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Chamane balm, heals, soothes and regenerates – 30 ml

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This Chamane balm has a composition particularly suitable for healing skin conditions, soothing and healing the skin (hazelnut, beeswax, essential oils...). It will be particularly ideal against burns, eczema or help the healing of a tattoo. 30ml jar.

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Presentation of the Shamane balm

Gamme de produits Grain

Wounds, scars, lesions on the skin… The skin protects and insulates the body against the external environment. When a wound occurs, the body naturally triggers a natural biological phenomenon: healing. It is a complex repair process during which the body must stop the bleeding, protect, cleanse and close the wound. The damaged tissue must be reconstituted, as close as possible to the initial tissue.

A burn, a recent tattoo, eczema, triggers this reaction in the body to reconstitute the tissues of the epidermis. To help your skin in this process of reconstitution, a healing balm is invaluable.

The Chamane balm from the Grain brand has been formulated with this in mind. Its composition is particularly suitable for healing skin conditions, soothing and healing the skin. It includes organic hazelnut vegetable oil, organic beeswax and essential oils (tea tree and rosat geranium). With this Chamane balm, your skin is nourished, hydrated, softened, regenerated and soothed. Lesions on the skin will heal faster and in the best conditions.

Using a balm like this has many benefits for the whole family. Treating a scratch so that it heals faster, accelerating the healing of all small everyday skin lesions. The goal is not to replace the natural healing of small lesions but to accelerate its process. However, this allows the skin to regain a smoother appearance as soon as possible.

Like the other products in the Grain range, this balm is made with complete respect for the ingredients that make it up by Anaïs, the company's creator. A global, ethical, artisanal approach, respecting the environment, from production to processing. Oil, plants and hydrosol are produced by independent French producers, committed to organic and sustainable agriculture.

Finally, its small size will allow you to slip it easily into a handbag or a travel case.

Benefits of Organic Shamane Balm

+ Heals skin conditions, soothes and regenerates the skin
+ Ideal in case of bites, burns, herpes, eczema, recent tattoo...
+ Handcrafted in Brittany
+ Vegetable oil and honey produced by independent French producers committed to organic and sustainable agriculture
+ Organic plants
+ Planting, harvesting and processing by hand
+ No added fragrance, just plants that wish you well
+ The label, the glue and the packaging are 100% recyclable, the vegetable ink

Zoom on key assets

Active ingredients hazelnut oil, beeswax and essential oils of tea tree and geraniumOrganic hazelnut oil
Very rich in essential fatty acids, vegetable hazelnut oil softens and deeply moisturizes the skin. Very penetrating and dry to the touch, this oil nevertheless softens your skin in depth without leaving a greasy film. It prevents dehydration by restoring the cutaneous hydrolipidic film and makes the skin soft and silky. This hazelnut oil gives this balm restorative, regenerating and antioxidant properties. For an in-depth action on your skin

Organic beeswax
On the skin, this product secreted by bees to make their hexagonal combs, is a guarantee of faster healing thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. A cut, a callus, an abrasion, an open blister, these little everyday injuries can be solved by applying warmed wax in a bain-marie. Even hives attacks during eczema, an inflammatory skin disease, can be relieved by this remedy which can reduce itching. The wax owes its curative powers to its composition made of cerotic acid and palmitic acid among others, but also elements that are still unknown today. Beeswax protects the skin from UV rays and facilitates its regeneration. Plus, it absorbs and retains moisture, leaving your skin fresh and supple. The beeswax contained in this balm is produced by Christian, in Belle île en mer, organically. It preserves the black bee of Brittany and just for that, it's magic.

Organic tea tree and geranium essential oils
Tea tree : Purifying, broad-spectrum antibacterial and very gentle, Tea tree essential oil is a must in aromatherapy. It is recommended as an accompaniment during infectious episodes. It is also the most famous for the care of skin with imperfections. Also very antifungal, it will overcome all types of fungal infections. But above all, it is the antiseptic to have at home in case of a wound or a little sore!

Geranium : Regenerating, the essential oil of Geranium is widely used in case of skin prone to redness. Its purifying compounds make Geranium essential oil an ideal skincare ingredient for uncomfortable or blemish-prone skin. Its sweet rosy and fruity smell automatically places it in the perfect essential oils for beauty care. Wrinkles, acne, herpes, mycoses, your skin problems will only be a bad memory.

Usage tips

Apply on clean skin. Penetrate well. Do not use on children under 5 years old !

Its composition

hazelnut oil*, beeswax*, essential oils of tea tree* and rose geranium*, vitamin E

INCI Ingredients

Corylus Avellana Seed Oil*, Cera Alba*, Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil*, Pelargonium Graveolens Flower Oil*, Helianthus Anuus Seed Oil*, Tocopherol, Citral, Citronellol, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool *

*Ingredients from organic farming.


Glass pot of 30 ml.

Storage time

12 months after opening.

About the GRAIN brand (Engaged Artisanal Cosmetics)

Anaïs Bouilly, creator of the Grain cosmetics range

GRAIN is a committed brand that offers cosmetics made north of Rennes, in Brittany by Anaïs.

The principle : common sense and life !

- Medicinal plants grown on living soil (no chemicals used) in Guipel (35)
- Planting, harvesting, processing by hand
- Drying and solar maceration (protected from UV rays)
- Cold processing to preserve plant active ingredients
- Additional ingredients from independent French producers
- 100% recyclable packaging
- Label printed on FSC paper, vegan glue, machines powered by renewable energy.

No need for a label to do things right !

30 ml

Specific references


Titouan M

Etonnant !

Je l'ai utilisé pour 2 choses différentes : une brûlure superficielle sur le bras et une cicatrisation de tatouage et j'ai été bluffé par le résultat ! En plus, pas besoin d'en mettre beaucoup car produit bien concentré. Donc finalement pas si cher que ça au vu de sa durée.

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Chamane balm, heals, soothes and regenerates – 30 ml

This Chamane balm has a composition particularly suitable for healing skin conditions, soothing and healing the skin (hazelnut, beeswax, essential oils...). It will be particularly ideal against burns, eczema or help the healing of a tattoo. 30ml jar.

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