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Double-sided grappling sponge - washable and durable - Inga - View 9

Double-sided scrubbing sponge - washable and durable

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With the INGA double-sided scrubbing sponge, say goodbye to disposable sponges full of germs. Just pop it in the washing machine (or dishwasher) and you've got a clean sponge. And as well as being hygienic, this washable sponge is highly effective and won't scratch. Sold individually.

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plus-produit.pngKEY POINTS TO REMEMBER

case-a-cocher.jpgSave money by buying just one sponge a year
case-a-cocher.jpgMachine washable or dishwasher safe
case-a-cocher.jpgDries very quickly = more hygienic
case-a-cocher.jpg3 kg of waste avoided per household

Never buy disposable sponges again !

Inga ecological scrubbing sponge

If we followed the health recommendations, we'd have to change our sponges every week. What do you mean you don't? 99% of French people are like you!

With the INGA sponge, say goodbye to disposable sponges full of germs: a quick run in the washing machine (or dishwasher) and you've got a sponge that's completely clean. And as well as being hygienic, this washable sponge is super efficient and won't scratch. Not bad, eh?

This sponge has 2 different sides and is made in Portugal. One side is made from 100% recyclable polyamide (nylon), the side that scratches without scratching. The other (the green side) is made from 100% recyclable polyester, the side that wipes and absorbs. All on a base of 100% recyclable polyurethane foam.

Inga sponge, for use in every room in the house

Your banker will thank you...
4 INGA sponges = 100 disposable sponges
At €0.90 per disposable sponge, that's €60 in savings !

And the planet too ...
3 kg of waste avoided per household
100% recyclable materials

This sponge lasts 1 year. It's made from quality, well-sourced and well-worked materials, resulting in a product that lasts a long time without making ANY CONCESSION on quality. It won't blacken, warp or show any signs of wear. If you put it through the dishwasher several times, it retains its shape and doesn't look damaged.

What's more, this sponge dries more quickly and therefore develops fewer bacteria, so it lasts longer ! Finally, its thickness is an asset, providing a solid grip while ensuring effective cleaning.

Advantages of this sponge

+ Reusable for 1 year
+ Machine or dishwasher washable
+ Cleans without scratching
+ Environmentally friendly
+ Dries very quickly

No more synthetic sponges !

With a yellow side made of foamed plastic resin stuffed with chemicals (to give it colour and increase its resistance) and an abrasive green surface made of aluminium and titanium oxide, synthetic sponges are anything but environmentally friendly.

As well as consuming a lot of energy and petroleum fuels during manufacture, it is neither recyclable nor biodegradable, and releases tiny fragments of plastic each time it is used. And yes, the more you scrub, the more you wear out the sponge and the more tiny fragments of plastic come off, contributing to the pollution of water and soil with micro-plastics. You don't have to wait for the sponge to fall apart for this to happen - small grains are already coming off the first time you use it. Fragments that will seep into the soil and then the water. A real disaster!

It really is time to change your cleaning habits and opt for an ecological sponge.

Inga ecological scrubbing sponge


Use and care

Just like a conventional sponge. Its scrubbing side won't scratch, so you can use it on glass-ceramic hobs or any other fragile surface.

A sponge needs to be treated with a lot of love. We therefore recommend that you use it gently on objects such as knives, graters or sharp objects. Even if you're the chef, we recommend putting it through the washing machine once a week (between 30°C and 60°C, 1200 rpm max for the spin cycle) to keep it really clean. It can also be put in the dishwasher on a standard cycle (as long as you spin it well afterwards).

To preserve the durability and performance of the INGA sponge, avoid using the tumble dryer. It is preferable to leave the sponge to dry in a dryer or on its stand. Also note that there is a risk of discolouration if the detergent used contains bleaching agents (optical brighteners).


100% recyclable polyamide and polyester faces; 100% recyclable polyurethane foam.

We answer your questions

Is it really more hygienic than a classic sponge ?
YES in two arguments : it dries faster and it's washable. A disposable sponge lying around at the bottom of a wet sink... Well it ends up becoming a nest
for bacteria! To keep your kitchen healthy, experts recommend changing your disposable sponge every week... Which almost nobody does. The INGA sponge, on the other hand, dries at high speed and simply goes in the machine once a week for a thorough wash.
▼ Are there any special recommendations for machine or dishwasher care ?
The INGA sponge is easy to care for. You can wash it in the washing machine at up to 60°C in its laundry net, with a maximum spin of 1200 revolutions. Alternatively, you can wash it in the dishwasher with conventional products, on any programme, with a hand spin. We recommend that you wash it before using it for the first time.
▼ Is this sponge zero waste ?
YES to 99% since you won't throw away any more sponges for a year. But it's also 1% NO, as after a while you'll be forced, dead in your tracks, to part with it. On the other hand, all our products and materials are 100% recyclable. In short, our sponges are 0.01 waste.
How do I recycle it ?
Once your sponge has been used, re-used, re-used again... In short, you get the idea. You can drop it off at any collection point near you.


130 x 80 x 25 mm


Green sponge sold individually.

Find out more about the Inga brand

Find out more about the Inga brandINGA is the story of the maniac, the skinflint and the slacker (no, it's not the title of a new Sergio Léone film) who all wanted to consume better and throw away less, but not at any price!

Realising the disasters caused by the manufacture and consumption of household paper (billions of litres of waste, litres of water consumed, CO2 emitted, trees cut down...), the three founders of INGA wanted to offer a sustainable solution.

Sustainable, yes, but not at any price. The maniac wanted it to be as efficient as disposables, the skinflint wanted it to cost less and the lazy person wanted it to be... That it be easy to use.

And so, with INGA, they embarked on a mission to encourage people to switch from disposable to sustainable products that are effective, long-lasting, practical and economical..." .

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véronique A

Très satisfaite

Éponge efficace, degraisse sans rayer.
Je suis conquise par son côté lavable en machine



plus de soucis avec les vieilles eponges suspectes...


Un peu déçue

Belle éponge avec un côté grattant pratique. Par contre elle "boit" le produit vaisselle du coup il n'y a pas de mousse au lavage. Et je suis déçue car au bout d une semaine, sans l avoir passée en machine encore, une couture a cédé.


Très bien

Je recommande vivement. Qualité au rendez vous et son côté double face est très pratique.

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Double-sided scrubbing sponge - washable and durable

With the INGA double-sided scrubbing sponge, say goodbye to disposable sponges full of germs. Just pop it in the washing machine (or dishwasher) and you've got a clean sponge. And as well as being hygienic, this washable sponge is highly effective and won't scratch. Sold individually.

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