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Express demo - Cleaning concentrated roof - 1 liter - Bionétal

Express Cleaner for green deposits, lichens and algae - Bionetal

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Delivery expected from 09/30/2023

This is express Bionetal will be perfect for cleaning of roofs (tiles, slates, concrete,...) and facades (stone, brick, coated,...). It dries and destroys deposits and traces very quickly. Certified by Ecocert and quickly biodegradable, it takes care of the environment. 1 litre or 5 liters.

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It leaves no chance for deposits

Bionetal Green Deposit Destroyer

After a wet autumn and winter, moss or green deposits settle on your roof, your walls and your terrace... The arrival of the good weather is the ideal moment to eliminate these deposits, greens and lichens.

The main active ingredient used in this Bionetal express defoamer is of mineral origin : sodium hydroxide. It acts by contact and deteriorates the waxy layer protecting the foliage of the plants, causing a browning and a destruction of the treated surfaces.

This deposit destroyer can be applied on many surfaces such as stone, brick, concrete, fibro-cement, clay tiles, plaster and slate.

Perfect against deposits and clogging of buildings, houses, roofs, terraces, facades and walls, tombstones, historical monuments, glass roofs, stairs, paving stones, pool coping, statues, interlocking paving stones, wood, glass, tarpaulins, PVC etc..

It will be able to act just as effectively on the red marks of the frontages or the saltpetre of old walls.

Its effectiveness is visible very quickly: the green deposits start to yellow as of 1 hour after the application (for a not diluted use). The formula is acid-free and free of harmful chemical molecules (such as Quaternary Ammonium ions, chlorine or bleach) and is highly concentrated in active ingredients of 100% natural origin

The product remains active even in case of rain after 6 hours (for undiluted use). It acts even on thick and abundant green deposits (with undiluted use).

In roof treatment, rainwater recovery is possible for watering or reuse in sanitary facilities (up to 3% of pure product compared to the volume of the tank).

Finally, it is an economical product. Used pure for a quick effect, its yield is 10m²/liter. Diluted to 50% (on thin green deposits and in dry weather), you can treat up to 20m²/liter.

Advantages of this facade roof cleaner

+ Action against all kinds of deposits very quickly
+ Can be used on both roofs and facades
+ Active even in case of rain after 6 hours
+ Concentrated product - Dilution is possible (see info below)
+ Possibility of rainwater recovery (depending on the volume of the tank)
+ Certified ECOCERT Definition of the Ecocert eco-detergency label on Aboneobio
+ 100% natural basic ingredients
+ Does not contain: chlorine, Quaternary ammonium ions or acid
+ Easily biodegradable product
+ 100% recyclable packaging
+ Curative and preventive action
+ Designed and manufactured in France 


Evolution traitement anti-mousses toitures avec Bionetal

Sodium hydroxide. What is it ?

La molécule d'hydroxyde de sodium NaoH - Soude

The sodium hydroxide molecule NaoH - SodaSodium hydroxide (NaOH), also called caustic soda, is a strong base which is present, at room temperature, in solid form. It consists of sodium cations (Na+) and hydroxide anions (OH-). It is very soluble in water. Its aqueous solution is transparent and often called soda. When concentrated, it is, like sodium hydroxide in its solid state, particularly corrosive.

Sodium hydroxide is a base often used in the chemical industry, to control an alkaline medium or to regulate the acidity of a process. It is also used in the manufacture of paper pulp, soaps, treatment of natural fibers ... It is also often present in drain openers.

Sodium hydroxide is produced by electrolysis of brine.


Advice for use

Conditions of application / Implementation
Shake the product (without making too much foam) before dilution and application. Use pure or diluted according to the support and preferably without rain during 24 hours before and after application.
After pulverization, let act then to rub with the brush, to rinse with the water jet or let the successive rains rinse your roof.
Can be used on all types of roofs (tiles, fibrocement, slate...), facades (roughcast, natural stones..). In case of doubt, make a test beforehand.
Avoid applying the product on zinc, copper and raw aluminium elements because of the risk of bleaching. Protect painted surfaces (joinery, ironwork...) or fragile surfaces well. To avoid projections on the parts at risk, not to use in the event of wind, if not to protect them well. To be used in dry weather between +5°C and +30°C. Does not freeze. Caution: The product makes surfaces slippery! 

Dilution / consumption 
Use concentrated or diluted according to the support and without rain for 24 hours. On thick or very wet deposits and / or for a very fast action time, the pure use is recommended. It can be used in dilution, the time of action will be only lengthened. Shake lightly, without making the product foam too much, before dilution and before each application.
- Pure use: 1L = approximately 10 m² (time before rinsing: 1 hour).
- Diluted use (50%): 1L + 1L of water = approximately 20 m² (time before rinsing: 6 to 12 hours).
- Diluted use (33%): 1L + 2L of water = approximately 30m² (time before rinsing: 3 to 4 days).

Time of action of the product
Without mechanical action (rinsing or brushing) from your part, the first visible results (lightening of the roof) will be seen after 1 to 2 months then it is necessary to wait between 6 and 9 months for an optimal result.

Useful information

Read carefully the precautions for use indicated on the label. Wear adequate equipment (gloves, shoes, goggles, clothing). It is imperative to respect the recommended dosages, the recommendations for each material and the application times to obtain an optimal result.

Use on red marks of frontages
On the red traces, we advise you to well sprinkle the walls (1 liter for 5 to 8 m ²), to let act 24 hours then to proceed to a brushing (using a brush soaked regularly in water to make foam) then to rinse with the average jet (not of high pressure). A veil may remain, this should fade with time.

Use on wood
On wood, test first as there is a risk of surface lightening.

We answer your questions 

How long does the product work ?  
Without any mechanical action (rinsing or brushing) on your part, the first visible results (lightening of the roof) will be seen after 1 to 2 months, then you must wait between 6 and 9 months for an optimal result.

Is rinsing necessary ? When ? How ?  
The product must be left to act for at least 12/24 hours without rain, then brushed and rinsed with a sprayer, water jet or a high pressure device set to medium pressure (about 60 bars). The product can be applied without rinsing by letting the successive rains rinse your roof.

Is it necessary to apply a water repellent ? When ? How ?
The application of a waterproofing repellent after the cleaning of your roof is recommended to keep the benefits of it longer. It must be applied (at least 24H and at most 3 months) after cleaning and this on a clean and dry support, by spraying or by roller (flat surface).

How long does the product last ?
The Bionetal Roof Cleaner has a visible reaction (browning) in pure use, after a few hours. Its duration of effectiveness is included between 3 and 5 years, according to the support, the climatic conditions and the environment; it can be lengthened from 4 to 5 years by using a waterproofing agent Roofing and Façades.

Validity date before/after opening
Before opening, you can store our Roofing Cleaner in a cool, well-ventilated place, protected from frost, for 2 years from the date of delivery.
After opening, you can keep the product in the same conditions as mentioned above for 1 year.
The product can however be used after this date, a decrease of the effects can be observed (take care to shake the product to mix it in case of deposit at the bottom of the can).

Is this product a biocide ? Is it dangerous for the environment ?
Bionetal Roofing Cleaner is not classified as Biocide.
The bases are 100% of natural origin and biodegradable at more than 95% (at 60 days). None of the components or pictograms are classified as "Dangerous for the environment and aquatic organisms".

<Is it necessary to protect the surrounding vegetation ? Is it harmful ?
We do not recommend spraying on vegetation or on any surface that does not require cleaning, treatment or protection. The product will "yellow" the leaves of plants or shrubs, but will not "kill" them.
Avoid or divert for at least 2 rains, any discharge in tanks, vats and ponds of amenities. Do not discharge cleaning water directly into rivers and other water bodies or fish ponds.

Rainwater harvesting / Discharge of rainwater into tanks, vats ...
The product is alkaline. Please respect the dosages recommended on the label.
Tank : To avoid an increase in the pH of the water, make sure that the volume of concentrated product used does not exceed 3% of the total volume of the tank. For example, if you use 10 liters of concentrated product, the volume of water in the tank must be at least 300 liters (0.3 m3).

Composition and characteristics

Composition : <5%: non-ionic surfactants, amphoteric surfactants. Also contains water, sodium hydroxide.
100% of the ingredients are of natural origin.

Characteristics : 
- Appearance: amber liquid
- Density: 1.02
- pH: >13


Ecodetergent certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to the Ecocert standard. 


Choice of : Presented in 1 liter concentrated bottle or 5 liter canister. HDPE bottle 100% vegetable.

For the 5 liter can : This product is a heavy product. As a reminder, we limit the weight of orders to 20 kg (including packaging). This is for reasons of ease of handling and prevention of risks at work (heavy loads to handle). If the delivery method does not appear when you place your order, you will have to reduce the weight of your order according to these limits. The carriers will then become available and selectable again. 

Precautions for use

Dangerous, follow the precautions for use. Keep out of reach of children. Read the label before use. Wash face and hands thoroughly after handling. Wear protective gloves, eye and face protection. If swallowed, rinse mouth. Do not induce vomiting. In case of skin (or hair) contact, remove all contaminated clothing immediately. Rinse skin with water (or shower). If inhaled, remove to fresh air and keep person in a position where he/she can breathe comfortably. If in eyes, rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if they can be easily removed. Continue rinsing. Call a poison control center or doctor immediately. Wash contaminated clothing before reuse.

Learn more about the Bionetal brand

More about the Bionetal brand

Bionetal has been manufacturing eco-friendly cleaners and cleaning products since 1995. 

Bionetal cleaners are of French origin, design and manufacture.

They reduce the impact on the environment and are essentially made of natural products (vegetable/mineral bases) without any coloring agent, preservative or chemical or synthetic perfume. Bionetal is based on an innovative concept which tends towards :
- The optimal biodegradability
- An ecological approach by reducing the environmental impact of our formulas
- Products composed in large part of vegetable and mineral bases / Several ECOCERT certified products
- The best possible final quality 
- The optimal concentration of active matter in order to have a maximum of effectiveness

Labels / certifications
1 liter
5 litres
Ideal for

Specific references


Safety Data Sheet

FDS Bionetal Roof Cleaner

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Bluffant d'efficacité. En moins de 24 heures, mes dépôts verts sur ma toiture ont été "mangés" par ce nettoyant.

Paul M


RAS. Action rapide. Attention à avoir une météo sans pluie dans les heures qui suivent l'application.


anti dépôts verts

En quelques jours, les développements de champignons sur mon pignon de maison ont considérablement réduits. Un petit coup de brosse par derrière et je retrouve une façade comme je n'avais pas vu depuis bien longtemps. Très content de ce produit.


nettoyant toiture

Utilisé sur un toit d'appentit et une serre en verre. Très efficace. Je recommande vivement !


Très efficace

Utilisé il y a 2 semaines sur un muret enduit qui avait verdi au fil du temps. Les traces de verts ont quasiment toutes disparues.

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Express Cleaner for green deposits, lichens and algae - Bionetal

This is express Bionetal will be perfect for cleaning of roofs (tiles, slates, concrete,...) and facades (stone, brick, coated,...). It dries and destroys deposits and traces very quickly. Certified by Ecocert and quickly biodegradable, it takes care of the environment. 1 litre or 5 liters.

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