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Box of 5 safety razor blades - Caliquo

Box of 5 safety razor blades

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Delivery expected from 06/13/2023

These 5 stainless steel blades with a platinum finish ensure a quality shave. Compatible with safety razors. Box containing 5 blades.

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Perfect for a quality traditional shave

Lame de rasoir de sûreté

This set of 5 razor blades will allow you to easily replace those that have been worn out. These blades are compatible with the Caliquo safety razor sold on this store but as they are universal in terms of their dimensions, you can easily buy them for any safety razor.

They are stainless steel with a platinum finish.

It is sometimes difficult to find good safety razor blades. Especially since the vast majority of blades come from China. It is still unfortunate to buy a razor made in France and have to buy blades made in Asia.

However, it is currently impossible to manufacture safety razor blades in France. The Caliquo company is therefore going to get good blades as close as possible to us: in the Czech Republic. The quality and efficiency is excellent.

Using a safety razor offers the big advantage of getting a close shave, without irritation. Unlike a cartridge razor (multi-blade), the safety razor has only one blade, which can be replaced whenever you want.

Thanks to the use of a safety razor, you find this traditional technique and the pleasure of having a unique object designed for an optimal shave, for a clean and precise finish.

These blades are individually wrapped in paper and contained in a recyclable cardboard box.

Advantages of these razor blades

+ Cardboard box containing 5 razor blades protected in a paper film

+ Perfect for a traditional quality shave

+ A clean and precise finish

+ Stainless steel with a platinum finish

+ Compatible with safety razors

+ Minimal packaging

+ Little transport: they are made in the Czech Republic, much closer than China, the world's leading manufacturer 

How to commission your safety razor blade ?

Changer la lame de votre rasoir de sûreté

Nothing's easier ! First thing before first use, unscrew the headstock. Then, detach the comb from the head to slide your blade in (caution! A blade catches on the non-cutting sides). Put the blade on the head then put the comb back in the right direction. Finally, screw everything back onto the handle. By screwing, the head will tilt the blade slightly to ensure maximum safety while shaving.

After each shave, remove the blade and rinse it, to prevent rust. Let it dry on a cloth high up (away from the little ones, of course!) and put it away until the next use.

How often do you change your razor blade ?

The frequency varies depending on the area shaved, the type of hair, the number of blade passes and how you store them between uses. On average, we advise you to change them every 3 to 4 shaves!

What do we do with the blades when they are worn out ?

The blades are considered medical waste, so they are burned. However, it is possible to request a collector from pharmacies (some barbers also have this type of box). But, these yellow boxes are burnt so we can throw them in the trash, being careful to wrap them properly so that they don't puncture the bag or injure anyone. The company Terracycle (specialized in the recycling of so-called "non-recyclable" waste) has nothing to offer in Europe for the moment on the recycling of these blades but currently in the United States, it is in the test phase. So things are progressing.

Can you sharpen your safety razor blades ?

Lames de rasoir de sûreté

Yes, it is possible, but be sure to be very careful, otherwise guaranteed boos :) Put old jeans on a flat and hard surface then rub the safety razor against the jeans from the top to the bottom of the legs. Repeat this action 10 to 20 times then do the same, this time going from the bottom to the top of the legs so as to sharpen the razor blades. However, be sure to adopt the right speed and pressure. Indeed, the exercise is not a show of force. If your gesture is too strong or too abrupt, you risk damaging, even breaking and not sharpening your safety razor blades. It is also possible to sharpen the blades with a whetstone. The sharpening stone has a long lifespan and it can be used to sharpen all your sharp objects.

And There you go ! Your razor blades are almost like new. With these tips, you'll be able to use your razor blades on more shaves to shave your beard, so you're doing something good for both your wallet and the environment. Finally, remember to dry your blades after each shave to avoid any form of corrosion, for a long-lasting and comfortable shave, take care of your razor blades.

Learn more about the Caliquo brand

Logo de la marque Caliquo

What do a toothbrush, a phone charging cable and a garbage bag have in common? Well, all these objects, very useful in everyday life, are made from plastic!

The problem, we all know it: the management of the 100 million tons of plastic objects that we find everywhere, in our cities, our forests, our countryside, our seas and our oceans.

At Caliquo, we try, through our eco-responsible products, to offer an answer to these two questions:

1 - What can be done to limit plastic consumption ?

2 - What to do to produce differently ?

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Box of 5 safety razor blades

These 5 stainless steel blades with a platinum finish ensure a quality shave. Compatible with safety razors. Box containing 5 blades.

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