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Compare our different models of nebulization diffuser

Before investing in the purchase of a diffuser, it is important to compare the different models and choose the one that best fits you.
Price, power and use are the first criteria to be taken into account in order to make the right choice. Nothing is used to buy a model for 120 m2 if you use it in a room of 10 m2. The reverse is also true. A small diffuser will disappoint you if you use it in a large room.

It is obvious that it is better to oversize the diffuser than the reverse. It is always possible, either to settle it or to reduce the broadcast time.
If you have chosen a microdiffusion model, what we approve, we will try to help you finalize your choice.


Criteria for selecting a nebulization diffuser

Except for it a esthetic who can only be your choice, you must know that light in a glassware has nothing functional. She's only here to bring aesthetics. The continuous adjustment power is rarely used since, in most cases, this setting is always at the maximum. The automatic shutdown can be interesting for dizzy but boring if you want to install it on a programmator.

When you choose a broadcaster noise issued by it can be part of the important parameters of your choice.
This noise may not be important if you use it in an already noisy atmosphere, but very annoying in a quiet atmosphere like a room or you read or relax.
All diffusers with a pump make noise, but the level can be very different from one model to another, and even in the same model, there may be differences.
The noise is measured in decibel (db) with a noise scale that ranges from 0db (sweetness) to 130 db (sweetness of pain.) Most sounds of everyday life are between 30 and 90 decibels.
15 db = leaves noisy
30 db = bleaching
40 db = refrigerator, waiting room
50 db = rain
70 db = vacuum cleaner

For each broadcaster model, we measured the noise of 5 diffusers and averaged. For broadcasters with 2 speeds, we measured the noise to the maximum power. For some broadcasters, the noise level is so low that we have been forced to take all our measurements 20 cm from the broadcasters. These measures have not been carried out in a laboratory, they have nothing official but they allow to compare the different interconnected broadcasters.

From all measured broadcasters novea and Elixia broadcasters come to the head of the least noisy 32.5 db.

  • The price : from 49.90 € to 94.90 €
  • Covered areas: between 40 m2 and 100 m2
  • With timer and automatic shutdown
  • With light
  • With continuous power adjustment or 2 speeds
  • Without setting

Now you choose from our different microdiffusion models

Mobysens black Elixia Daolia Nalia Bo Black
Price 65.90 € 62.90 € 66.90 € 64.50 € 79.50 €
Surface 60 m2 100 m2 100 m2 100 m2 100 m2
Bruit (db) 45.5 32.5 46.4 42 37
Stop yes no yes yes no
Light no yes no yes no
Regulation programmable variable variable 2 speeds variable

Walia Galea Galet wooden floor *
Price 94.90 € 49.90 € 56.90 € 64.9 €
Surface 40 m2 80 m2 100 m2 80 m2
Bruit (db) 40 41.3 40.4 32.5
Stop yes no yes no
Light no no yes yes
Regulation programmable variable 2 speeds variable

* Galet wooden base: concerns our wooden base models Light or dark Galet with glassware Green Apple, Gold Apple, Vase Elegance, Amphore and Potiron.


Walia Wall Diffuser

  • Principle: turbine
  • Power control: No
  • Switch: No ( LCD screen)
  • Maximum planned for: 40 m2
  • Benefits: Scheduled to the hourly beaches of your choice. Wall clamp.

Walia wall diffuser - 40 m²

The Walia diffuser will appeal to a good number of essential oil users. Both the individual and the professional. Equipped with an...
Last available


Diffusers Galéa

  • Principle: Turbine
  • Power control: Yes, variable
  • Switch: Yes
  • Maximum planned for: 80 m2
  • Benefits: Sober, without electronics, without light


Hardwood floor diffusers Galet

In this category we include all the models that have the same wood base but with different glassware. The glassware having no influence on the operation of the diffuser, the choice is made according to the taste of each.

  • Principle: Turbine
  • Power control: Yes (2 speeds)
  • Switch: Yes
  • Maximum planned for: 100 m2
  • Benefits: Lights and timer, silent, reliable



  • Principle: Turbine
  • Power control: Yes, variable
  • Switch: Yes
  • Maximum planned for: 80 m2
  • Benefits: Very good silent, elegant, sturdy, timer-free (possible 24-hour broadcast)


Black Mobysens

  • Principle: Turbine
  • Power control: No
  • Switch: Yes
  • Maximum planned for: 60 m2
  • Benefits: Innovative product, more glassware to empty and clean, direct diffusion from the bottle, 2 modes of diffusion: continuous or alternating


Elixia Diffuser

  • Principle: Turbine
  • Power control: Yes, variable
  • Switch: Yes
  • Maximum planned for: 100 m2
  • Benefits: Very good silent, elegant, sturdy, porcelain base, timer, white diode.


Diffuser Daolia

  • Principle: Turbine
  • Power control: Yes, variable
  • Switch: Yes
  • Maximum planned for: 100 m2
  • Benefits: Programmable timer, natural light wooden base, sober and aesthetic

Daolia diffuser - 100 m²

The Daolia electric essential oil diffuser can be placed in any room of a house, quickly purifying the atmosphere of an area up to 100...
Last available


Diffuser BO BLACK

  • Principle: Turbine
  • Power control: Yes
  • Switch: Yes
  • Maximum planned for: 100 m2
  • Benefits: Very elegant, powerful, designed with noble and silent materials

BO Black diffuser - 100 m²

The BO BLACK electric essential oil diffuser by nebulization. Thanks to this innovative technology, the preservation of the aromas and...
In stock


  • Principle:Turbine
  • Power control:Yes
  • Switch:Yes
  • Maximum planned for:100 m2
  • Benefits:Designed in wood and recyclable glass, the ecodesigned Nalia diffuser has everything to please. Quiet and timeless design, very quiet and very intuitive, it will seduce both pros and beginners in aromatherapy by diffusing your essential oils by cold nebulization to preserve all their benefits.

Nalia diffuser - 100 m²

Made of wood and recyclable glass, the Nalia eco-designed diffuser has everything to please. Discreet and timeless in design, very...
In stock