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The nebulizer diffuser

The micro-diffusion diffuser, also known as a nebuliser, is still the best way to make the most of the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

The principle is simple and effective. A pump sends air into a glass jar containing your essential oils. The air expels and bursts the micro-particles of oil inside the glassware via the giffard system. A smoke will then form (like a fog), charged with millions of fine particles of essential oils. So fine that they remain suspended in the air for a very long time. For products that are less sensitive than essential oils, the easiest way to create an aerosol is often to heat the liquid.

But how do you create a fine dispersion of essential oils without heating them ? Nebulisation diffusers all use 2 nozzles positioned at right angles to each other. One conveys the essential oil from the reservoir vertically, the other a very rapid flow of air horizontally. At the point where these 2 nozzles meet, the impact is very strong and generates the famous aerosol of essential oils. Not all the essential oil in the flow is nebulised, and the remainder falls back naturally into the reservoir.

There are 2 types of nebuliser : with glass or plastic nozzles

- Modern but less common, some nebulisers dispense with glass in favour of a polymer nozzle that plugs directly into your bottle of essential oils. They are generally a little cheaper, easier to maintain and more robust.

- The most common, with a blown glass system. They have the advantage of being beautiful, made of noble materials, and letting us admire the live nebulisation process. They are, however, susceptible to breakage. Glass is often preferred to plastic for a beautiful room in the house.

Micro-diffusion diffusers work by cold diffusion, so the essential oils remain unaltered and retain all their benefits.

PRO Nomade white diffuser S80 - 80 m3

PRO Nomade diffuser white S80 - 80 m3

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Discover the PRO Nomade S80 diffuser. An olfactory marketing diffuser for small spaces (30 m²). Programme up to 4 different diffusion times. Ideal for professionals who want to diffuse essential oils in their premises (hallway, waiting room, fitting room, washroom, etc.).

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Presentation of the PRO Nomade S80 diffuser

PRO Nomade S80 essential oil diffuser

At last, a wireless diffuser suitable for small public areas, such as lifts, changing rooms, corridors, toilets, etc. With this device, you can easily cover areas of around 30 m².

Its compact size, large reservoir (100 ml) and multiple diffusion programming options make it a highly effective entry-level olfactory marketing diffuser.

It is battery-powered (type D, not supplied), and can also be powered by USB cable (Type B - cable not supplied) or mains power (adapter not supplied). It can be easily wall-mounted (installation screws supplied).

This PRO Nomade essential oil diffuser can be used by professionals and, of course, by home users who want to benefit from the many advantages of the device (size of the essential oil reservoir, extensive programming, nomadic design so you can install it wherever you like, etc.). There are also many applications for private individuals.

The S80 diffuser is ideal for anyone who wants to scent their shop, hotel, spa, office, private home, etc.

Advantages of this PRO diffuser

+ Ideal for professionals who want to get started in olfactory marketing
+ Mobile use and easy maintenance
+ Diffusion up to 80 m3.
+ Diffusion by ventilated nebulisation
+ Power: 3W
+ Sound volume: <50 dba
+ LCD screen for programming
+ Multiple settings available

Extended programming options

PRO Nomade S80 essential oil diffuser

The S80 diffuser has been developed to automate the start-up and shut-down of the appliance. So you don't have to. Extended programming is therefore at the heart of the device.

You can set up to 4 different broadcast time slots for each day, each with 10 to 300 seconds of broadcast and pause time. Programming is done via an interface with an LCD screen for easy reading.

Example of possible programming : from Monday to Saturday, broadcast every 60 seconds from 9am to 1pm, stop from 1pm to 2pm then broadcast every 10 seconds from 2pm to 5pm and broadcast every 35 seconds from 5pm to 7pm. Stop from 7pm to 9am. On Sundays, full stop all day (venue closed).

What is olfactory marketing ?

Olfactory marketing uses the diffusion of scents to create a positive experience for customers. A scented environment leaves a strong emotional impression on customers and improves their state of mind, enabling them to remember the product, the place and the information delivered more vividly.

The applications of olfactory marketing include :
- Increased attention, comprehension, concentration and memory
- Improving feelings of safety, cleanliness and well-being
- Reducing stress in queues
- Altering moods and feelings with a targeted fragrance
- Olfactory events
- Well-being
- Treatment and destruction of unpleasant odours

Did you know ? 35% of odours encountered are memorised by the brain, compared with only 5% of visuals and 2% of sounds. Among consumers of ready-to-wear fashion: 4 out of 10 are able to accurately name brands that have a distinct smell.

Technical specifications

- Width : 16.5 cm
- Height : 22.5 cm
- Depth : 8 cm
- Weight : 0.7 kg
- Diffusion surface area : 80 m3
- Reservoir capacity : 100ml
- Material : brushed metal and P.P.
- Packaging : neutral
- User manual : French, English
- Contents : one diffuser, one empty bottle

Getting started

- Before switching on, install the reservoir containing your fragrances. Make sure you screw the bottle clockwise.
- Then switch on the device via the USB connection or by inserting the batteries.
- Once switched on, the device will display the time and indicate the diffusion status: active (WORK or ON) or inactive (PAUSE or OFF).
- Check that the time and day settings are correct and make any necessary changes using the control panel.
- Then carry out your programming using the information below.
- When you have finished programming, close the cover and position the diffuser in the required location.

Setting the time

- Press SET when the hour is flashing press ↑ and ↓ to change the hour
- Press SET to change the minutes
- Press SET again when the date (Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat,Sun) is flashing press ↑ and ↓ to change it then press SET again to confirm.

Programming the broadcast time

- Step 1 : Press MODE to enter the broadcast setting mode.
- Step 2 : Then press ↑ and ↓ to set the time for the 1st broadcast.
- Step 3 : Then press SET to change the minutes
- Step 4 : Press SET again to change the broadcast date by pressing ↑ and ↓ (several choices are offered, weekend, full week, 1 day out of 2, etc.).
- Step 5 : Press MODE to select the stop broadcasting time, using the same procedure as for Steps 2 and 3.
- Step 6 : Press MODE to choose the broadcast time for each period (it will be written SCENT WORK) by pressing ↑ and ↓ you could modify between 4 and 6 seconds of broadcast before the break.
- Step 7 : Press MODE again to modify the pause time between broadcasts in seconds (it will say SCENT PAUSE) by pressing ↑ and ↓ you can modify it between 5 and 300 seconds of pause before broadcasting.
- Step 8 : Press MODE to confirm the broadcast time setting and start the next broadcast time settings.
- Step 9 : To set the 2nd, 3rd and 4th broadcast times, simply follow steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.
- Step 10 : When you have finished setting the 4th broadcast time, press MODE and everything will be programmed and ready to use.

Programming the broadcast time for each period

- To change the broadcast time for each period Press MODE until the screen displays SCENT WORK and you can change it using ↑ and ↓ to between 4 and 6 seconds.
- To change the pause time between each broadcast Press MODE until the screen displays SCENT PAUSE and you could change it with ↑ and ↓ between 60-600 seconds

The box contains

- An S80 diffuser
- 1 empty 100 ml bottle
- Instructions for use

Precautions for use

- Do not use in a hot and/or humid environment.
- Keep away from heat sources or flames.
- The room must be adequately ventilated.
- Keep out of reach of children and pets.
- Do not use dangerous or toxic liquids to operate the appliance.
- The appliance must be kept in an upright position.
- It must be handled by a qualified person. The appliance must not be dismantled.
- Switch off the diffuser before replacing the cylinder.
- Make sure the diffuser is positioned correctly to avoid spraying on sensitive components, electrical appliances, heating parts or flames.
- Also, make sure you don't spray at a distance of less than 50 cm from visitors, to avoid the risk of splashes on the skin or clothing.
- If not used for a long time, or every 3-5 months, the diffuser should be cleaned with alcohol. Fill the empty bottle with alcohol, turn on the diffuser for 10-15 minutes with a 15-second run and then a 60-second pause. Then switch off the diffuser, remove the bottle and rinse it.

PRO Nomade S80 diffuser compliance guarantee

In the event of a breakdown during the warranty period (2 years on the electrical part), you must contact us so that we can establish a diagnosis together. A start-up video may be requested so that we can determine the malfunction. If a fault is confirmed, your diffuser must be returned to us complete.

Find out more about the Zen Arôme brand

Logo Zen Arôme

Zen Arôme, a French company founded in 2007 on the sunny Côte d'Azur, is the result of a combination of expertise and a passion for aromatherapy. We design our own models inspired by nature, everyday life and our surroundings, while combining innovative technologies. We use our skills to turn a simple idea into something original, functional and a source of well-being.

Power supply
Power supply
Power supply
USB port
Lighting effects
No light
Automatic stop
Area covered
30 m²
Noise level
Between 40 and 45 db
Type of broadcast

Specific references

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Pro Nomade

Un diffuseur très efficace. Son véritable avantage : sa programmation vraiment pratique. J'ai enregistré les plages de diffusion que je souhaitais et il se débrouille comme un grand. Pas besoin d'avoir à penser à allumer, éteindre.

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PRO Nomade diffuser white S80 - 80 m3

Discover the PRO Nomade S80 diffuser. An olfactory marketing diffuser for small spaces (30 m²). Programme up to 4 different diffusion times. Ideal for professionals who want to diffuse essential oils in their premises (hallway, waiting room, fitting room, washroom, etc.).

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