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Green clay tube ready to use - 400 grs

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Green Argile ready for employment : Exceptionally rich in rare minerals useful to your body and rigorously selected, this paste adapts to all your applications and brings you incredible comfort. Ideal for stacking and cataplasm. Tube 400 gr.

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Presentation green clay paste

Exemple cataplasme à l'argile verte

Green clay is the most popular clay. She is part of the illite family. Green illite clay is the most absorbent clay. It cleans and purifies oily skin with imperfections. It is ideal for preparing masks, poultices, and wraps. This clay is a must!

Thanks to its rigorous and high quality charter, Argiletz offers you this green clay paste rich in minerals and trace elements to both help treat and relieve a large number of small daily health ailments but also bring an incredible comfort. This green clay paste is remineralising, regenerating and revitalizing. Ideal for oily skin, it absorbs impurities and excess sebum.

Illite green clay is ground to obtain a fine and homogeneous grain size, perfectly suited to cosmetic use and very pleasant to apply. Drying green clay in the sun optimizes and preserves its qualities, unlike artificial drying. The quality of the clay is rigorously controlled, in particular its content of impurities, its microbiological purity, and the homogeneity of the powder.

A must for young adults against irritation, redness, muscle pain...

The presentation in a ready-to-use tube allows good conservation and easy use of the clay on a daily basis.

Benefits of green clay paste

Argile verte illite

- Soothing action on the body and skin
- Rich in minerals and trace elements
- Apply as a beauty mask, particularly recommended for oily skin
- Relieves weakened areas of the body in the form of a plaster
- Can also be used as a very thick poultice to maintain and complete the effects of a spa treatment
- Large ready-to-use format: practical and usable immediately
- Guaranteed sun-dried clay, 100% natural, non-ionized, preservative-free
- No animal testing
- Non-polluting and recyclable packaging

Usage tips

Exemple d'application de l'argile verte

Apply this green clay paste in more or less thick layers, on the areas of the body to be treated. Can be applied in the mouth, on the gums.

Plaster : apply the clay directly to the skin in a layer 1 to 2 cm thick, leave to act for 1 to 2 hours maximum.

Poultice : place in the center of the cloth - or kraft paper - the clay paste 2 cm thick, fold the 4 corners of the cloth and apply directly to the desired area.

In both cases, remove as much clay as possible and rinse with lukewarm water. Do not let the clay dry out.

Mask : apply a thick layer, leave to act for 10 minutes. Do not let the clay dry out. Rinse with lukewarm water. Wipe your skin. Then apply a moisturizer. For fragile and dry skin, prefer a softer clay and add vegetable oil.

Tip : Avoid using utensils made of iron, oxidizable metals or plastic (the metal can interact with the ions in the clay and modify its properties). Wooden spoons, stoneware or glass jars work well.

Small zoom on green clay

Since antiquity, its virtues have been known and used for many curative uses but also for washing clothes, making pottery, tablets for writing and bricks for construction... it is even used by ancient Egyptians for mummification because of its antiseptic and purifying properties. It was part of the pharmacopoeia among the Chinese, Greeks and Romans.

Green clay is a natural mineral from the family of phylosillicates (like talc and micas). It is composed of hydrated aluminum silicate, its green color comes from its richness in iron oxide. Its lamellar structure (in sheets) gives it very good absorbent properties. Not very mineralized but very absorbent, it is preferably used in preparations intended for oily skin and acne-prone skin. Green clay is the most common clay. It is used in industry for its ability to remove waste and pump out impurities as well as for making pottery and brick. It is the most popular clay for skin care.


Its composition

Illite green clay 53% - Water 47%.


Keep dry. Fear the frost.


Tube ready to use of 400 grs.

ARGILETZ nature quality charter

Product respecting the nature quality charter Argiletz® :

  • 100% natural
  • Guaranteed sun-dried
  • Without ionization
  • Not tested on animals

Want to know more about clay ?

Find our complete file on the benefits of clay.



About the Argiletz brand

En savoir plus sur la marque Argiletz

Find out more about the Argiletz brand Precious earth rich in trace elements, it is with natural illite green clay that the Argiletz laboratory has been committed, for more than 70 years, to making known the remarkable virtues of clay. Clay is wonderful for the skin. Argiletz laboratories have selected a whole range of clays so that you can find the clay that best suits you to enjoy the benefits of its application as a beauty mask.

Made from 100% natural green, white, red, pink or yellow clay, Argiletz products use ingredients of natural and organic origin and are mostly Cosmebio certified by Ecocert.

With its expertise, Argiletz offers high quality products that are subject to rigorous scientific testing and controls. The clays used are naturally dried in the sun and do not undergo any ionization process.

Argiletz products are guaranteed free of preservatives, colorings and synthetic fragrances and free of petrochemical ingredients. They are not tested on animals.

400 gr
Skin type
Normal to dry
Skin type
Mixed to oily
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Green clay
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Sophie T.

Très pratique

Je l'utilise quand je n'ai pas le temps de faire le mélange à base d'argile concassée (2h d'attente) et c'est très efficace. Parfait aussi pour partir en vacances et toujours en avoir de prêt sous la main !
Très facile d'application grâce au tube.

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Green clay tube ready to use - 400 grs

Green Argile ready for employment : Exceptionally rich in rare minerals useful to your body and rigorously selected, this paste adapts to all your applications and brings you incredible comfort. Ideal for stacking and cataplasm. Tube 400 gr.

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