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Soap holder with suction cup - maximum 150 grs

Magnetic soap dish with suction cup - maximum 150 grs

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This magnetic soap dish is the favorite accessory for your solid soaps! Practical, durable and adaptable with its discreet little suction cup, it will help you maximize the life of your solid soaps and shampoos by keeping them dry. An essential accessory in your ecological and zero-waste bathroom.

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Fixes and re-fixes your solid cosmetics

Utiliser un porte-savon aimanté pour vos cosmétiques solides

Solid cosmetics have been in vogue for a while. And so much the better! They are replacing liquid products in our bathrooms with just as much efficiency but with other significant advantages for the environment. With them, we drastically limit our waste, we save money and they are easy to transport.

Except that you may have experienced it, accumulating several solid cosmetics (shampoo, shower gel, shaving, ...) starts to pose a problem of storage and daily use. If the soap is put in a traditional soap dish, it gets wet. If you want to put it in a soap dish that is attached with a magnet, you have to drill a hole or glue it in if the dish does not have a suction cup.

This magnetic soap dish was developed to make your life easier! It allows you to fix your solid cosmetics directly in your sink, shower, bathtub ... by keeping it out of the water. It is fixed with a discreet suction cup, without drilling or gluing, on all smooth surfaces. The soap is attached to a magnet and can dry completely on all sides. Any soap solution can flow directly into the sink. The soap dish is attached in the same way in the shower or bathtub.

Forget about soft soap that sticks or drips. Solid soap levitates vertically. Always within reach, it can be replaced easily and without mess. Please note that the soap dish is delivered without soap.

Advantages of this magnetic soap dish

+ Practical, durable and adaptable thanks to its discreet suction cup

+ Maximises the life of your solid soaps and shampoos by keeping them dry

+ No drilling, no gluing

+ Repositionable at will

+ Levitating soap : does not rest on any surface and thus prevents soiling or softening

+ Always at hand and always clean

+ Convenient and not bulky

+ Stainless steel capsule (stainless steel :)

+ Perfect for solid cosmetics up to 160 grams

+ Silver Organic Innovation Award at NatExpo 2021

+ Made in France

6 reasons to adopt it

Les 6 raisons qui nous ont fait choisir ce porte-savon magnétique


How to use this minimalist soap dish ? 

1 - First of all, clean the area where you want to place the suction cup (wall, sink, shower, bathtub, tiles, etc.). This area must be smooth, dry and free of roughness so that the small suction cup adheres well,

2 - Then simply attach the suction cup to the desired area,

3 - After that, push the metal and magnetic insert of the soap dish right into the middle of your soap or solid shampoo. Be careful, if your soap is very dry, we advise you to wet it a little before inserting the insert, then let it dry a few hours before using it for the first time. Because yes, if the soap is too dry, it may break when you put the magnetic insert in the soap. Also, if the soap is wet, it will be easier to insert the capsule,

4 - That's it! All you have to do is magnetize your soap to the suction cup. The installation of your minimalist soap dish is complete!

Comment utiliser le porte-savon minimaliste ?


Is this soap dish made in France ?

Yes, this magnetic soap dish is assembled and made in France, so it is indeed French!

Indeed, in line with their eco-responsible principles, the brand has chosen to manufacture the suction cups as well as the metal inserts in a local way, even ultra-local because these parts of the minimalist soap dish are designed in Maine-et-Loire, close to their offices in Angers. More precisely, at ISTA, an adapted company located in Saint-Barthélémy-d'Anjou. Only the magnet for the soap dish is not French, it is Chinese, as they are the only producers of magnets of this type. In any case, their commitment to local production allows them to reduce the use of transport and therefore the CO2 emissions that are bad for the environment, but also allows the local economy to function.

Can I reposition the suction cup of the soap dish wherever I want ?

Yes, absolutely, and that's one of the reasons why we fell for this minimalist soap dish! Practical and repositionable, you won't have to put holes in your walls or spread glue on them. You can choose to place your soap one day and decide to move it another day, simply and endlessly! Our magnetic soap holder will do the job perfectly by keeping your solid soaps and shampoos dry, so you can use them for longer !

Is this soap dish considered zero waste ?

No, unfortunately... Despite our efforts to offer you the most eco-friendly products possible, we cannot say that this soap dish is zero waste. It is not always easy to use only natural materials, such as bamboo or wood, in the design of the products in our shop. The suction cup of the soap dish is made of plastic, so it cannot be zero waste.

Nevertheless, we have done our best to offer you a local magnetic soap dish. The aim? To minimise the CO2 emissions caused by transport. Why? Because these emissions are harmful to our planet and this is not in line with our eco-responsible principles.

Besides that, our magnetic soap dish will also have the advantage of reducing your consumption by keeping your solid soaps dry, so you can keep them for longer.

Its characteristics

Trophée Argent Innovation bio sur le salon NatExpo 2021 pour ce porte-savon aimanté

Weight : 12 grams
Dimensions : 3 x 3 x 2 cm
Materials : Magnet made in China (no magnet manufacturer in France or Europe), Stainless steel insert made in France, Plastic suction cup
Source: France
Delivered without soap 

Silver Trophy "Innovation Bio

NATEXPO is the international trade fair for organic products. It is the event that designs the organic products of tomorrow, organised by and for organic professionals. The company Apimani won the Silver Trophy in the category of products and services for the home and the person with its magnetic soap dish. A beautiful reward of a whole sector of which it is obviously very proud.

Apimani, an adventure that started with a simple idea ...

Apimani start-up logo

In 2017, three friends working in the same company decided to create an activity with the main idea of revisiting an everyday object: the toothbrush. Alexis, Delphine and Thomas wanted a natural product in line with current societal issues, if possible without plastic. The company I love my teeth! is created.

Many stages in the life of the company then follow. After having won their bet by launching the bamboo toothbrush sold by subscription on the internet, it decided to develop and now offers a wider range of products including hairbrushes and beard brushes and various smart accessories for everyday life.

Today, the company renamed Apimani in 2023 designs and markets a full range of everyday products and accessories for zero waste bathrooms. It offers alternatives to everyday products to consume less, better and more locally... in your bathrooms.

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Ce porte-savon est juste génial!

Penntybio .

Réponse de Penn'Ty Bio

Bonjour MJA,
Attention à bien humidifier le savon lors de l'installation de la capsule métallique. Si le savon est trop sec, la capsule ne rentrera pas bien à fond dans le savon. Le risque, soit le savon va se casser car trop sec, soit la capsule ne sera pas totalement solidaire du savon et ce dernier va tomber régulièrement.
Penn'Ty Bio


Ne marche pas

Le savon tombe



je suis enchanté de ce porte savon qui est génial et très pratique.
Je l'ai placé aussi dans la cuisine et les toilettes.
Super invention.


Très bien

Bonjour, je suis satisfaite de ce porte savon bien utile pour garder le savon au sec! je l'ai placé sur la paroi de ma douche et c'est top! Merci

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Magnetic soap dish with suction cup - maximum 150 grs

This magnetic soap dish is the favorite accessory for your solid soaps! Practical, durable and adaptable with its discreet little suction cup, it will help you maximize the life of your solid soaps and shampoos by keeping them dry. An essential accessory in your ecological and zero-waste bathroom.

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