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Organic Calophylle Plant Oil – 30 ml – Direct Nature

Organic Calophylle vegetable oil – 30 ml

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Organic Calophylle vegetable oil is a treatment in itself thanks to its powerful active ingredients with circulatory and healing properties. An essential to treat dark circles, blotches, redness and varicose veins. It also offers a valuable regenerating and anti-inflammatory action for the skin. 30ml bottle.

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Calophyllum or Tamanu

The Calophyllum, also called Tamanu by the Tahitians or Fohara by the Malagasy, is a tropical tree with a tortuous trunk about ten meters high, which can reach 25 meters in height. Calophylle oil is extracted from the almond enclosed in the fruit of this tree. The oil, unlike most vegetable oils, does not exist in the ripe fruit when it falls from the tree. Its oil is gradually built up during the drying phase (fresh almonds are completely oil-free).

Calophylle vegetable oil is an essential ingredient in the treatment of circulatory problems such as heavy legs, rosacea, varicose veins, hemorrhoids or superficial phlebitis, but also for all inflammations of athletes. Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, it helps to calm joint and muscle pain. This oil is also well known for improving the body's blood circulation by thinning the blood and limiting the formation of blood clots.

Healing, it accelerates the regeneration of skin cells and brings suppleness and elasticity to our epidermis. Studies have thus proven that the vegetable oil of Calophylle Inophylle accelerates the healing of wounds and burns. It is therefore healing for the mucous membranes and the skin. It can be applied to wounds, acne pimples, eczema, shingles, stretch marks and bedsores.

Composed of approximately 1/3 of monounsaturated fatty acids (omega 9), 1/3 of polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 6) and a final 1/3 of saturated fatty acids, they all have active ingredients needed to tone blood circulation and keep legs light, regenerate and purify skin tissue.

This oil, very rich in pulp and in active antioxidants (vitamin E and polyphenols), sanitizers (inophyllin A) and repairers (Calaustraline and inophyllolide) is used as an ingredient in your preparations. It is an ideal oil for creating treatments intended for skin with imperfections, delicate, or for carrying out treatments to fight against stretch marks.

Focus on Calophylle vegetable oil

Organic Calophylle vegetable oil

Botanical name : Calophyllum inophyllum, from organic farming.
This tree has always had a sacred dimension in many countries. In Polynesia, it was often planted in the enclosure of the royal maraes because the gods loved its shade. The Polynesian songs of creation of the world report that Tane gave man the epidermis of the Ati for the mottled, speckled appearance of its wood. Calophylle vegetable oil has a slightly thick texture which thins out when heated, a greenish color and a pronounced smell reminiscent of curry or coffee, but you shouldn't stop there! This vegetable oil has many therapeutic properties. It will inevitably find its place in the family pharmacy as its uses can be numerous for our daily life. It takes 100 kilos of seeds to provide only 5 kilos of cold-pressed vegetable oil !

Properties of Calophylle vegetable oil

+ Healing : promotes tissue regeneration and brings suppleness and elasticity to the skin

+ Blood thinner : stimulates blood circulation (ideal against heavy legs and varicose veins)

+ Muscle and joint pain : Analgesic and anti-inflammatory, it relieves muscle, joint and rheumatic pain.

+ Purifying : perfects skin with imperfections

+ Antiseptic : recommended in case of mycosis, herpes, shingles, even scabies or ringworm.

+ Antioxidant and skin regenerator

+ Softening

+ Lymphatic draining

Calophylle : what types of skin ?

Calophylle oil is particularly effective for blemished, dry, uncomfortable, injured, irritated or reactive skin. Its fairly thick texture makes it moderately penetrating and quite greasy to the touch compared to other vegetable oils, but its benefits on the skin are indisputable.

And for the hair ?

Calophylle oil is not the one found in the top 5 hair oils. Despite everything, we know that it prevents hair loss thanks to its toning properties. It protects the hair fiber, strengthens it and nourishes it deeply. The hair becomes supple again. It will therefore be necessary to combine it with other oils such as jojoba, sesame and a few drops of essential oils such as lavender and geranium to make a repairing mask for dry and damaged hair.

Calophylle oil is indicated in case of

- Diffuse redness
- Skin with imperfections
- Scaly, dry skin
- Care for skin prone to discomfort
- Helps fight against stretch marks
- Light legs
- Joint discomfort

Usage tips

- in massage on the body and face
- in gel against heavy legs
- in restorative care oil
- as a neutral base to dilute essential oils
- in care against diffuse redness
- in anti-stretch mark or anti-wrinkle care

Info +

Calophylle oil has regenerating and anti-wrinkle properties that will delight mature skin. Thanks to its healing and anti-radical action, the skin of the face is renewed and regains suppleness and elasticity. This oil with multiple benefits also takes care of the skin after exposure to the sun.

Examples of uses of Calophylle vegetable oil

Against the feeling of heavy legs
The double blood thinning and toning action of the circulatory system will allow this oil to both protect the capillaries, arteries and veins by toning them and therefore limit circulation problems, but also to thin the blood and limit the formation of blood clots. This makes it perfect for reducing the feeling of heavy legs. Just massage your legs from bottom to top with a few drops morning and evening.

Against rheumatism and muscle pain
Calophylle oil is known for its analgesic properties. Combined with an anti-inflammatory action, it is particularly effective against joint, muscle and nerve pain. It will be enough to massage with a few drops on the painful areas. Adding 1 drop of wintergreen essential oil will make the effect even more powerful.

Against dark circles
Who says dark circles, often says poor circulation. The circulatory and fluidifying properties will make it possible to attenuate the dark circles observed. It will be enough to massage under the eyes with a drop of Calophylle in the morning and in the evening.

To heal wounds, pimples, scratches, wounds...
Calophylle vegetable oil has a lactone (calophyllolide) with antibiotic properties responsible for these exceptional healing benefits. Its healing and skin regenerating properties will be very useful to promote good healing of the skin. As soon as it is damaged and inflamed, Calophylle can help you. Think about it !

For blotchy skin
Cleanse the face with a gentle product and apply Helichrysum floral water (without drying). Pour 2 drops of Calophyllum oil (50%) and 2 drops of Macadamia oil (50%) in the palm of your hand and apply to the face.

Against cellulite and stretch marks
Once again, the excellent circulatory properties of Calophylle coupled with its composition rich in Omega 6 and 9 will allow both to stimulate blood circulation by dislodging the fat accumulated in the buttocks and thighs but also to bring flexibility. and elasticity to the skin. To do this, simply massage the affected areas for a long time and effectively.

Its composition

Calophyllum inophyllum seed oil
(*) Ingredient from organic farming.


30ml brown glass bottle. Cap with integrated drip stopper (the oil flows in a thin stream).

Precautions and storage

Calophylle oil is slightly reddening, it gives a feeling of warmth and can cause slight inflammation after application to sensitive skin. In a massage oil, limit the amount of Calophylle oil to 10-20%. Keep your vegetable oils properly closed and out of reach of children. In general, keep away from light and heat. If you use your vegetable oils for cosmetic use, you can add 8 drops of vitamin E per 100 ml of oil (directly in the bottle) in order to protect your vegetable oils against oxidation and preserve their properties intact throughout the period conservation.

More about the Direct Nature brand

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Since 2007, Direct Nature has specialized in the manufacture and distribution of essential oil diffusers in all forms and for all markets, becoming a key player in the French market.

Direct Nature also offers a range of pure and blended essential oils, certified organic or natural, made in France, as well as a wide range of body care products, certified organic or natural, with essential or vegetable oils, and finally a range of natural products for the home.

As a human-sized company, Direct Nature reconciles internal development and subcontracting to specialized partners in order to respond efficiently and reactively to requests in each of its fields of expertise.

30 ml

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Organic Calophylle vegetable oil – 30 ml

Organic Calophylle vegetable oil is a treatment in itself thanks to its powerful active ingredients with circulatory and healing properties. An essential to treat dark circles, blotches, redness and varicose veins. It also offers a valuable regenerating and anti-inflammatory action for the skin. 30ml bottle.

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