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Discover our organic skincare products for men

The skincare and beauty industry is evolving to meet men's growing need for quality products. For those looking for natural, environmentally-friendly cosmetics, the Penn'Ty Bio online shop offers a range of organic skincare products specially designed for men.

More and more men are turning to organic cosmetics to look after their skin and appearance. Aware of the benefits of natural and organic ingredients, they are looking to avoid the harsh chemicals often found in traditional products. Penn'Ty Bio is responding to this growing demand by offering a selection of skincare products exclusively for men.

A variety of products, from facial care to hair care and shaving products. These products are formulated with certified organic ingredients, such as plant extracts, essential oils and natural components, which nourish and revitalise the skin without causing irritation or side effects.

The range's star products include gentle facial cleansers with soothing botanical extracts, moisturisers rich in essential vitamins and minerals, and soothing aftershave balms for a pleasant, trouble-free shaving experience. Men can also opt for organic shampoos and shower gels that preserve the natural balance of skin and hair.

As well as looking after your skin and your appearance, Penn'Ty Bio's organic skincare products for men also help to reduce your environmental footprint. Packaging is often designed in an eco-responsible way, and ingredients are sourced sustainably, ensuring that every purchase helps to support planet-friendly practices.

Penn'Ty Bio offers men the opportunity to adopt a personal care routine based on quality, naturalness and respect for the environment. By choosing organic cosmetics, men can take care of themselves while making a positive choice for their skin and the planet. Feel free to explore our men's skincare range and discover the benefits of natural and organic cosmetics.

Oak handle safety rod for refillable flat blade - Caliquo

Safety razor oak handle for rechargeable flat blade

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The Caliquo safety razor with rechargeable blade is ideal for an easy, fast and close shave. Water resistant thanks to its oak handle, its Zamak head prevents the formation of rust. It will perfectly replace your disposable razors! Go zero waste now :)

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Clean shaven, without irritation

Utilisation du rasoir de sûreté Caliquo

A safety razor isn't just a handle and a blade, it's actually a little more than that. It is a tailor-made razor that adapts to all needs. Forgotten for years, we talk about it again more and more. Yet it is an object that was patented in 1880, which makes it the ancestor of shaving.

It is also called safety razor or mechanical razor. It offers the big advantage of having a close shave, without irritation. Unlike a cartridge razor (multi-blade), the safety razor has only one blade, which can be replaced whenever you want. It is designed to last a lifetime, or even be passed down from generation to generation, which gives it undeniable economic and ecological advantages.

For comparison, a disposable razor is made up of 59 grams of plastic of fossil origin that will go to the trash between 6 and 10 shaves later.

Thanks to the Caliquo safety razor, you find this traditional technique and the pleasure of having a unique object designed in natural material for an optimal shave. Handcrafted in Normandy and the Jura by cabinetmakers and woodturners, the Caliquo razor is made of a hand-turned oak wood handle treated with linseed oil for optimal weather resistance. 'water.

The head and its closed comb are in chromed zamak. Zamak is an alloy of 5 non-ferrous metals (to prevent rust) which contains a portion of recycled materials. The Caliquo safety razor uses a head designed for maximum safety when used with a blade protruding less than a millimeter from the razor head.

This safety razor is sold without shaving blades but you can buy blades on our site : see here

Advantages of this safety razor

+ A practical, precise, elegant, efficient, economical and ecological razor

+ Perfect for a traditional quality shave

+ Ideal for sensitive skin: no burns or irritation when shaving

+ Safety: minimized risk of serious cuts

+ Suitable for both men and women

+ Excellent hold even with wet hands

+ To be kept for life

+ Zero waste: Keep the razor, replace only the blade

+ Oak wood handle treated with linseed oil

+ Head and comb in chromed zamak thus avoiding any formation of rust

+ Handmade in Normandy and the Jura by cabinetmakers and wood turners

Se raser avec un rasoir de sûreté

How to use this safety razor ?

Being a precise and very handy tool, the safety razor is ideal for drawing the contours of the beard. But it is also used for the complete shaving of the legs or the armpits for example. In practice, here's how it works :

Cleanse your skin with warm water. Then, use a foam, gel, soap or moisten a solid shaving bar (see here) then pass it over the skin to deposit a creamy foaming cream. First shave in the direction of the hair. If there are still some hairs, then pass the safety razor in the other direction, and to the left and the right if necessary.

Small shaving tip : you can clean the shaved surface with cold water to close the pores and avoid irritation. For even more hydration, you can also apply our solid cocoa butter (see here).

Shaving tips for all skin types :
The perfect shaving angle is 30° to the skin. Do not press the razor too hard on your skin. Constant pressure is required for maximum effectiveness. Prefer the beginning of the day to shave. Because in the evening, the skin is more fragile.

How to use your safety razor ?

Changer la lame de votre rasoir de sûreté

Nothing's easier ! First thing before first use, unscrew the headstock. Then, detach the comb from the head to slide your blade into it. Put the blade on the head then put the comb back in the right direction. Finally, screw everything back onto the handle. By screwing, the head will tilt the blade slightly to ensure maximum safety while shaving.

After each shave, remove the blade and rinse it, to prevent rust. Let it dry on a cloth high up (away from the little ones, of course!) and put it away until the next use.

How often should the blade be changed ?

The frequency varies depending on the area shaved, the type of hair, the number of blade passes and how you store them between uses. On average, we advise you to change them every 3 to 4 shaves !

Zero waste: no more plastic, no more overconsumption, zero disposable

Se raser avec un rasoir de sûreté

The average use of a disposable razor is one week (varies according to skin and hair type). For a moderately hard beard, it is advisable to change disposable razors after 6 shaves, i.e. 48 razors/year... The production of 2800 classic disposable razors (from a well-known brand) is equivalent to the fuel consumption of a small-displacement car for 100 km. It's up to you to do the math...

Say goodbye to plastic with this safety razor. Here we are talking about an oak wood handle and a stainless steel head. A razor made to last a lifetime. It replaces tons of disposable razors !

Its composition

The handle is made of oak wood from European wood, turned and handcrafted in Normandy and the Jura by cabinetmakers and wood turners.

The head and comb of this razor are made of zamak. It is an alloy of 5 non-ferrous metals, preventing rust. It may contain some recycled material (approx. 20%) > car engine, soda can for aluminium; demolition materials for copper and zinc. This material is manufactured in Eastern European countries and is delivered in the form of ingots to France where it will be transformed to become these razor heads.

Dimensions and weight

Handle: 10.2 cm (including 8.3 cm in wood)
Head + comb: 1 cm x 4 cm x 2.4 cm
Weight: 48g

Learn more about the Caliquo brand

Logo de la marque Caliquo

What do a toothbrush, a phone charging cable and a garbage bag have in common? Well, all these objects, very useful in everyday life, are made from plastic!

The problem, we all know it: the management of the 100 million tons of plastic objects that we find everywhere, in our cities, our forests, our countryside, our seas and our oceans.

At Caliquo, we try, through our eco-responsible products, to offer an answer to these two questions:

1 - What can be done to limit plastic consumption ?

2 - What to do to produce differently ?

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Il fait son job.
Utilisé avec le savon rasage.

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Safety razor oak handle for rechargeable flat blade

The Caliquo safety razor with rechargeable blade is ideal for an easy, fast and close shave. Water resistant thanks to its oak handle, its Zamak head prevents the formation of rust. It will perfectly replace your disposable razors! Go zero waste now :)

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