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Reduced price Green clay bands ready for use Argiletz

Green clay strip ready to use

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Fast to pose, very effective, this band contains all the authentic qualities of clays Argiletz® sustainable relief tired or hardened muscles.

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When to use these green clay strips ?

Bande Textilit Argiletz - produit breveté

After a fall, a trauma, during a blow, for pain, rheumatism, after a sustained effort, a long walk (it relieves the feet), tendinitis, a strain, a sprain, in rehabilitation, for an illness back, certain dermatoses, heavy, impure skin...

During the practice of a sport or on vacation, to always have with you a quick and effective way to relieve a tired or sore muscle while waiting to apply a poultice of thicker green clay paste.

Advantages of this clay strip

+ 100% natural and 100% biodegradable
+ Made in France by Argiletz
+ guaranteed sun-dried
+ Without preservative
+ Without ionization
+ Dermatologically tested finished product
+ Not tested on animals.

Bande Textilit Argiletz - produit breveté

Green clay, applied as a poultice

- Sustainably relieves tired or sore muscles.

- Very effective and quick to apply, these strips contain all the authentic qualities of green clays.

Usage tips

These clay strips are for external application only. Cut the strip to the required size in at least 3 layers. Moisten the clay with cold or lukewarm water then apply to the area to be relieved. Hold for an hour or more. Repeat the operation 2 to 3 times a day.

Its composition

98% green clay and 75g/m² dry cellulose non-woven support (2% cellulose binders).


Keep dry. Fear the frost.


Set of 2 strips of green clay ready to use (5m x 8.5cm). To be cut to the desired size for a poultice in the treatment of muscle pain.

History of clay

The first users of clay for therapeutic purposes were animals! By instinct, they wallowed in the mud there when their physical integrity was affected by an injury or any other trauma.

We find traces of its use among the Egyptians, the Chinese, the Greeks, the Romans,... Gradually neglected over the centuries, clay regained its place thanks to certain naturopaths who used it successfully to cure certain ailments.

About the Argiletz brand

En savoir plus sur la marque Argiletz

Find out more about the Argiletz brand Precious earth rich in trace elements, it is with natural illite green clay that the Argiletz laboratory has been committed, for more than 70 years, to making known the remarkable virtues of clay. Clay is wonderful for the skin. Argiletz laboratories have selected a whole range of clays so that you can find the clay that best suits you to enjoy the benefits of its application as a beauty mask.

Made from 100% natural green, white, red, pink or yellow clay, Argiletz products use ingredients of natural and organic origin and are mostly Cosmebio certified by Ecocert.

With its expertise, Argiletz offers high quality products that are subject to rigorous scientific testing and controls. The clays used are naturally dried in the sun and do not undergo any ionization process.

Argiletz products are guaranteed free of preservatives, colorings and synthetic fragrances and free of petrochemical ingredients. They are not tested on animals.

Key assets
Green clay

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Mais ne remplace pas un cataplasme


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Très pratique pour faire des cataplasmes sur un mollet ou un bras. Je recommande ce produit

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Green clay strip ready to use

Fast to pose, very effective, this band contains all the authentic qualities of clays Argiletz® sustainable relief tired or hardened muscles.

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