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Expert in organic products and insect control since 2002
Multi-purpose kitchen soap with wooden ash - 100 grs Totem Savon

Multi-purpose household soap with wood ash - 100 grs

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This solid household soap made from wood ashes has been handcrafted. It cleans and degreases all the surfaces of your home (sink, stove, worktop, bathroom, etc.) Ecological and gentle on our planet, it will also be able to detach laundry effectively. It will appeal to people wishing to reduce their use of plastic bottles. Bread of 100 grs.

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plus-produit.pngKEY POINTS TO REMEMBER

case-a-cocher.jpgCleans and degreases all surfaces
case-a-cocher.jpgIdeal for worktops, sinks, crockery, garden furniture
case-a-cocher.jpgContains wood ash: gentle abrasive power
case-a-cocher.jpgCertified by Nature et Progrès

Presentation of household soap

Cutting soap by hand

The multi-purpose household soap with wood ash is a solid soap with strong cleaning and degreasing power. No more liquid household products that systematically use a bottle that you will inevitably throw away once empty.

By using this solid household soap, you do both a real clean up in your interior but also an ecological gesture for the planet. Its use is very simple. Lather it on a damp brush or sponge and apply to the surfaces you want to clean.

This soap will convince you thanks to the richness of its foam and the degreasing and stain-removing power of wood ash.

You can therefore imagine using it in all the rooms of your house : worktop, kitchen, bathroom, dishes, sink, washbasin...

To achieve these objectives, Lise-Anne (the founder of the Savonnerie) is committed to working her products as traditionally as possible. Thus, the ingredients are organic and carefully selected. All the manufacturing steps are done by hand. This soap is a committed soap ! Solid soap is ecological and zero waste.

3 ingredients... that's it !

The household soap contains 3 ingredients, that's all ! sunflower oil, coconut oil and wood ash.

No offense to the big manufacturers and their overly elaborate chemical formulas. The formula of this household soap is simple and effective, that's enough, isn't it?Ingredients used at Totem Savon

Benefits of Multi-Purpose Household Soap

+ Cleans and degreases all surfaces
+ Ideal for worktops, sinks, crockery, garden furniture, etc.
+ Multi-use: forget specific products for each use
+ Does not dry out the skin and respects the protective hydrolipidic film of the epidermis
+ Formulated with organic ingredients
+ Contains wood ash: mild abrasive power
+ Fragrance-free: it cleans everything, that's enough, isn't it?
+ Cleans stains on clothes before washing them
+ Contains coconut oil for a lathering soap
+ Minimal packaging with kraft paper ring
+ Made, dried and cut by hand in Brittany

Focus on the active ingredients of this household soap

Active ingredients Organic sunflower oil, coconut oil and wood ashOrganic Sunflower Oil
The fat used for saponification in this soap is 100% oleic sunflower oil. Each vegetable oil has a very specific fatty acid content. However, it is these fatty acids which, once saponified, will give the soap its properties. The fatty acids in sunflower oil are known to give soap softness and soften it. Its composition is very close to that of olive oil. Rich in Omega 9 and vitamin E, oleic sunflower oil is a natural antioxidant. The sunflower oil in this soap comes from the Ursule farm in Vendée, certified organic.

Organic coconut oil
The coconut is the symbol of tropical beaches. Behind the hard shell of the fruit hides, with its pulp and its milk, a real treasure. The coconut milk, obtained by pressing the grated pulp, makes the skin soft and supple. It is also from the pulp that we obtain coconut oil, also called coconut fat. Coconut oil is a very effective vegetable oil for making cold process soap because it produces a beautiful, abundant foam and a very hard white soap. It is an oil that works well when combined with other oils. Coconut oil gives this soap a strong foaming and detergent power.

Wood ash
Wood ash is naturally rich in basic compounds and essentially in potassium hydroxide, potash (KOH, which will actually be in the form of potassium carbonate K2CO3). The wood ash used in this household soap comes from untreated, unpainted wood, free of any glue and resin. They contain potash and help to deep clean, shine and absorb bad odors. They have an undeniable gentle abrasive power which gives this household soap the multiplicity of surfaces on which you can work.

Usage tips

For dishes, worktops, bathrooms : lather with a brush or a damp sponge. Clean dishes, work surfaces, bathroom, etc. Rinse well.

To detach the laundry : moisten the stain and the soap, apply the soap. Put in machine.

Suspend the soap between 2 uses so that it dries. Or put it in a cup and also use the "juice" of the soap.

For very greasy housework, soda crystals are a good ecological supplement (see here).

 Keep out of reach of children. Keep this packaging for the time the soap is used and then dispose of it in the appropriate selective sorting.

Its composition

Contains 30% and more soap. Sunflower oil,* Coconut oil, cold saponified, wood ashes.
*Ingredients from organic farming
*AB and fair trade


Soap with the Nature et Progrès label. This label is a guarantee for consumers that they will find healthy, quality products that help to preserve and maintain life and biodiversity on our planet. Here are the criteria that enable Totem Savon to obtain the Nature et Progrès label :

  • SYNTHETIC TENSIO-ACTIVE-FREE (even those labelled organic, sci, slmi and others)
  • soaps with quality ingredients
  • soaps with local, organic and fair trade ingredients
  • soaps that are 100% local, with no ingredients from far away. Soaps that haven't been on a plane !
  • marketed in short circuits, direct sales or through a retail partner.


100 gram bread presented in a minimalist cord packaging and kraft paper label.

About the brand TOTEM SAVON

Lise-Anne Colin, creator of Totem Savon soapsTOTEM SAVON was created in 2021 by Lise-Anne Colin. It is a committed brand that offers handmade soaps for both the toilet and the household.

When designing her formulas and models of soaps, Lise-Anne targets a specific use or care (for example, daily use, or weekly exfoliation), as well as an olfactory atmosphere. And of course, she thinks about the composition, taking into account the environmental impact of the raw materials.

With Totem Soap, she wants to offer very gentle, very simple soaps for everyone. She expresses her ecological choices by proposing 3 soaps without exotic materials (coconut oil), to go to the end of her ideas. The Campagne soap is the soap that meets all her objectives: it is very gentle, 100% local and for all skin types.

Labels / certifications
Nature & Progress
100 gr
Type of surface
All surfaces
Ideal for
Ideal for
Ideal for

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Savon ménager à la cendre

Je valide. En plus, son prix est intéressant.


Belle surprise

Composition originale et très efficace. Je recommande ce savon à la cendre.

Hélène S

Très contente

nettoie facilement les taches de thé, je l'utilise pour faire la vaisselle, nettoyer la cuisine, le sol, j'adore

Nathalie H

Pas mal

Il décape vraiment, ça se sent sur les mains il ''croche'' un peu, et donc retire parfaitement la colle, la terre, le gras, la suie sur les mains... Il nettoie des surfaces grasses avec beaucoup de facilité (ne pas hésiter à frotter le savon directement sur la surface, si elle n'est pas fragile bien sûr!). Par contre je n'ai pas trouvé d'efficacité probante sur les tâches des vêtements (contrairement aux cristaux de soude + savon de Marseille). Attention à son ''accroche'' qui risque d'abimer les tissus fragiles.

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Multi-purpose household soap with wood ash - 100 grs

This solid household soap made from wood ashes has been handcrafted. It cleans and degreases all the surfaces of your home (sink, stove, worktop, bathroom, etc.) Ecological and gentle on our planet, it will also be able to detach laundry effectively. It will appeal to people wishing to reduce their use of plastic bottles. Bread of 100 grs.

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