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Jojoba Bio vegetable oil – 100 ml – Ladrôme

Organic Jojoba vegetable oil – 100 ml

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Jojoba vegetable oil is ideal for rebalancing acne-prone skin but also dry skin. It also reduces greasy hair. Low greasy and balancing. 100ml bottle.

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Jojoba seeds

Jojoba is a shrub that likes the semi-desert areas of Mexico and the United States. It is from its seed that liquid wax or jojoba oil is extracted. Its properties are remarkable for moisturizing, restructuring and rebalancing the epidermis and hair.

Jojoba vegetable oil is a liquid wax whose composition is very close to human sebum. This feature gives it exceptional balancing, moisturizing and restructuring properties. Non-greasy and fast-absorbing, it is particularly suitable for acne-prone skin, as well as dry or sensitive skin.

It also helps remove excess sebum from oily hair.

Properties of jojoba vegetable oil

Jojoba vegetable oil is traditionally used to revitalize and rebalance oily skin.

Due to its composition, jojoba massage oil has many interesting properties :

- These fatty acids optimize the permeability and therefore the hydration of the skin by minimizing water loss.

- Jojoba oil is one of the rare oils whose composition is similar to that of human sebum. It will therefore participate in regulating its production and fight against oily hair and acne. It therefore has an anti-seborrheic action.

- The vegetable ceramides contained in this oil will act as a repairer by smoothing the scales of the hair. They will coat, protect and strengthen the hair. These will be smoother, more supple, shinier and easier to detangle.

These ceramides also act on the skin. They give the skin a healthy appearance, participate in the restoration of the lipid barrier, protect the skin from dehydration. Your skin will be more supple, softer, firmer.

- The linoleic acid contained in jojoba oil is involved in cell regeneration. It slows down the effects of aging and in particular the loss of elasticity.

- Jojoba oil can be used at all ages and on all skin types, whether dry, oily, acne-prone or even sensitive, such as baby's.

- Jojoba oil, with its high content of unsaponifiables, acts as a "sun filter". It will therefore participate in the protection of the skin and hair against the sun. However, it will not replace a real UVA-UVB filter.

- By the absence of triglycerides in its composition, it is a stable oil that does not go rancid.

Usage tips

- Light massages of the face, hair and body

- Excellent natural makeup remover

- Neutral base for diluting essential oils


Ecological and organic cosmetics Certified by Ecocert Greenlife, according to the ECOCERT standard - Certified Cosmébio

The info +

This vegetable oil is extracted by 1st cold pressing. It is pure, 100% natural, without dyes or preservatives. In recent years, jojoba oil has experienced a triumphant and well-deserved rise. It is distinguished from other vegetable oils by its waxy consistency. It becomes liquid above 10°C. It is obtained by pressing the small seeds of jojoba. This almost odorless oil keeps for a long time, naturally.

It is perfect for the skin, into which it penetrates without leaving a greasy film. Due to its moisturizing properties, it is ideal for the care of flabby skin, which it smoothes and firms, such as rough and damaged skin.

Its composition

Simmondsia Chinensis Oil*, Tocopherol.

(*) Ingredients from organic farming

99.8% of the total ingredients are from organic farming

100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin

Composition detail

Saturated fatty acid: 3%

Linoleic acid (omega 6): 0.1%

Oleic acid (omega 9): 10%

Palmitoleic acid (omega 7): 1%

Gadoleic and erucic acid: 86%

Vitamins: E

Which vegetable oil for which skin?


100ml brown glass bottle in a cardboard box. Cap with integrated drip stopper (the oil flows in a thin stream). Cardboard box from sustainably managed forests. Use of vegetable inks.

Learn more about jojoba vegetable oil

This vegetable massage oil was chosen for its qualities and properties. It comes from organic farming.

Extracted from seeds, pits, etc., a quality vegetable massage oil must be obtained by simple cold pressing and then filtered. Refuse those that are refined with solvents!

Precautions for use

Store at room temperature (between 20°C and 25°C), away from air and light. This oil can naturally freeze at a temperature below 10°C.

Find out more about the Ladrôme Laboratoire brand

Ladrôme Laboratory brand logo

Since 1993, Ladrôme Laboratoire has been an expert in organic aromatic and medicinal plants. With more than 300 references, Ladrôme offers one of the most diversified palettes of natural health and well-being solutions.

They are fortunate to be located in the Biovallée®, a privileged green basin where many varieties of high quality aromatic and medicinal plants are grown. Some of their producers are very close neighbours, sometimes only a few kilometers away. Nearly 99% of their products are certified organic, the guarantee that they respect very rigorous specifications.

Ladrôme Laboratoire is always looking to improve. On the program to limit their impact: intensification of their CSR approach (carbon footprint, eco-design, etc.) and participation in the development of an environmental and social display tool (Green Impact Index) alongside 25 players in the sector.

Labels / certifications
100 ml
Moisturize - nourish
Repair - regenerate - restructure
Regulate the sebum
Specific care
Anti-aging - Anti-oxidant
Specific care
Buttons - imperfections
Body area
Face face face
Body area
Skin type
Skin type
Skin type
A specific problem / small bobos
Skin type
Skin type
Hair type
Hair type

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Organic Jojoba vegetable oil – 100 ml

Jojoba vegetable oil is ideal for rebalancing acne-prone skin but also dry skin. It also reduces greasy hair. Low greasy and balancing. 100ml bottle.

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