variable 2 speeds variable

* Pebble wood base: concerns our models with light or dark Pebble wood base with Green Apple, Gold Apple, Elegance Vase, Amphora and Pumpkin glassware. 

PRO Nomade S80 wall diffuser

  • Principle : turbine
  • Power adjustment : No
  • Switch : No (LCD screen)
  • Maximum planned for : 35-40 m²
  • Advantages : Programmable to the time slots of your choice. Wall hanging.


Galea diffusers

  • Principle : Turbine
  • Power adjustment : Yes, variable
  • Switch : Yes
  • Maximum planned for : 80 m²
  • Advantages : Sober, without electronics, without light


Pebble wooden base diffusers

In this category we include all models that have the same wooden base but with different glasswork. The glassware has no influence on the functioning of the diffuser, the choice is made according to individual taste.

  • Principle : Turbine
  • Power adjustment : Yes (2 speeds)
  • Switch : Yes
  • Maximum planned for : 100 m²
  • Advantages : Lights and timer, silent, reliable

Tricolor retro diffuser - 100 m²

Original hand-painted glassware, a discreet real wood base and a silent and powerful pump make this essential oil diffuser a beautiful...
-8% €43.62 €47.42
Last available


Novea diffuser

  • Principle : Turbine
  • Power adjustment : Yes, variable
  • Switch : Yes
  • Maximum planned for: 80 m²
  • Advantages : Very quiet, elegant, robust, without timer (broadcast possible 24 hours a day)


Black Mobysens diffuser

  • Principle : Turbine
  • Power adjustment : No
  • Switch : Yes
  • Maximum planned for : 60 m²
  • Advantages : Innovative product, no more glassware to empty and clean, direct diffusion from the bottle, 2 diffusion modes: continuous or alternating


Elixia diffuser

  • Principle : Turbine
  • Power adjustment : Yes, variable
  • Switch : Yes
  • Maximum planned for : 100 m²
  • Advantages : Very quiet, elegant, robust, porcelain base, without timer, white diode.


Movisia V2 diffuser

  • Principle : Turbine
  • Power adjustment : Yes, variable
  • Switch : Yes
  • Maximum planned for : 80 m²
  • Advantages : 3 diffusion levels, portable, ambient night light, direct diffusion from the bottle.

Movisia V2 - 80 m² diffuser

A real concentrate of technology, the Movisia V2 offers a host of benefits for an essential oil diffuser: Wireless nomadic use and...
In stock

Nebuzen diffuser

  • Principle : Turbine
  • Power adjustment : Yes, diffusion of mist type (light or intense)
  • Switch : Yes
  • Maximum planned for : 80 m²
  • Advantages : Programmable, nomadic interface, direct diffusion from the bottle, up to 96 hours in 10 seconds diffusion/2 minute pause.


BO BLACK diffuser

  • Principle : Turbine
  • Power adjustment : Yes
  • Switch : Yes
  • Maximum planned for : 100 m²
  • Advantages : Very elegant, efficient, designed with noble materials and silent

BO Black diffuser - 100 m²

The BO BLACK electric essential oil diffuser by nebulization. Thanks to this innovative technology, the preservation of the aromas and...
Unavailable, sorry !
Out of stock

Nalia diffuser

  • Principle : Turbine
  • Power adjustment : Yes
  • Switch : Yes
  • Maximum planned for : 100 m²
  • Advantages : Made from wood and recyclable glass, the eco-designed Nalia diffuser has it all. Discreet and timeless design, very quiet and very intuitive, it will appeal to both professionals and beginners in aromatherapy by diffusing your essential oils by cold nebulization to preserve all of their benefits.

Nalia diffuser - 100 m²

Made of wood and recyclable glass, the Nalia eco-designed diffuser has everything to please. Discreet and timeless in design, very...
Last available