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Ecological and bioplastic refillable green medium toothbrush - Caliquo

Medium ecological and refillable bioplastic toothbrush

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Delivery expected from 10/03/2023

Equipped with a bioplastic handle whose color you choose, this ecological toothbrush with medium bristles has a rechargeable head that allows you to keep its handle and replace only the worn part, i.e. the bristles! Thanks to the secure clip system, all you have to do is press down on the head to throw it away and then snap a new one back on! 4 colors to choose from.

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Caliquo, an ecological concept of refillable toothbrush

Brosse à dent écologique à tête rechargeable Caliquo

Disposable toothbrushes in France represent 1400 tons of waste per year of non-recycled and non-recyclable plastics because they are made of mixed plastics. A conventional toothbrush weighs about 18 grams. 18 grams of plastic are therefore thrown away every 3 months, while only the bristles of the brush are used.

The Caliquo company has therefore decided to act by proposing ecological toothbrushes to get out of the era of all plastic by creating everyday objects that are sustainable and/or zero waste.

The refillable head system was developed in 2013 and it allows their toothbrushes to remain in our bathrooms for a long, long time! Thanks to this concept, plastic waste is divided by 8: only 8 grams per year are thrown away, which is less than a single disposable toothbrush. The used heads are then recycled, nylon on one side and base on the other. 

Its advantages

+ Only the brush head is changed when it is worn out

+ 70% of the handle is made of bioplastic (castor oil)

+ Divide by 8 the waste of plastic

+ Durable and ecological product made in France

+ Brush made of Nylon medium 6-10 bristles with rounded shapes to perfectly fit the shape of your teeth

+ Small hole at the bottom of the handle to hang your toothbrush

+ Easy to change, the head can be removed with a simple click by pushing lightly on the back of the head

+ Secure system so that the head does not come off while you are brushing your teeth

What is it made of ?

With a bioplastic handle (made in Normandy) of which you can choose the colour, this ecological toothbrush has a refillable head (made in Lyon) which allows you to keep the handle and replace only the used part, i.e. the bristles! Thanks to the secure clip system, all you have to do is press down on the head to throw it away and then reclip a new one!

Bioplastic is made from castor beans - the plant and its seeds. It is therefore called bio-based plastic, i.e. an innovative material made from the synthesis of organic, renewable elements of plant origin. The use of bioplastics is the first natural alternative to fossil-based plastics, whose reserves are being depleted worldwide.

What is the difference with a bamboo toothbrush ?

Since the zero-waste trend, the bamboo toothbrush has gained a lot of popularity as it is compostable. But you should know that it is only the handle that is compostable. The head is not compostable at all because there is nylon and staples in the handle. So the top part has to be cut off in order to compost the toothbrush. The nylon bristles, the metal rings and the glue are not biodegradable. Let us also specify that in France, there are no manufacturers of bamboo toothbrushes, they are conceived in Asia, and unfortunately with an important carbon footprint. Of course, the bamboo toothbrush is a good alternative, but it is not yet a sustainable solution. 

The Caliquo ecological toothbrush, made in France, allows you to simply "unclip" the head and keep the toothbrush handle. This innovation allows you to divide your ecological footprint by 8! Of course, you throw away the head but not the handle.  It is all the same very practical! 

To sum up, in both cases you have to throw away your toothbrush bristles because they are not compostable. In the case of the compostable brush you also throw away your bamboo handle which came from China in dubious conditions. In the case of Caliquo's eco-friendly, made-in-France toothbrushes, you keep your handle. 

The ecological and sustainable toothbrush is Caliquo. And what's more, it's much cheaper than bamboo made in China !

Plastic, a major environmental concern

What do a toothbrush, a cable to charge your phone and a bin liner have in common? Well, all these objects, which are very useful in everyday life, are made from plastic. In 2017, plastic production increased by 3.9% to 348 million tonnes. The European share is 18.5% or 64.4 million tonnes.

It should be noted that global production has almost doubled in less than 20 years. We all know the problem: the management of the 100 million tonnes of plastic objects found everywhere, in our cities, forests, countryside, seas and oceans.

What happens to the nylon head of this brush ?

Caliquo has decided to work with Terracycle to offer you truly zero waste products that do not negatively impact the environment!

Terracycle gives a second life to objects that are difficult to recycle in conventional circuits, objects that would have ended up in landfill or incineration. The nylon in your toothbrush bristles and the ABS in the base of your Caliquo refill heads are among the materials that are difficult to recycle.

Your used refills are collected in the field through certain Caliquo partner shops that have chosen to be collection points. For the moment, there is no list of these collection points, as each shop decides independently on their participation.

However, you should know that all Day by Day bulk shops that Caliquo works with offer collection.

  • If the shop you bought from offers to collect your used heads, you will just have to put your own refills in their special recycling container (whatever the box)! Once the retailer has filled the box, they send it back to us. We store it all at Caliquo, in our zero waste box which, once full, is sent to Terracycle for recycling!
  • If it is not, don't hesitate to suggest it to them :-) 

Penn'Ty Bio's opinion

What we liked was the concept of transforming materials that until now were considered as waste. Rather than taking raw materials from our environment, we might as well use the residues from wood processing ! 

In addition, the idea of the refillable brush head considerably reduces waste. Why throw away a complete toothbrush when only the brush has been used up over the weeks? A great alternative to the conventional toothbrush. 

A brush with medium bristles

Medium bristle brushes are the most common on the market. If you do not have any dental or gum problems, you can use this type of toothbrush. However, if you experience bleeding or sore gums when using your medium toothbrush, it is best to switch to a soft brush to avoid damaging your mouth.

Tips for use

It is advisable to brush your teeth at least twice a day after each meal and to change the head of your toothbrush every 3 months maximum. Don't forget: the head of this toothbrush is rechargeable. All you have to do is change it!

Its composition

Handle in bioplastic: Polyamide from 30% fossil material and 70% sebacic acid from castor oil. Its head, made of nylon, is refillable. 


Toothbrush including 1 handle + 1 refillable medium bristle brush. Packaged in a recyclable cardboard case. 4 colours to choose from: green, white, navy blue or turquoise blue.

More about the Caliquo brand

Logo de la marque Caliquo

Caliquo is first and foremost the story of the treasures that are discovered, often by chance, on a rainy day, in the attic of an old family home. And also the story of Grégoire, an agricultural engineer who dreams of being an inventor - and who is too bored in a financial audit!

When he finds some old 19th century toothbrushes hidden in a corner of his father's attic in Normandy his brain wakes up! In bone, his toothbrushes were not meant to be thrown away. The idea is there: why not make the toothbrush an object that we keep and stop throwing away 18 grams of plastic every three months ?

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Juste top!

Top ergonomique, efficace écologique !

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Medium ecological and refillable bioplastic toothbrush

Equipped with a bioplastic handle whose color you choose, this ecological toothbrush with medium bristles has a rechargeable head that allows you to keep its handle and replace only the worn part, i.e. the bristles! Thanks to the secure clip system, all you have to do is press down on the head to throw it away and then snap a new one back on! 4 colors to choose from.

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