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The benefits of organic plant oils for radiant skin

Organic plant oils have become an essential part of natural beauty routines, and rightly so! Grown in an environmentally-friendly way, these precious oils offer a multitude of benefits for the skin, from deep hydration to protection against external aggressors. Don't hesitate to immerse yourself in this sensory experience and discover the many benefits that vegetable oils can bring to your natural skincare routine.


The power of natural ingredients

Unlike conventional beauty products, which often contain synthetic and potentially harmful ingredients, organic vegetable oils are purely natural. They are extracted from seeds, fruits or nuts, and their production method guarantees that they contain no pesticides, GMOs or chemicals. This purity makes organic vegetable oils an ideal choice for those looking for gentle, health-friendly skincare solutions.


In-depth hydration

Hydration is essential for healthy, radiant skin. Organic plant oils are rich in essential fatty acids, such as omegas 3, 6 and 9, which help to keep the skin hydrated by forming a protective barrier. By penetrating deep into the epidermis, they nourish and soften the skin, restoring its suppleness and elasticity.


A cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants

Organic vegetable oils are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that are good for the skin. Vitamin E, for example, helps combat the free radicals responsible for premature skin ageing, while vitamin A promotes cell renewal. These nutrients stimulate skin regeneration and help reduce the signs of ageing, such as fine lines and age spots.


Properties for every skin type

Whatever your skin type, there's an organic plant oil to suit your specific needs. Dry skin will appreciate sweet almond oil or avocado oil for their richness in nourishing fatty acids. Oily skin will love jojoba oil, which regulates sebum without clogging pores. Sensitive skin will benefit from the soothing properties of calendula oil or chamomile oil.


Versatile use

Organic plant oils are versatile and can be incorporated into various stages of your beauty routine. Used as a moisturiser, a natural make-up remover, a massage oil or even a hair mask, they offer a multitude of possibilities for caring for your body in a natural and environmentally-friendly way.

Organic vegetable oils are a veritable treasure trove of nature, offering a healthy and effective alternative to conventional beauty products. Their moisturising, nourishing and regenerating properties make them an ideal ally for naturally radiant skin. Don't hesitate to include these botanical gems in your beauty routine to take full advantage of their exceptional benefits.

Organic Noise Vegetable Oil – 30 ml – Direct Nature

Organic Hazelnut vegetable oil – 30 ml

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Organic Hazelnut vegetable oil is a must have in the family cupboard! Very rich in lipids and composed of many essential fatty acids, it is the perfect ally for combination to oily skin. Non-greasy, penetrating, with a pleasant texture accompanied by a good smell, it is an oil of choice for massage products. 30ml bottle.

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hazel fruits

On the plate or on the skin, vegetable hazelnut oil is excellent.

The hazelnut is the oleaginous fruit which contains the highest lipid content. Its high rate of oleic acid gives it extraordinary softening properties used in cosmetics. Very dry, hazelnut oil penetrates easily and deeply and is perfect for making massage oils and aromatic treatments. Thanks to its great fluidity, it penetrates easily and reaches the deep layer of the skin without leaving a greasy film on the surface. This makes it very useful as a muscle massage oil, with the addition of essential oils.

Hazelnut oil also has the property of regulating sebum production in oily skin and softening dry and sensitive skin, giving the skin a soft and silky feel. It is therefore the ideal oil for formulating beauty products for combination to oily skin, for acne-prone or problem skin, for dry skin or for sensitive skin.

It promotes the elimination of blackheads, tightens pores and helps repair skin tissue. It prevents dehydration by restoring the skin's hydrolipidic film and fights cell aging in mature skin, thus limiting the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A and E, it is regenerating for sensitive skin or skin prone to blushing, and rebalancing for dry and combination skin.

It is recommended in care products to prevent and massage stretch marks and scars because it softens the skin by making it more elastic.

Regarding its nutritional benefits, beyond the fact that it has a taste and smell very popular with gourmets, its composition is very complete : fat-soluble bioactive fatty acids (tocopherols and phytosterols), vitamins (vitamin A and E), minerals (selenium , calcium), essential amino acids, antioxidant phenolic compounds (caffeic acid), dietary fiber (soluble form) and bioactive phytochemicals. Thanks to all this, hazelnut vegetable oil helps lower blood pressure, has vermifuge (tapeworm) and anti-anemic (iron deficiency in the body) properties.

Focus on hazelnut vegetable oil


Botanical name : Corylus avellana L., from organic farming
The hazel tree, long called (and confused with) the hazel tree, is a tree of the Betulaceae family present in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. This tree has an air of mystery since dowsers use its branches to discover well-hidden water points underground. Its fruit, the hazelnut, is well known and consumed by men for a very long time. Fossilized hazelnuts over 10,000 years old have been found at archaeological sites. The oil extracted from the hazelnut has a very fluid texture, a beautiful amber yellow color, a very characteristic smell and a unique taste that will delight the taste buds.

Properties of hazelnut oil

+ Protective : prevents skin dehydration

+ Very penetrating without leaving a greasy film

+ Restorative : promotes the regeneration of the hydrolipidic film of the skin

+ Softening and softening : gives the skin a soft and silky feel

+ Sebum regulator : regulates sebum production in oily skin

+ Anti-anemic action : fights against iron deficiencies in the body

+ Vermifuge action : fight against intestinal parasites and especially solitary worms

+ An incomparable taste and fragrance in your kitchen

Hazelnut : what skin types ?

Hazelnut vegetable oil is perfect for all skin types. But it offers its full potential on oily or problem skin. Its rapid penetration makes it an excellent cosmetic product. It is suitable for sensitive and delicate skin lacking in hydrolipidic film and especially for the skin of babies and the elderly. It calms itching, skin inflammation of dry skin that is easily irritated. It promotes the healing of cracks (breasts, hands, feet). It is active in the prevention of stretch marks in association with other vegetable oils.

And for the hair ?

The sebum-regulating action of hazelnut vegetable oil is ideal for taking care of oily or quickly regreasing hair. It is applied directly to the scalp, in an oil bath, and left on overnight. It hydrates the hair without weighing it down. Hazelnut oil is also particularly recommended for colored, dry or damaged hair. It is applied as a mask on the lengths and ends, then left on for 30 minutes before rinsing.

Hazelnut oil is indicated in case of

- Fragile skin
- From mixed to oily skin
- Problem skin (pimples, blackheads, red cheeks, skin marks)
- Oily, colored, dry or damaged hair
- Carrier ingredient for essential oil rubs
- Prevention and massage of stretch marks and scars
- Damaged hands and feet (chapped, cracked skin)
- Distended skin

Usage tips

- In massage or local application on the face or on the body, for all skin types
- In neutral base to dilute essential oils
- In creams, fluid emulsions for young problem skin
- In revitalizing purifying treatments for the face

Examples of uses of hazelnut vegetable oil

Against muscle pain
The strong penetrating power of this vegetable oil, without leaving a greasy film on the surface, is particularly suitable for massage, and in particular to prepare the muscle for training, or to relax it after exercise.

For fragile, dehydrated and reddened skin
The phospholipids, vitamin A and E as well as the calcium contained in hazelnut vegetable oil will contribute to skin protection and deep hydration. Simply massage a few drops of Hazelnut oil into your skin morning and evening. Combined with essential oils of true lavender and Roman chamomile, weakened skin will be soothed.

For problem skin
In a 5 ml roll-on bottle, mix 3 ml of hazelnut carrier oil with 30 drops of tea tree essential oil and 30 drops of lemon eucalyptus essential oil. Use one drop 4 times a day if necessary in local application on the acne pimple or boil. Do not use near the eye area.

Against oily hair
This low-greasy oil helps your scalp to regulate sebum secretion. It is recommended for oily scalps or hair that gets greasy quickly. To purify your scalp, apply 2 to 3 drops of oil by massaging on your scalp. Leave on overnight then wash your hair. For lengths, heat 3 to 4 drops in your hands, apply evenly to the ends (avoiding the roots), leave on and shampoo. In order to accentuate its moisturizing power and facilitate its application, you can also mix it with Aloe Vera gel, itself very good for the health of your skin and your hair !

For its nutritional benefits
Hazelnut oil is widely used in food for its fragrance, but also for its dietary benefits. Its composition helps to lower blood pressure, has deworming and anti-anemic properties. All you have to do is include hazelnut oil in your diet in addition to olive oil, for example. It can be used cold to season a salad or as a drizzle just before serving.

For a nourishing mask
All you need to do is add a tablespoon of hazelnut vegetable oil to the clay.

Its composition

Prunus weaponniaca kernel oil*
(*) Ingredients from organic farming
100% of the ingredients are natural and organic.


30ml brown glass bottle. Cap with integrated drip stopper (the oil flows in a thin stream).

Precautions and storage

Hazelnut vegetable oil goes rancid easily. It is best to preserve it from air and light and keep it in the refrigerator. It cannot be heated. People allergic to nuts should seek medical advice before use. Keep your vegetable oils properly closed and out of reach of children. In general, keep away from light and heat. If you use your vegetable oils for cosmetic use, you can add 8 drops of vitamin E per 100 ml of oil (directly in the bottle) in order to protect your vegetable oils against oxidation and preserve their properties intact throughout the period conservation.

More about the Direct Nature brand

Direct Nature logo

Since 2007, Direct Nature has specialized in the manufacture and distribution of essential oil diffusers in all forms and for all markets, becoming a key player in the French market.

Direct Nature also offers a range of pure and blended essential oils, certified organic or natural, made in France, as well as a wide range of body care products, certified organic or natural, with essential or vegetable oils, and finally a range of natural products for the home.

As a human-sized company, Direct Nature reconciles internal development and subcontracting to specialized partners in order to respond efficiently and reactively to requests in each of its fields of expertise.

30 ml
Tighten pores
Repair - regenerate - restructure
Moisturise - Nourish
Regulate the sebum
Specific care
Skin marks
Specific care
Zebra skin, dizzy
Specific care
Pimples - Blemishes
Specific care
Skin cracked
Specific care
Body area
Whole body
Body area
Body area
Body area
Skin type
Skin type
Skin type
A specific problem/small aches and pains
Skin type
Skin type
Type of hair
Type of hair
A problems
Type of hair

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Organic Hazelnut vegetable oil – 30 ml

Organic Hazelnut vegetable oil is a must have in the family cupboard! Very rich in lipids and composed of many essential fatty acids, it is the perfect ally for combination to oily skin. Non-greasy, penetrating, with a pleasant texture accompanied by a good smell, it is an oil of choice for massage products. 30ml bottle.

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