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The fan diffuser

The fan-assisted diffuser is a very simple diffusion method. Most fan diffusers work with a disposable blotting paper (cellulose pellet) on which essential oils are placed. When you switch on the diffuser, the fan blows out the impregnated blotting paper and spreads the essential oils around the room.

The essential oils are diffused cold, which fully preserves their properties. This type of diffuser is very quiet (only the low noise of the fan) and is also maintenance-free, as all you need to do is replace the cellulose disc.

Fan diffusers are basic, robust devices that can cover areas of up to 60 m² (depending on the model). This method of diffusion is less suitable for aromatherapy, as the fan blows out only some of the molecules at first (the lighter ones, known as the top notes), then the other part of the molecules later (the heavier ones, known as the middle notes).

However, diffusion by ventilation remains a perfect method for creating an olfactory ambience. The virtues and scents are delicately diffused without the risk of being disturbed by too intense a fragrance.

Ventilation diffusion is one of the simplest methods of diffusion available, but is nonetheless highly effective and respectful of essential oils. Often small, discreet and practical, the fan diffuser is a very easy device to place in your home or to take with you wherever you go.

Evalia: Essential oil diffuser for car

Evalia : essential oil diffuser for car

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Elegant and discreet, the Evalia car diffuser is designed to take advantage of the benefits of essential oils in your vehicle. Attach the diffuser to the ventilation grille of your vehicle and enjoy!

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plus-produit.pngKEY POINTS TO REMEMBER

case-a-cocher.jpgDiffuses directly from your ventilation grille
case-a-cocher.jpgVery easy to use
case-a-cocher.jpg5 cotton wicks supplied
case-a-cocher.jpgEcodesigned (recyclable aluminium and recycled plastic)

Presentation of the Evalia car diffuser

The Evalia car diffuser will allow you to enjoy your favorite essential oils on your daily journeys. The atmosphere of your vehicle will quickly be perfumed with the chosen essential oil. Difficult to make simpler in terms of distribution.

Its aluminum material and its elegant and discreet design will allow it to bring a decorative touch to your interior.

This diffuser does not need to be plugged in or needs maintenance. It is the ventilation of your air vents in the vehicle that will take care of distributing the essential oils in the passenger compartment. No need to be an expert ! Economical and elegant, it will quickly become your traveling companion. A craving for the sun ? a few drops of lavender essential oils. A long journey and fear of drowsiness? a few drops of cinnamon essential oils. A start of a cold? a few drops of ravintsara or eucalyptus. Each oil will have a use adapted to your needs. You can also simply choose to perfume the interior of the car.

Evalia essential oil diffuser for car

Advantages of this car diffuser

+ Nomadic : no connection or connection required for this nomadic diffuser which diffuses by capillarity.

+ Simplicity : the diffuser simply clips onto the car's ventilation grilles.

+ Discreet : with its aluminum shell with a simple and discreet design.

+ Economical : thanks to its adjustment ring, the diffusion stops on demand to save essential oils when you are not driving.

+ Practical : the diffuser comes with wicks to change essential oil according to your desires.

+ Ecodesign : this diffuser is made of recyclable aluminum and recycled plastic.

How it works ?

1 - Unscrew the cap

2 - Soak the wick provided with essential oils, insert it and screw the cap back on.

3 - Manage the broadcast intensity.

4 - Enjoy essential oils in your car.

How do I use the Evalia car diffuser?

Other information

Length : 82 mm
Width : 42 mm (include attachment clip)
Weight : 20.55 grams
Number of wicks supplied : 5 wicks

We answer your questions

▼ How many cotton wicks are supplied with this diffuser and how easy is it to buy new ones when stocks run out ?
The Evalia car diffuser comes with 5 cotton wicks. As soon as this stock runs out, you can easily buy new ones in our shop in packs of 5 by following this link.

Learn more about the Innobiz brand

Logo InnobizInnobiz is more than 10 years of research and expertise serving the diffusion of essential oils for the biggest aromatherapy brands. In addition to their efficiency and resistance, Innobiz essential oil diffusers are born in the hands of designers sensitive to nature: they are designed with pure lines and designed with noble materials (glass, ceramic, wood, porcelain) .

Detecting the markets of the future is also the heart of their activity. An expertise that allows them to create and design unique objects.

Innobiz manages the entire chain, from design to production, from regulatory controls to delivery to points of sale. And because they are sensitive to the fact that the products are durable, Innobiz designs each of its products in this philosophy and offers spare parts to extend the life of the essential oil diffusers.

Power supply
Without energy
Lighting effects
No light
Area covered
5 m²
Noise level
No noise
Type of broadcast
Autonomous, without electricity
Type of broadcast
For cars

Specific references

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Très pratique. Facile à mettre en place, robuste et design

Véro SL


Quel plaisir de sentir cette ordeur d'agrumes dans ma voiture ! idée génial que ce diffuseur d'huiles essentielles !

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Evalia : essential oil diffuser for car

Elegant and discreet, the Evalia car diffuser is designed to take advantage of the benefits of essential oils in your vehicle. Attach the diffuser to the ventilation grille of your vehicle and enjoy!

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