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Cleaning, washable and reusable wipes - Box of 10 - Lamazuna

Make-up remover wipes, washable and reusable - Box of 10

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If you are in a process of reducing your daily waste, then these washable make-up remover wipes are made for you. Reusable over 300 times. Hand or machine washable. Wooden box of 10 wipes.

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Stop throwing away !

Lingette démaquillante Lamazuna

If you're tired of filling your shopping basket and your rubbish bin with disposable make-up remover pads, then these washable and reusable wipes are for you. Every French woman uses between 1800 and 2200 cotton pads every year. So take the plunge, the planet and your wallet will thank you.

These reusable make-up remover wipes are extremely soft, so they are ideal for sensitive skin. After use, you can wash them by hand or in the washing machine with the included washing net over 300 times.

No more milk, oil or biphase : Lamazuna wipes remove make-up with water.

In 3 words : Practical, Economical and Ecological

What material is used for these wipes ?

Lingettes démaquillantes lavables Lamazuna

Lamazuna make-up removal wipes are made of microfibre, an ultra-absorbent fabric, more precisely composed of polyester (70%) and polyamide (30%) on which make-up adheres better than on the skin. Simply wet a reusable wipe with tap water to gently remove your make-up. 

What can you remove with these wipes ?

Foundation, lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, everything is gone in a few swipes. Do you wear heavy waterproof make-up? In that case you can add a drop of make-up remover to finish. Rinse the wipe right after use so that the product does not shorten its life. 

Why are these wipes two-coloured ?

Originally they were all pink, but our foundation-wearing customers wanted a white side to make sure they were removing make-up perfectly. In the next production run, they got their wish! A white side for the foundation and a pink side for the lipstick and mascara.

Penn'Ty Bio tips

Tip #1 : Wet the wipe, then place it on your eye for two seconds before gently rubbing it over your face. And there you go, your make-up is gone! There's no need to rub as hard as you would with a cotton pad, because the wipe will suck up the makeup.

Tip #2 : If after a while your make-up remover wipes seem less effective, boil them in a pan of water, without product, for 10 to 15 minutes. This will regenerate the fibres and restore their youthfulness.

What about machine washing ?

Simply place your wipes in the organic cotton wash net provided (this will prevent them from disappearing down the drain and clogging your machine filter) and place in your washing machine. These wipes are machine washable at temperatures between 40 and 90°C. You can also wash it by hand with a little soap. 

Why aren't they made of organic cotton ?

Organic cotton is great! But did you know that it is a plant that consumes a lot of water during its cultivation? Lamazuna has chosen a microfibre wipe that is not only reusable but also requires no make-up remover, only water.  The net that allows the wipes to be machine-washed is made of organic cotton. 

In video ...

This box contains

- 10 microfibre cleansing wipes made in Spain and cut in France
- 1 GOTS-certified organic cotton wash net made in India
- 1 poplar wood box made in France

Packaged in France by an ESAT, an establishment for disabled workers

Diameter of the wipes : 8 cm

Also available : refill of 10 washable make-up remover wipes

Find out more about the Lamazuna brand

Logo de la marque Lamazuna

Since its inception, Lamazuna has been a green cosmetics brand. The story begins in 2010 with a click of the founder, Laëtitia Van de Walle, which will be a precursor and founder for the brand. At that time, Laëtitia decided to replace her classic cotton pads with washable microfibre make-up remover wipes. From 5 disposable make-up removal pads per day, she went to zero and thus began to reduce her impact on the environment. And she didn't stop there...

As the years went by, the new Lamazuna eco-friendly product ranges continued to develop. The menstrual cup, the Oriculi, toothbrushes with refillable heads, not forgetting of course all the solid zero waste cosmetics ! Lamazuna's goal since the beginning is to offer green and zero waste beauty products for an ever more committed beauty !

In order to respect their values, they have imposed constraints on the manufacture of their products. They must all be :
- With a zero waste objective
- Vegan
- Made as locally as possible (they are gradually moving towards 100% French production)

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bon produit

facile à utiliser et lavable très doux également


Lingettes écologiques

Excellentes lingettes. Livrées dans un petit coffret bois simple et pratique et un filet de lavage. Vive la réduction des déchets !

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Nathalie P

Lingettes lavables

J'ai jeté mon démaquillant chimique ! Ravie des lingettes qui démaquillent comme par magie.

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Make-up remover wipes, washable and reusable - Box of 10

If you are in a process of reducing your daily waste, then these washable make-up remover wipes are made for you. Reusable over 300 times. Hand or machine washable. Wooden box of 10 wipes.

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