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The benefits of organic plant oils for radiant skin

Organic plant oils have become an essential part of natural beauty routines, and rightly so! Grown in an environmentally-friendly way, these precious oils offer a multitude of benefits for the skin, from deep hydration to protection against external aggressors. Don't hesitate to immerse yourself in this sensory experience and discover the many benefits that vegetable oils can bring to your natural skincare routine.


The power of natural ingredients

Unlike conventional beauty products, which often contain synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients, organic vegetable oils are purely natural. They are extracted from seeds, fruits or nuts, and their production method guarantees that they contain no pesticides, GMOs or chemicals. This purity makes organic vegetable oils an ideal choice for those looking for gentle, health-friendly skincare solutions.


In-depth hydration

Hydration is essential for healthy, radiant skin. Organic plant oils are rich in essential fatty acids, such as omegas 3, 6 and 9, which help to keep the skin hydrated by forming a protective barrier. By penetrating deep into the epidermis, they nourish and soften the skin, restoring its suppleness and elasticity.


A cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants

Organic vegetable oils are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that are good for the skin. Vitamin E, for example, helps combat the free radicals responsible for premature skin ageing, while vitamin A promotes cell renewal. These nutrients stimulate skin regeneration and help reduce the signs of ageing, such as fine lines and age spots.


Properties for every skin type

Whatever your skin type, there's an organic plant oil to suit your specific needs. Dry skin will appreciate sweet almond oil or avocado oil for their richness in nourishing fatty acids. Oily skin will love jojoba oil, which regulates sebum without clogging pores. Sensitive skin will benefit from the soothing properties of calendula oil or chamomile oil.


Versatile use

Organic plant oils are versatile and can be incorporated into various stages of your beauty routine. Used as a moisturiser, a natural make-up remover, a massage oil or even a hair mask, they offer a multitude of possibilities for caring for your body in a natural and environmentally-friendly way.

Organic vegetable oils are a veritable treasure trove of nature, offering a healthy and effective alternative to conventional beauty products. Their moisturising, nourishing and regenerating properties make them an ideal ally for naturally radiant skin. Don't hesitate to include these botanical gems in your beauty routine to take full advantage of their exceptional benefits.

Organic Apricot Plant Oil – 100 ml – Ladrôme

Organic Apricot Kernel Vegetable Oil – 100 ml

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Ladrôme Organic Apricot Kernel Vegetable Oil is ideal for dull, tired, asphyxiated complexions. Rich in Omega 9, it contributes to the elasticity, hydration, nutrition and youthfulness of the skin. 100ml bottle.

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Apricot kernel vegetable oil is obtained by first cold pressing. Its color is light yellow sometimes orange and its smell is very light and reminiscent of walnuts or bitter almonds or marzipan.

This oil is known for its anti-aging and rejuvenating effect on all skin types. It gives a healthy glow and is an excellent base for essential oil blends and massage.

A "healthy glow" treatment par excellence, apricot kernel oil is ideal for restoring radiance and tone to the epidermis, while leaving it satiny.

Rich in vitamins A and E as well as oleic acid (omega-9), which contributes to the elasticity, hydration and nutrition of the skin, it is ideal for dull and/or tired skin.

This vegetable oil is extracted by 1st cold pressing. It is pure, 100% natural, without dyes or preservatives. Apricot kernel oil goes well with essential oils with a warm or flowery scent.

Benefits of Apricot Kernel Oil

- Illuminating oil: brings a real boost to the skin.

- Very penetrating

- Regenerating and revitalizing, it fights against the effects of ageing.

- Toning: It softens the driest skin

- Softening

- Soothing

- Emollient : It nourishes the skin and thus helps to make it more supple.

- Anti-dehydrating thanks to the hydrolipidic film reinforcement it provides.

- Calming for irritated skin and as an after-sun care. Protective, it contains a natural sunscreen filter.

Apricot kernel oil, ideal for

- Dull, tired, asphyxiated complexions,

- Tired and wrinkled skin (neckline, face and hands)

- Skin without tone

Usage tips

- Apply to the face and massage in gently. To be introduced as a fatty phase in the composition of body and face emulsions.

- It is excellent as a neutral base for dilution of essential oils and for massage.


Ecological and organic cosmetics Certified by Ecocert Greenlife, according to the ECOCERT standard - Certified Cosmébio.

The info +

The apricot tree is native to northeast China. It would have been domesticated 4000 years ago by a Chinese tribe. A century before our era, the Roman legionaries introduced it to Greece and Italy. It will not be introduced in France until the 15th century and its culture will not really establish itself there until three centuries later. At the same time, Spanish missionaries established it in southern California. Today, the greatest production of apricots takes place in the Mediterranean countries (Turkey, Spain, Syria, Greece, France) and in Iran. In America, California and Chile dominate the market.

Its composition

Prunus Armeniaca seed oil

(*) Ingredients from organic farming

100% of the total ingredients are from organic farming

100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.

Composition detail

Linoleic acid (omega 6): 22-35%

Oleic acid (omega 9): 55-72%

Palmitic acid: 3-12%

Palmitoleic acid: <2%

Stearic acid: 0.5-4%

Vitamins: A - E

Which vegetable oil for which skin ?


100ml brown glass bottle in a cardboard box. Cap with integrated drip stopper (the oil flows in a thin stream). Cardboard box from sustainably managed forests. Use of vegetable inks.

Find out more about Ladrôme apricot kernel vegetable oil

This vegetable massage oil was chosen for its qualities and properties. It comes from organic farming.

Extracted from seeds, kernels, ... a quality vegetable massage oil must be obtained by simple cold pressing and then filtered. Refuse those that are refined with solvents!

Precautions for use

External use only. Do not swallow. Store at room temperature (between 20°C and 25°C), away from air and light. This oil can naturally freeze at a temperature below 10°C.

Find out more about the Ladrôme Laboratoire brand

Ladrôme Laboratory brand logo

Since 1993, Ladrôme Laboratoire has been an expert in organic aromatic and medicinal plants. With more than 300 references, Ladrôme offers one of the most diversified palettes of natural health and well-being solutions.

They are fortunate to be located in the Biovallée®, a privileged green basin where many varieties of high quality aromatic and medicinal plants are grown. Some of their producers are very close neighbours, sometimes only a few kilometers away. Nearly 99% of their products are certified organic, the guarantee that they respect very rigorous specifications.

Ladrôme Laboratoire is always looking to improve. On the program to limit their impact: intensification of their CSR approach (carbon footprint, eco-design, etc.) and participation in the development of an environmental and social display tool (Green Impact Index) alongside 25 players in the sector.

Labels / certifications
Cosmos Organic
Labels / certifications
Eco guarantee
100 ml
Firm up - lifter
Moisturise - Nourish
Repair - regenerate - restructure
Specific care
A healthy glow - Radiant skin
Specific care
Anti-ageing - Anti-oxidant
Body area
Body area
Whole body
Body area
Skin type
Skin type
Skin type
Type of hair
Type of hair

Specific references


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Organic Apricot Kernel Vegetable Oil – 100 ml

Ladrôme Organic Apricot Kernel Vegetable Oil is ideal for dull, tired, asphyxiated complexions. Rich in Omega 9, it contributes to the elasticity, hydration, nutrition and youthfulness of the skin. 100ml bottle.

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