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6 Washable tissues and their clever case

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Grandad's tissues are putting up a fight! These 6 INGA washable tissues come in a soft case with 2 separate compartments : one for clean tissues, the other for dirty ones. So it's right in your pocket!

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plus-produit.pngKEY POINTS TO REMEMBER

case-a-cocher.jpgChange your habits with washable and reusable tissues
case-a-cocher.jpgIngenious case with separator for clean and dirty tissues
case-a-cocher.jpgMachine washable, ultra-soft and 100% organic cotton
case-a-cocher.jpgLasts up to 5 years

Never buy disposable tissues again !

Inga washable tissues

Did you know that the French Ministry of Health estimates that 32 billion tissues are sold in France every year ? That's almost 500 tissues per person per year ? That's an impressive figure !

To tackle this disproportionate consumption of disposable paper, change your habits and discover Inga's washable and reusable tissues.

Imagine 6 100% organic cotton tissues always to hand, grouped together in an ingenious soft case. After folding the tissues as shown in the tutorial, place the tissue divider on top. Now all you have to do is :

1 - Take a clean tissue from the underside of the case through the slot
2 - Place your dirty tissues on top
3 - When all 6 tissues are dirty, put them through the machine and refill the case.

You'll be able to repeat this operation for 5 years (the lifespan given to washable tissues). Imagine how good it is for your wallet and for the planet.Organic cotton washable tissues

Your banker says thank you ...
12 INGA tissues = 2,500 disposable tissues
At €0.023 per disposable handkerchief, that's €20 in savings !

And the planet too ...
7.5kg of waste avoided per person
3,000L less water used over the entire life cycle (including washing)
No trees cut down
100% organic cotton , 100% recyclable
Case 22% recycled and 100% recyclable

The clever case is a real asset. Especially the clean/soiled tissue divider, which means you don't have to look for somewhere to put a soiled tissue when you're on the move.

Take your tissues everywhere. The case can be slipped into a briefcase, handbag, backpack, toiletry bag, etc. Every day, at the office, on holiday, camping... Whether you're blowing your nose, wiping your face or cleaning an unexpected stain from your clothes, they've got the job done every time.

Advantages of these tissues

+ Tissues can be washed and reused for 5 years
+ Smart and practical soft case
+ Easily separate your clean tissues from your dirty ones
+ Very soft, high-quality fabric for optimum comfort
+ Take your tissues everywhere with you
+ Dries very quickly
+ Durable
+ Economical in the long term
+ Reduced environmental impact

No more disposable tissues !

Inga washable tissues

Paper tissues hurt...

Nose : We've all noticed that after a cold or an allergy, when we blow our nose it's red and peeling. There's nothing elegant about that, so who's at fault ? The paper handkerchief! Clearly, tissues initially irritate the skin and cause discomfort. Nobody wants that feeling when they've got a cold. A paper handkerchief is made from cellulose (paper material) & chemical components that are harmful to the skin... What about the skin ? It needs softness.

To the planet : The countless handkerchiefs thrown on the ground in nature... A handkerchief takes 3 months to degrade, made with chemical components it will leave a harmful trace on the planet. And remember, paper tissues are not recyclable. Then there's plastic wrapping paper... But that's not the only impact on our planet. The manufacture of paper handkerchiefs kills trees, far too many trees (2,000 a day). The ecological impact is also considerable, as the manufacture of paper tissues requires an enormous amount of water (18,000 tonnes of water per day).

Use and care

Just like a normal handkerchief : for blowing your nose, mopping your forehead, drying crocodile tears, making origami ... Their clever case means you can keep 6 tissues in your pocket at all times, separating the clean ones from the dirty ones.

To wash your tissues and keep them hygienic, simply put them in the washing machine (in the washing net if you don't want to scatter them in the drum). They should be washed at between 40°C and 60°C maximum, with no preference for the spin cycle !

You can clean your smart case by hand, but it can also be put in the washing machine (yes, yes) or the dishwasher ! Thanks to the temperature and the cleaning products, microbes will be eliminated.

Inga washable tissues


100% ORGANIC cotton handkerchiefs. Made in Portugal (Bom dia). 100% recyclable TPE case. Made in France (cocorico).

We answer your questions

Where are your handkerchiefs made ?
All our handkerchiefs are made in textile manufacturing workshops in Portugal. The cases are produced in France.
▼ Your handkerchiefs are a bit expensive, aren't they ?
Yes and no! No, because our products are designed to last a long time with the same effectiveness. Buying INGA tissues also means no more buying - hundreds of times over - equivalent disposable products. And in the end, that makes a (big) difference !
Yes, because to make long-lasting, effective tissues, you don't have much choice: you have to use quality, well-sourced materials, and work them well. That's what we do with every one of our tissues. In short, quality & durability come at a cost !
▼ Are your tissues zero waste ?
We'd love to tell you yes but, at this stage, that's not quite the case (yet). We usually say that our products are "0.1 waste". Our tissues are close to 0 waste because you won't be throwing away single-use tissues any more, and because the packaging is reusable.
But they are not completely reusable, because even though our products are designed to last as long as possible, there will come a time when you will have to part with them. On the other hand, all our products and cases are recyclable. In short, zero-comma-one waste :-)
What's the purpose of the separator in the clever case ?
The separator is there so you can grab a clean handkerchief when you need one, without the unpleasant surprise of grabbing a dirty one ! Clean tissues come out of the slot at the bottom of the case, and dirty tissues are to be stored at the top !
▼ Why the choice of plastic for the case ?
We know, it comes as quite a surprise ! The case is made from thermoplastic elastomer made from 20% recycled material, and is 100% recyclable. It also has a number of advantages: by giving a second life to the plastic in our yellow bins, we use less water and consume less CO2 in transport than for wooden or glass equivalents, for example. The main advantage of the case is that it can be put in the dishwasher or directly into the washing machine, so it can be cleaned effectively on a regular basis, keeping it hygienic and bacteria-free. There's also a question of practicality. At INGA, we want to offer you practical, effective products that last. This means that we cannot use materials that are unsuitable for a damp environment and difficult to wash (such as wood), that are likely to break when dropped (such as glass) or that are difficult to handle (such as stainless steel). INGA cases are light, strong and practical !


Handkerchiefs : 21 cm x 21 cm (just like disposable tissues !).


6 tissues + a smart yellow case.

Find out more about the Inga brand

Find out more about the Inga brand

INGA is the story of the maniac, the skinflint and the slacker (no, it's not the title of a new Sergio Léone film) who all wanted to consume better and throw away less, but not at any price !

Realising the disasters caused by the manufacture and consumption of household paper (billions of litres of waste, litres of water consumed, CO2 emitted, trees cut down...), the three founders of INGA wanted to offer a sustainable solution.

Sustainable, yes, but not at any price. The maniac wanted it to be as efficient as disposables, the skinflint wanted it to cost less and the lazy person wanted it to be... That it be easy to use.

And so, with INGA, they embarked on a mission to encourage people to switch from disposable to sustainable products that are effective, long-lasting, practical and economical..." .

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mouchoirs Inga

Beaucoup plus esthétique que des mouchoirs en papier et moins polluant. La boîte pour dissocier les propres et les sales est très pratique.

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6 Washable tissues and their clever case

Grandad's tissues are putting up a fight! These 6 INGA washable tissues come in a soft case with 2 separate compartments : one for clean tissues, the other for dirty ones. So it's right in your pocket!

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