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The fan diffuser

The fan-assisted diffuser is a very simple diffusion method. Most fan diffusers work with a disposable blotting paper (cellulose pellet) on which essential oils are placed. When you switch on the diffuser, the fan blows out the impregnated blotting paper and spreads the essential oils around the room.

The essential oils are diffused cold, which fully preserves their properties. This type of diffuser is very quiet (only the low noise of the fan) and is also maintenance-free, as all you need to do is replace the cellulose disc.

Fan diffusers are basic, robust devices that can cover areas of up to 60 m² (depending on the model). This method of diffusion is less suitable for aromatherapy, as the fan blows out only some of the molecules at first (the lighter ones, known as the top notes), then the other part of the molecules later (the heavier ones, known as the middle notes).

However, diffusion by ventilation remains a perfect method for creating an olfactory ambience. The virtues and scents are delicately diffused without the risk of being disturbed by too intense a fragrance.

Ventilation diffusion is one of the simplest methods of diffusion available, but is nonetheless highly effective and respectful of essential oils. Often small, discreet and practical, the fan diffuser is a very easy device to place in your home or to take with you wherever you go.

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Ventilia diffuser - 60 m²

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The Ventilia room diffuser, in addition to being an essential oil diffuser, is also a real decorative object for the home. Its performance, its ease of use and its “Zen” ambient light will satisfy everyone. Colorful and vegetal atmosphere.

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plus-produit.pngKEY POINTS TO REMEMBER

case-a-cocher.jpgA reliable ventilation diffusion process
case-a-cocher.jpg3 levels of diffusion: low, normal and turbo
case-a-cocher.jpgLED lighting with colour changing gradations
case-a-cocher.jpgDiffusion up to 60 m²


luminous electric diffuser with forced air

The Ventilia belongs to the category of room fragrance diffusers that work by ventilation. The pulsed air technique preserves the purity of the aromatic molecules present in essential oils. Just pour a few drops of essential oils or room fragrances on the pad (cellulose tablet = neutral material) then turn it on. A simple and effective process.

The cold ventilation process is a technique that has been used for a long time and which makes it possible to diffuse "perfume" very simply. All ventilation diffusers have the same operating principle, a fan that draws in air and pulses it through a pad loaded with essential oils.

Advantages of the Ventilia diffuser

1 - At the rear is the fan grille; if we remove this grid we find in front of the fan a filter which eliminates part of the dust sucked up during the diffusion, this filter is replaceable.

2 - The essential oils are poured onto an interchangeable cellulose tablet.

3 - The fan speed is adjustable according to the size of the room or the "power" of the fragrance. This diffuser offers 3 levels of diffusion: low, normal and turbo which will cover both small and large rooms (maximum 60 m²)

4 - On the front of the product, the metal disc is decorated with openwork graphics allowing the breath of air and ambient lighting to pass through.

You have the choice between freezing one of the 4 colors (blue, yellow, red and green.) or the gentle scrolling of the colors. In “turbo” mode, the lighting is dynamic and multicolored.

5 - For those who are afraid of forgetting it, this diffuser is equipped with a diffusion timer which allows automatic shutdown after 30 minutes of operation.

6 - This diffuser works on sector, its power and its lighting do not allow operation on batteries.


contenu de la boîte

Ventilia technical characteristics

Diffuser Types : Ventilation or Forced Air
Broadcast area : Maximum 60m2
Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes
Three fan powers : Low – normal – turbo
Multicolored lighting atmosphere : variation of fixed or scrolling colors. (blue, yellow, red, green)
Power supply : 220/240V - 50/60Hz
Power : 12V / 300mA
Height : H 13.5 x W 15 x D 15 cm
Weight : 440g

Noise measurement*

Slow speed = 41.2db
Medium speed = 46db
Turbo speed = 50db
performed using a sound level meter at a distance of 20 cm.

In summary

- Turbo mode : the lighting is dynamic and multicolored
- Frozen mode : the lighting stays on the desired color
- Filters the air inlet before venting the aromas
- Pulsed air without heat : the aromatic molecules retain their purity
- Automatic shutdown after 30 minutes

Ventilia operating tips

1 - Lift the decorative metal disc to access the capsule

2 - Remove the capsule from its housing by pressing the two tabs

3 - Place a few drops of essential oils on the paper textile part (3 drops maximum). You can also put a room fragrance or any volatile liquids on it. Be careful not to pour essential oils into the cavity located under the capsule, this could damage the device. This type of manipulation will void the warranty.

4 - Put the capsule back in its housing, taking care to hear the 2 sound clips indicating that the capsule is correctly positioned.

5 - Reposition the metal disc in the area provided for this purpose.

6 - Choose on the right button its diffusion power

7 - Choose the ambient color on the left button

Maintenance of the Ventilia diffuser

The diffuser capsule is replaceable if it is worn out or if you wish to use a different fragrance.

The inlet filter is replaceable when clogged with dirt or dust.

The device does not require any specific maintenance. Do not disassemble the product and do not clean with liquid. In the event of an overflow of essential oils in the cavity or on the product, immediately wipe off the surplus so as not to degrade the product.

Video of the Ventilia diffuser

The box contains

- A ball-shaped diffuser with its diffusion capsule
- 2 diffusion capsules with 2 additional cellulose discs
- The decorative metal disc
- The air inlet filter
- The mains adapter
- The user manual

List of spare parts available for this model

- Refill pad for Ventilia diffuser

Ventilia diffuser conformity guarantee

In the event of a breakdown during the warranty period (5 years), you must contact us so that we can establish a diagnosis together. You may be asked for a start-up video so that we can see the malfunction. If a breakdown is confirmed, your diffuser must be returned to us complete.

Learn more about the Innobiz brand

Logo Innobiz

Innobiz is more than 10 years of research and expertise serving the diffusion of essential oils for the biggest aromatherapy brands. In addition to their efficiency and resistance, Innobiz essential oil diffusers are born in the hands of designers sensitive to nature: they are designed with pure lines and designed with noble materials (glass, ceramic, wood, porcelain) .

Detecting the markets of the future is also the heart of their activity. An expertise that allows them to create and design unique objects.

Innobiz manages the entire chain, from design to production, from regulatory controls to delivery to points of sale. And because they are sensitive to the fact that the products are durable, Innobiz designs each of its products in this philosophy and offers spare parts to extend the life of the essential oil diffusers.

Power supply
Lighting effects
Changing colours
Variable speed
Area covered
60 m²
Noise level
Between 40 and 45 db
Type of broadcast

Specific references

Click on a thumbnail to load the video

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Diffuseur très efficace et très esthétique. Le changement des couleurs apportent vraiment une chouette ambiance. Je l'utilise d'ailleurs de temps en temps uniquement en lampe d'ambiance, sans la diffusion.

evelyne boulanger





Il est un tres bon multi-purpose appareil: design + timer diffuseur. Le timer n'est q'une seule (30 minutes) optione.

Il est si simple que j'ai le donne a ma mere.



très beau et diffusion parfaite



Tres bon produit Livraison rapide bien emballe
Bon rapport qualité prix
Diffuseur agréable avec son mode ambiance en couleur


très bien

très bien comme diffuseur , les couleurs sont top

Rémi & Véro

Efficace, mais pas si silencuex que ça. Timer très pratique.

Il diffuse bien, se recharge facilement, mais sa ventilation s'entend, même si elle est très discrète. Le timer est un vrai plus ! On le met en route en on ne s'en occupe plus ! Dans la chambre, il accompagne nos endormissements.

Sylviane P

Objet déco avant tout...

Produit très sympa par son jeu de couleurs mais préference pour le diffuseur éléctrique par microdIffusion.
Les huiles sont ressenties très fort au début et rapidement la senteur s'efface.
Obligé de remettre quelques gouttes sur le tampon.

Alain R

Rien à redire

Produit conforme à la description. Les lumières changeantes sur la grille ajourée donne une ambiance très agréable. Le ventilateur reste très silencieux, même en position 2. Je recommande

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Ventilia diffuser - 60 m²

The Ventilia room diffuser, in addition to being an essential oil diffuser, is also a real decorative object for the home. Its performance, its ease of use and its “Zen” ambient light will satisfy everyone. Colorful and vegetal atmosphere.

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