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Oriculi : Ecological earring in bioplastic - Lamazuna

Oriculi : ecological ear cleaner in bioplastic

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Delivery expected from 07/17/2024

Adopt your new zero waste accessory guaranteed for life! Here is our Oriculi in bioplastic 100% biosourced and made in France! You all know the cotton swab of course! Maybe not the Oriculi yet? Well, this invention will easily and sustainably replace the cotton swab. Small colored bioplastic rod, this ecological ear cleaner is reusable for life. Tempting isn't it?

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Zero waste accessory guaranteed for life !

Oriculi : Cure-oreilles écologique Lamazuna

It's pretty basic and simple, but you should have thought of it! This ingenious instrument comes from Japan and China, where it is used by the entire population. It is an ecological ear cleaner that will replace cotton buds for life!

The best way to reduce waste in the bathroom and save yourself money : Adopt the Oriculi ! 

If you were familiar with the bamboo version, the manufacturer Lamazuna has developed it and now offers it in a 100% biodegradable, bio-sourced material made in France. This high-performance and durable material is a polymer derived from castor oil.

Its comfort sphere and its small spoon have been designed to make it easier to hold and use, you'll love it! In addition to being healthy and durable, this material is not dangerous for children and the Oriculi is available in 5 different colours: one for each member of the family !

Advantages of this bioplastic Oriculi

Oriculi : Nettoyeur d'oreilles écologique bioplastique Lamazuna

+ Protects your ears and prevents the formation of plugs

+ Ecological, economical and sustainable

+ Organic composition based on castor oil

+ 100% biodegradable

+ Solid, flexible and non-brittle at the same time

+ 5 colours: each one has its own Oriculi

+ Very easy to maintain

+ Made in France

+ Guaranteed for life

What does biobased mean ?

If Biosourced contains the word bio, it does not necessarily mean that the material is organically produced. It means that it is made from renewable resources. In this Oriculi, the biosourced material chosen is castor oil. This plant grows back every year without difficulty. The castor oil used in the design of our Oriculi is a traditional plant that grows in India on semi-arid soils with low water requirements. It is grown in a sustainable way in India. Indeed, the supplier of our raw material is committed to a sustainable castor seed cultivation programme aimed at supporting more than 2700 farmers. 

Why a 100% biobased bioplastic ?

Initially, we wanted to find a bioplastic that was 100% biosourced and biodegradable. It should be noted that bioplastics are relatively new materials and are still being developed by many suppliers. The materials tested that met both criteria (100% biobased AND biodegradable) did not meet our technical requirements. Moreover, the biodegradability tests are often carried out on very thin sections of nearly 0.1mm. They do not guarantee the biodegradability of larger objects like our Oriculi.

We have therefore decided to use a 100% biosourced and sustainable bioplastic, in order to offer you a safe object to keep for life! In case of premature end of life (unfortunate breakage), we have chosen to turn to the circular economy, meaning that the material used will be recycled and revalued! No waste !

Is it 100% French made ?

Our Oriculi is entirely made in France. Our bioplastic is made from 100% castor oil, which is grown in a sustainable way in India and the seed is processed in France. It then arrives at our plastics manufacturer, 250 km from our headquarters. The latter, with whom we worked on the 3D shape, made the injection mould on its own premises. This type of tooling represents an investment of around 30,000€, a cost 20% higher than tooling made in China. This choice has a cost but it is important to us, as much to minimize our carbon footprint as to maintain French know-how. 

Advice for use

Use the small spoon of our Oriculi to remove the earwax visible at the entrance of the ear only. No need to go any further, earwax is an asset as it protects the eardrum, so you might as well keep it as long as it is not unsightly.

In addition, unlike cotton swabs, the Oriculi prevents earwax from forming a blockage. Rinse your Oriculi after use with clean or soapy water if necessary, and dry it with the corner of your towel.

Does it work on children ?

You can use the Oriculi to clean children's ears, but it must be handled by an adult in a calm environment. Use the comfort sphere to wedge your fingers in order to create a stop that will prevent the instrument from reaching the eardrum in case of sudden movement of the child.

The risks of using cotton buds

The cotton swab pushes back towards the depth of the auditory canal the earwax which is usually evacuated in a natural way towards the exit (by the simple movements of your jaw: when you yawn, when you chew...). There is then a risk of earwax blockage. Fungi, bacteria and viruses from the outer ear are also pushed into the ear and can cause infections, which are extremely painful. It is also blamed for eczema in the canal as a result of repeated rubbing on the skin. It is also important to mention the risk of trauma to the eardrum if penetration is too deep.

All these reasons should convince you to switch to the Oriculi.

Did you know ?

The biodiversity law adopted on 20 July 2016 bans plastic cotton buds. It is applicable since 1 January 2020. It's time to switch to the Oriculi ! 

Penn'Ty Bio's opinion

Efficient and waste-free. An essential in the bathroom. Try it and you'll adopt it ! 

An Oriculi guaranteed for life ?

Even if the Oriculi is durable, if one day it should break, it was essential for Lamazuna to guarantee its end of life! Their Oriculi is therefore guaranteed for life! And there is no need to keep your receipt to activate the guarantee. 

Whether you bought your Oriculi on our website or in another shop... The manufacturer Lamazuna guarantees to replace your bioplastic Oriculi with the same model if it breaks. To do this, simply visit the Lamazuna website. Download their return envelope, put your Oriculi in it with your details and they will send you one.


100% bio-based plastic made from castor oil. Oriculi is a name invented and registered by the Lamazuna brand. 


10 cm long.


Oriculi delivered in a small recycled and recyclable cardboard box. Each order contains 1 Oriculi. If you order two or more we will take care to select different colours.

Find out more about the Lamazuna brand

Logo de la marque Lamazuna

Since its inception, Lamazuna has been a green cosmetics brand. The story begins in 2010 with a click of the founder, Laëtitia Van de Walle, which will be a precursor and founder for the brand. At that time, Laëtitia decided to replace her classic cotton pads with washable microfibre make-up remover wipes. From 5 disposable make-up removal pads per day, she went to zero and thus began to reduce her impact on the environment. And she didn't stop there...

As the years went by, the new Lamazuna eco-friendly product ranges continued to develop. The menstrual cup, the Oriculi, toothbrushes with refillable heads, not forgetting of course all the solid zero waste cosmetics ! Lamazuna's goal since the beginning is to offer green and zero waste beauty products for an ever more committed beauty !

In order to respect their values, they have imposed constraints on the manufacture of their products. They must all be :
- With a zero waste objective
- Vegan



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Depuis que j’utilise l’oriculi je n’ai plus de problème avec mon cérumen et les maux d’oreille que cela entrainait

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Oriculi : ecological ear cleaner in bioplastic

Adopt your new zero waste accessory guaranteed for life! Here is our Oriculi in bioplastic 100% biosourced and made in France! You all know the cotton swab of course! Maybe not the Oriculi yet? Well, this invention will easily and sustainably replace the cotton swab. Small colored bioplastic rod, this ecological ear cleaner is reusable for life. Tempting isn't it?

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